Direktur Arogan

Author: youngjae09
Romansa Kontemporer
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Crystal Rose, A fox Faunus with silver hair and fur, but instead of having one tail, she has two. She was given away by whoever her parents are so that she could be experimented on and that was her life for the better length of her childhood. She can't even feel pain anymore, that's how much she has been damaged. Now after she has gotten out of that hellish place with the help of her Semblance, her life should get easier, right? Utterly false, no matter how much she wants to be left alone, how much she wants to be free, her 'captors' just don't allow her that privilege by trying to hunt her down and effectively turning her into a self-defending torturing murder machine. Why a self-defending one? Because she doesn't kill or attack people on her own accord, she only does it if and when she gets attacked. So for years she has been fighting and fighting so she could feel some of the freedom that she wants. There Is only one person that she owes payback, a person who is the bane of her existence. She vowed to herself that he will be the only person she'll ever kill without any self-defense, she'll go for the kill, but not before making them pay for the life she's been living. But because she was locked away for most of her life, she is out of touch with the 'common' and the 'standard' that other people are used to, so because of that, she's been ostracized even more, not to mention that her being a Faunus, already has given her more hate than she deserves. The only shining beacons in her life are her adoptive moms, her girlfriend, and her Wife, it helps her a lot, knowing that she at least has somebody. But... as there's darkness and light in every corner of the world, she has her own darkness, in a form of ??? (RWBY and all of its content belong to Rooster Teeth) (Also, warning for heavy sexual themes and brutality/torture, I think... just be warned) (Also, the image is not mine, nor was it made for this fic, it's just a picture that I found and liked. Credits go to 'Koyorin' they can be found on DeviantArt. It will be changed eventually, I am working with an artist, it will take a long time though)

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Ongoing The Beginning of the story takes place in 2644AGAR Set in underground districts to withstand ten to sixty-five thousand inhabitants called The Ark. Within The Ark holds 41 districts The Asylums, the entirety of all 41 districts in The Ark Each district is composed of different factions and or systems to help maintain and provide shelter to the whole of the ark and systems to maintain the prosperity of life within. Our story starts with Seito Outis, a woman with an unending unraveling past that looms throughout her life in unsettling visions of destruction and misfortune. The suspicion that led to the aftermath of her incarceration and the unsettling calm setting of her release, as she takes on a different life walking out the doors. Taking a gig as a DataMiner collecting web data and turning it in for Data Credits; for now, however, everything isn't what it seems. What she's done still hangs over her as she lives through the nightmare of coming to terms with what nobody seems to know. yet everyone knows exactly who and what she did. As if the one deed seemed to be Wiped from the Ark. Most would be ecstatic to have such a deed wiped. But some rabbit holes should just be untouched. Going down this one will most certainly lead to her destiny of free will. But misfortune? or her demise? Or would this be her life of holding dustpans and brushing off forgotten bones? That's not destiny it's a life of playing with a loaded gun The blade of destiny has a fine edge as she is one of them Holding it to her own throat

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In the enthralling novel "The Covenant of Eternal Evolution," we follow the journey of our protagonist, Zhang Fan, as he delves into a world brimming with fantasy and adventure. Zhang Fan, an ordinary young man, wakes up to find himself unexpectedly a player in the "Ascend to Divinity" game. This game is not just a form of virtual reality entertainment; it is a mysterious universe connecting countless parallel worlds. Here, players are required to complete various tasks issued by the system, undergoing trials of combat and wit to earn precious game points. These game points are extraordinary, allowing players to exchange them for weapons, items, skills, and even mysterious lineages from different games, animations, and novels. Zhang Fan's ultimate goal is to ascend to the revered divine throne, becoming a true deity. Zhang Fan possesses two unique talents: Infinite Upgrading and Infinite Contracts. Infinite Upgrading grants him the ability to evolve continuously through battles and challenges, becoming stronger with each fight. Infinite Contracts allow him to form pacts with various characters in the game world, ranging from majestic queens to innocent girls, and even scheming angels. His team grows increasingly powerful, with each contracted partner boasting unique abilities and personalities. Zhang Fan's adventure in this gaming world is filled with surprises and dangers. He must confront formidable enemies from different worlds, solve complex puzzles, and overcome traps. Each world has its own unique culture and customs, making his journey novel and challenging. As he progresses in the game, he gradually uncovers deeper secrets behind it and its mysterious connection to the real world. "The Covenant of Eternal Evolution" is not just a story about growth and battle. It also explores the relationship between reality and virtuality, fate and choice. As Zhang Fan moves closer to his goal, readers are drawn into a world of imagination and thrilling excitement, witnessing how an ordinary person can become a true god. This tale, filled with magic, combat, and adventure, is sure to captivate all who love fantasy and role-playing games.

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Ini karya romance religi perdanaku, ya?sebenarnya sudah lama aku tulis. Tapi, hanya kuterbitkan secara online di beberapa episode saja. Di novel ini, aku menulis kisah seorang gadis shalihah bernama Arsyla yang hidup dalam kalangan keluarga religius. Seperti halnya gadis normal lainnya, Arsyla juga merasakan yang namanya cinta pada lawan jenisn. Tapi, dia memilih tetap diam dan memendam perasaannya pada pria tersebut, dan dengan rela melepaskannya demi rasa cintanya pada robb serta agamanya. Karena, pria itu beragama kristen. Arsyla tak peduli, meskipun Jordan sudah berkali-kali mengatakan padanya mau memeluk islam dan menjadi mualaf selama Arsyla mau menikah dengannya. Tapi, Arsyla tetap bersikeras mengatakan tidak. Gadis itu tak rela agamanya dibuat mainan. Dipeluk hanya demi mendapatkannya. Kelak, jika rasa cintanya sudah memudar, kemungkinan besar Jordan akan kembali pada agamanya yang dulu. Hingga akhirnya, Arsyla dojodohkan dengan seorsng TNI pilihan kyai pengasuh ponpes tempat dia menimba san mendalami ilmu agama. Mereka pun menikah dan memiliki anak. Di sisi lain, Jordan telah memutuskan memeluk islam bukan karena cinta pertamanya. Tapi, dari islam ia merasa hatinya tenang dan hidupnya damai. Maka, ia memutuskan mencari seorang kyai yang bisa mengislamkan dirinya dan memberi arahan serta bimbingan bagaimana agar bisa menjadi seorang muslim yang baik. Hingga suatu hati, tanpa sengaja Asyla kembali dipertemukan dengan Jordan di sebuah tempat yang sangat tak terduga. Saat itu Arsyla mengantarkan putra dari pernikahannya bersama Fikri sang TNI ke madrasah. Ia melihat sosok yang tak asing di matanya. Tapi, pakaiannya terlihat beda. Arsyla terkejut ketika putranya mengatakan kalau dia adalah ustadz nya, yang tak lain, dulu dia teman sejak SMA nya, Jordan. Bagaimana bisa? Sementara status Asyla sendiri kini adalah seorang janda. Karena, Fikri sang suamai telah gugur di medan prang.

All1110 · Teen
Not enough ratings
293 Chs


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