Dinding Hati

Author: trudyv_
Romansa Anak Muda
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What is Dinding Hati

Read ‘Dinding Hati’ Online for Free, written by the author trudyv_, This book is a Romansa Anak Muda Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, CAMPUS Light Novel, SMA Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Tentang Bulan. Dan dinding hatinya.


Tentang Bulan. Dan dinding hatinya.

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In the vibrant city of Los Angeles, four ambitious and talented young women—Teresa Ixora, Alicia Xyris, Mae Saffron, and Brione Dahlia—shared a common dream and became CEOs of Tamb Corporations, an esteemed conglomerate known for its innovation and impact. Teresa Ixora, a medical doctor with sharp intellect and natural leadership skills, had a penchant for strategic planning. She envisioned a future where Tamb Corporations would pioneer sustainable technologies, leaving a positive environmental footprint on the world. Alicia Xyris, a visionary in the field of Real estate and designs, possessed an uncanny ability and aspiration to steer the corporation towards financial growth while maintaining ethical and inclusive business practices. Mae Saffron, a creative genius and advocate for the medical world , dreamed of revolutionizing traditional and modern medicine. Her goal was to foster a healthy environment that valued diversity, creativity, and physical well-being. Brione Dahlia, with her expertise in technology and disruptive innovation, sought to propel Tamb Corporations to the forefront of technological advancement. She aimed to spearhead groundbreaking projects that would redefine industries. Their paths crossed during their tenure at Hope high school (HHS), a prestigious institution known for nurturing future leaders. Despite their diverse backgrounds and aspirations, a strong bond formed among the four women. They shared late-night study sessions, brainstorming ideas that could shape the future of Tamb Corporations. As graduation approached, an opportunity arose—The Tamb Corporations was established with these promising talents as executive roles, the four friends saw this as their chance to make a difference. Together, Teresa Ixora, Alicia Xyris, Mae Saffron, and Brione Dahlia, as the CEOs of Tamb Corporations, not merely as individuals but as a cohesive force, poised to steer the conglomerate towards innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and technological advancement—a testament to their friendship, dedication, and shared aspirations. With unwavering determination and mutual support, Teresa, Alicia, Mae, and Brione immersed themselves in the program. They excelled in various departments, demonstrating their individual strengths while learning from each other. Their dedication didn't go unnoticed, the masses admired their synergy and dedication, impressed by their innovative ideas and collaborative spirit, many corporations began to sign contracts with them, and in a span of six years, the corporation continued to rose to new heights. As they embarked on this remarkable journey, challenges awaited, tey encounter skeptics and faced hurdles, but their friendship, resilience, and shared vision kept them grounded and focused.

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S. N. O. W (BL)

Art by Ney or @Cognacbear on twitter. I used canva to make the cover " Hey you're Akagi Yuki the snowboarder, righ?" Yuki sat there in shock. No one knew who he was so far and that was going well for him. " How do you know me. " " I'm your biggest fan ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× "You're interested in snowboarding huh." Ichiro peered over Daichi's shoulder, causing the poor boy to freeze up. "Y-yeah." "That's cool. Wanna join the snowboarding team then." ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× A new sport is introduced into the Inazawa's school curriculum. Since they are able to fund this sport they choose it. Snowboarding. 4 lives, 4 separate ribbons, 4 hearts intertwined into pairs. Akagi Yuki is a transfer student from Zurich, Switzerland at Inazawa. Before coming to Japan , he was a national champion in the snowboarding world. However, after a traumatic incident, he begs his parents to take him to Japan , leaving both his home and the sports behind. That's when he moves to Shinjuku, Tokyo. Hise Hideaki is the class clown but also the hottest fish in the water. He has a passion for snowboarding and make his rich parents go to Switzerland every Christmas to do the sport. When Yuki enters his class, he can't help but follow him around because he is The Yuki , he's favourite snowboarder. Suzuki Daichi is a snowboarder in the making. Because of his small appearance, his quiet nature and a person who keeps to himself. He becomes the centre of some malicious rumours and even more malicious bullying. He starts to become even more closed off, even to the point where he will miss days of school. Hasegawa Ichiro is a jock, who's known as the jack of all trades and the master of all. He's exceptional in academics, sports and his sex life. He also harbors a love for snowboarding However, his interests lies in the quiet classmate Daichi . His interest then start to turn into something more. Feelings he's not sure will be shared. This is S.N.O.W. The life of 4 people intertwined by two things, snowboarding and Love

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