228 They All Died?!

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After the sect master learned of what had happened, he only told Elder Chen one thing.

Three days later, he would leave secluded cultivation and kill Ye Xuan!

Therefore, even though Elder Chen was anxious, he had no way of influencing the sect master's decision.

Elder Chen had no choice but to wait outside the bronze temple. At the same time, he informed the Blood Moon Temple and Yunjin Temple of everything that had happened in the Radiant Sky Empire.

The sect master of the Nether God sect had his own considerations.

He had been in secluded cultivation this entire time, during which the Nether God sect had been developing smoothly. However, at the critical moment of his secluded cultivation, the Nether God sect was suddenly facing a crisis that threatened their existence.

After Elder Chen's explanation, he finally understood.

It turned out that the Nether God sect had provoked an extremely monstrous existence.


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