2 Level Two Halo, Bloodline Evolution

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Hearing the cold voice in his mind, Jiang Yun felt that there was a magical power centered on him and extending outward.

Although he had no eyes on his back, Jiang Yun felt that he could also see the scene behind him.

It was as if he had taken the god's perspective.

Moreover, in his perception, as long as he was within this 10-foot radius, he was the omnipotent god.

He was the god!

You know, everyone who transmigrate into another world will have a powerful plugin,which can help them gain skills and level up quickly like the game cheater!

Soon, the ghost floated to in the front of Jiang Yun.

Just as she raised her hands and wanted to choke Jiang Yun's neck, Jiang Yun calmly raised his head and stared at her. There was no trace of fear in his eyes.

The corners of his mouth rose, and he ordered in mind, "Halo on".

The next second, when her sharp blood-red nails were only one centimeter away from the artery of Jiang Yun's neck, in an instant, the ghost was frozen on the spot, unable to move at all.

The ghost was completely dumbfounded!

What was going on?

Why couldn't she move?

"You... What did you do?"

The ghost also sensed that something was wrong and roared loudly, trying to break away from Jiang Yun's restraint.

In her perception, Jiang Yun was totally an ordinary person with no trace of spiritual energy fluctuation.

However, the ghost clearly knew that it was this ordinary man who kept her from moving.

Sensing the ghost's fear, Jiang Yun smiled.

"This is the absolute domain!"

Jiang Yun muttered to himself, and then gently moved away her pale hands in front of him.

Seeing this scene, the ghost was extremely horrified.

This mortal without spiritual energy could actually touch her?

Ninety percent of the ghost was a spiritual body, and the only solid part of her arm was these sharp fingernails.

They were also the weapons she used to kill.

Although she couldn't move for the moment, the ghost was still full of disdain towards Jiang Yun.

"Even the warrior's attack can only tickle me. You're just an ordinary man, even if you can touch me, what else can you do?"

"Are these your last words?"

After saying that, Jiang Yun gently stretched out a finger to touch her forehead.

The seemingly ordinary finger landed on the ghost's glabella.

She was extremely disdainful at first. After all, in her opinion, the physique of this kid was much weaker than that of a warrior. He was only lucky to touch her.

However, when Jiang Yun's finger touched the ghost's eyebrows, her expression suddenly changed, and she was extremely frightened.

In the next second, the ghost was like a piece of translucent glass, and every inch of it began to crack and shatter.

Jiang Yun blinked and looked at his finger, somewhat surprised.

The strength of pressing the doorbell could have such destructive power?

"It is no wonder that this halo is called absolute domain! I killed the ghost with a simple poke!"

"Ding! Host has killed a level five Qi gathering realm ghost and obtained 5 EXP."

"Experience points?"

Jiang Yun was stunned when he heard this. Wasn't this something from the game? It was also included in the protagonist's halo system?

Sensing the host's doubt, the system responded immediately.

"Every experience point can increase the range of the halo by 3 feet. The current range is 10 feet. You can check the attribute panel for details."

Hearing the system's explanation, Jiang Yun's eyes lit up.

Although his halo was very strong, its scope was too small.

As a man, being small was not allowed.

"System, add these 5 experience points to the range of the halo! Then open my attribute panel."

Jiang Yun ordered in mind.

The next moment, a translucent data panel appeared in front of him.

Host: Jiang Yun

Experience points: 0

Halo points: 0

Halo level: Level one (absolute domain)

Experience required to level up: 0/1000

Halo range: 25 feet (radius)

Quest: Randomly triggered

Hint: Novice gift pack (unopened)

Exchange ratio: 1 EXP can be exchanged for 1 halo point. Every halo point can add 3 feet to the halo radius 

After obtaining the halo, Jiang Yun only had one goal, and that was to expand the range of his halo!

However, a single halo point could only increase it by 3 feet.

That was it?

It would take a lot of effort to cover the entire Mount God of Heaven.

"Hmm? Novice gift pack?"

When Jiang Yun saw the red notification below the interface, he could not help but feel delighted.

Although the system's upgrade conditions were a little bit frustrating, this novice gift bag was still quite attractive!

"Open the novice gift pack!" Jiang Yun ordered immediately.

"Congratulation to Host for opening the novice gift pack. You have obtained 1,000 experience points. You have met the system's upgrade requirements. The system is automatically upgrading..."

"System upgrade successful. Level two halo activated: Bloodline Evolution."

"Congratulations to Host for successfully activating level two halo. You are rewarded with a double halo area expansion card. The radius of the halo has been increased to 50 feet!"

A series of system notifications kept ringing in Jiang Yun's mind, and he was a little stunned.

Suddenly, Jiang Yun's horizon was enlarged.

Even though it was dark now, as long as it was within a radius of 50 feet, everything started to become clear.

If someone looked from afar, they would see a spherical shadow space, directly enveloping the top of Mount God of Heaven.

Jiang Yun carefully sensed the new power of the halo.

At this moment, everything in Mount God of Heaven, including the shabby wooden house, the bent short tree, even every blade of grass, every inch of land, and the worms wriggling under the ground, was under his control. There was an indescribable pleasure.

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes and waved his hand.

A samll worm flew out from the grass beside him and landed in his hand.

This worm was called the green worm, and it was the most common insect in nature.

Looking at this insect.

Jiang Yun gently blew on it.

In the next moment, the insect's body suddenly trembled violently, and then countless spiritual energies wrapped around the insect's body.

Then, a cocoon appeared in Jiang Yun's hand, as if it was giving birth to some kind of life.

Jiang Yun gently raised his right hand and covered the cocoon on his left hand.

He closed his eyes.

The moment he let go of his hands, the cocoon that was suspended in the air slowly grew bigger and beat like a heart.

The moment the moonlight penetrated through the clouds and shone on the cocoon, countless spiritual energies boiled violently. Under the gentle moonlight, bit by bit, they merged into the cocoon.

When the moonlight disappeared, finally, a butterfly was floating in the air. Its compound eyes were emitting moonlight, and its thin wings were like jade.

The moonlight of this jade butterfly's compound eyes retracted. Its crystal-like antennae swayed slightly, as if it was sensing something.

Then, it flapped its wings and flew towards Jiang Yun, circling around Jiang Yun happily.

At this moment, the jade butterfly had completed its bloodline evolution.

It had already become a magical beast!

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