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The corners of Ron's mouth turned up slightly when Sanji refused to eat. Ron was determined to make Sanji feel the hopelessness of the situation. It was just the tip of the iceberg!

"You don't seem to like it."

"Then train hard on the ship and get stronger. Your sister and I will arrange a marriage for you."

"She is a great beauty; she will not disappoint you."

Ron patted Sanji on the head, treating him like a little brother. Sanji could only nod silently, realizing that he couldn't win this fight.

"For now, she endures the humiliation. No matter how much Ron bullies you, you can't complain," Sanji thought to himself, unable to do anything else.

As they sat on the speedboat, his speed continued to increase. Ron leaned against the boat, lost in thought of him.

"The East Blue chapter is almost over, even though there is a missing arc about the Millennium Dragon."

"But it has been completed perfectly, and our next goal is the first half of the Grand Line."

"When we reach Reverse Mountain, we will meet a huge whale and Princess Vivi's entourage."

"Speaking of which, I have many identities, but being Vivi's husband is not bad."

"She is a fantastic princess, and after defeating Crocodile, she rightfully became the princess of Alabasta."

"Then, after Cobra's death, she became the sole heir of Alabasta."

"As for how Cobra died, does it matter? The World Government framed Sabo of the Revolutionary Army."

"In the end, even though Imu woke up, he was still a troublemaker. Annoying, right?"

"But after two years, he doesn't bother me that much anymore. We'll discuss the future later."

"Maybe when Vivi asks for help, she'll offer to sell us the country."

"Or if I become Vivi's husband, it might happen then."

"Tsk tsk tsk, achieving any of these goals would be enough."

"Vivi wants Alabasta to be free of Crocodile's control."

"If I make the same request, I doubt she'd refuse."

"I feel like I'm becoming more despicable now."

"But despicableness is just common sense, a part of life."

"I wonder if Nami and Robin slept well?"

"Reiju might think of me when she goes to sleep."

"After all, I spent all my youthful energy on Reiju."

"That's it for Diary Six; I'm already looking forward to Vivi."

"I just hope that Vivi can fulfill my small wish. As for what I'm willing to give in return, it should be enough to help her restore her country or prevent Cobra's death."

"Don't forget that Nami's going to ask for 100 million Belli."

"I'm a lot more reasonable compared to Nami, who's planning to rob everyone."

"Hopefully, Vivi will be forgiving. Even if she doesn't understand me, that's fine."

Ron sighed, realizing that things would play out as they should. He knew the rewards were due soon, but he didn't care much about them.

"Just come and go," he thought.

"What I want is to punch Garp in the head right now. That guy made me work hard for my money. Now I'm holding a grudge."

"I'll have to give Garp's head a 'love fist' sometime."

All the beauties were paying special attention to the diary at this moment, eagerly awaiting the rewards. They knew the competition had become more intense due to the increased number of participants.

[The sixth diary is over, and it's time to distribute the diary rewards!]

[Reward 1: Increase your strength by a percentage.]

[Candidates: Nami, Nico Robin, Tashigi, Vivi, Reiju]

"Reward 2: Mention a name more than ten times to receive a random ability.]

[Winner: Tashigi (Breathing Style)]

"Reward 3: The person who mentions the most names will receive a random reward."

[Winners: Reiju (Chooses to block the reward) Tashigi (Chooses to block the reward)]

The announcement of the reward winners brought smiles to everyone's faces. They hadn't expected the rewards to be this generous, with five people receiving promotions, even if they were minor ones. Vivi, who was mentioned only briefly at the end, was also on the list.

All the beauties were in awe of the rewards, appreciating the unexpected benefits. Nami and Nico Robin exchanged glances, noting that this time, the rewards favored those who had mentioned more names.

Nami couldn't hide her disappointment for not getting the third reward but knew it was too late to complain now. She could only pout and accept the outcome.

On the other hand, Robin was satisfied with her reward, grateful for the knowledge and power increase she had received.

"It's quite impressive; such generous rewards!" Robin remarked, still admiring her newfound abilities.

Nami pouted in response, feeling like she missed out, and Robin couldn't help but tease her, "Why don't you stick close to Ron? You might get more rewards that way."

Nami shot her a playful glare, knowing that her time would come and that she had already benefited greatly from Ron's previous gifts.

Meanwhile, in the training area, Tashigi received her rewards and was impressed with his newfound determination to become a stronger swordsman.

Crystal Blossom Breathing Style

Description: The Crystal Blossom Breathing Style is a unique and elegant breathing technique used by the Demon Slayers to combat demons. It is known for its fluid and graceful movements, emphasizing both offense and defense. Demon Slayers who master this style are often recognized by their ability to create crystalline patterns in the air with their sword strikes, making it distinct among the various Breathing Styles.

Breath of Crystalline Serenity: The foundational breathing technique of the Crystal Blossom Style. It involves slow, rhythmic breaths that allow the user to achieve a tranquil state of mind, enhancing their concentration and perception. By remaining serene in the heat of battle, a Crystal Blossom Breathing user can react swiftly to their opponent's moves.

Forms and Techniques:

Crystal Blossom Dance: This is the fundamental combat form of the style. Demon Slayers execute a series of fluid and precise strikes that mimic the grace of blooming flowers. These strikes are known for their beauty and deadliness, leaving behind shimmering trails of crystal in the air.

Crystal Lotus Shield: A defensive technique that creates a barrier of crystal petals around the user. It can absorb and disperse demon attacks, providing protection while allowing the Demon Slayer to counter-attack when an opening arises.

Diamond Mirage Step: A technique that enables Demon Slayers to move at incredible speed, leaving afterimages of themselves formed from crystalline dust. This not only confuses opponents but allows the user to close distances swiftly for devastating attacks.

Crystal Blossom Barrage: An offensive technique where the user releases a flurry of quick and precise strikes, creating a dazzling display of crystal shards in the air. This technique overwhelms demons with both the speed and precision of the attacks.

Radiant Petal Strike: A finishing move where the Demon Slayer channels their breath and energy into a single, powerful sword strike. When this strike lands, it releases an explosion of radiant, razor-sharp petals, capable of cutting demons with incredible precision.

Crystal Vortex Whirlwind: The ultimate technique of the Crystal Blossom Breathing Style. The user creates a swirling vortex of razor-sharp crystal petals around themselves, extending their range and power. Anything caught in the vortex faces a storm of deadly attacks, making it nearly impossible for demons to approach.

The Crystal Blossom Breathing Style is a rare and refined technique known for its combination of beauty and lethality. Users of this style are often admired for their elegance in combat and their ability to strike down demons with grace and precision.

This reward excited Tashigi because she got something that would help her improve very quickly but what surprised her the most was her other reward was 2 twin Hwando swords.


[Cyrus the Red Moon That Makes the Beginning Shine]

*She has the mortal authority to cut through the living

*Ignores all resistance to Physical Damage and passes through them

* When she is used together with her twin the effects of her increase drastically

[Krias The Blue Moon That Illuminates The End]

*She has the mortal authority to cut through the dead

*She can cut anything that does not belong to the physical realm

*It is very effective against evil-type beings.

* When used together with her twin the effects of her increase dramatically.

Upon reaching a certain degree of connection with their wielder, these swords will awaken an Ego.

Upon reading the description of these swords he realized that he had obtained something truly incredible, although he had no idea what an Ego could be, he felt that it would be something amazing. "Thank you, Mr. Ron." She thanked him in her mind since it was thanks to him that she was able to obtain those rewards.

At that moment she promised herself to awaken the ego of her swords but she would need help from the other girls to train without being discovered by Ron or the others.

Reiju, staying behind on her snail boat, felt satisfied with her reward as well. She didn't want to return just yet; she preferred to follow Ron's ship discreetly and wait for the right moment to rejoin.

Reiju's expression changed as she noticed a change in her body after receiving her reward. Her physical appearance and temperament underwent a significant transformation.

With her new ability, Toxin Invasion, Reiju now emitted toxins that could fill the air with a simple exhale. Her poison was even deadlier than that of a Poison Fruit user, and she had to be careful not to inadvertently destroy the ocean. Her body had undergone irreversible changes, and her poison had become extremely potent.

To test her new ability, Reiju released her toxins, causing an artificial human who entered the room to collapse instantly. Even Phone Bug couldn't escape her deadly toxins.

With her newfound power, Reiju was both excited and cautious, aware of the dangers her abilities presented. She could now emit toxins that could potentially transform the ocean into a deadly poison sea if she were to die.

Ron, on the other hand, was busy charging their speedboat and maintaining their safe passage through the Calm Belt. He noticed the entrance to the Grand Line and felt a surge of excitement. As they approached, he spotted the Merry, Luffy's ship, heading toward the same entrance.

Ron grabbed Sanji and brought him to the Merry. The crew welcomed Sanji back enthusiastically, expressing their joy at having a chef on board. Luffy was thrilled to see Ron and was relieved that Sanji had returned.

Nami and Nico Robin had orchestrated a welcome party for Sanji, and the crew was in high spirits.

Ron explained that Sanji's sister had taken him away and that they had been treated well, leading to a delay in their return.

As they set sail for the Grand Line, Ron spotted a massive creature, Laboon, which had been waiting at the entrance for a long time.

Luffy, Usopp, and the others were surprised by the sight of the colossal creature, resembling an island. They couldn't believe their eyes and wondered if it was a whale, but its size seemed beyond any ordinary whale.

With Laboon in the background, the crew prepared to enter the Grand Line, eager to face new adventures and challenges.


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