Dimensional Store in Glory City

A mysterious and flashy shop is located in a part of Glory City, what will happen when Nie Li reincarnates and sees the change in his City? "Professor Shen Xiu, are you Legend rank?" "Dad, are you by any chance understanding the Law of Fire?" "Sister, where did you get that sword from?" "Hey wait, because I'm Black Gold rank" "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" . . . . This is my Patreon, you can follow me to read more advanced Chapters patreon.com/Madarasama222 . . ( I'm really bad at english so i'm using google translate hope it won't be any inconvenience for you)

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Chapter 30: Sheng Hong vs Hellfire

Shen Hong and five elites of the Holy Family approached in the distance.

"Darn it, it seems like the Dark Guild failed, we can only rely on Shen Xiu now," Shen Hong thought with annoyance while maintaining his neutral expression.

Shen Hong is the Patriarch of the Shen Holy Family in Glory City.

He is an important character and is known to be one of the most powerful experts in Glory City. He is an older and tall man with white hair and beard, and he is always seen dressed in a red tunic and a white cloak.

He is a shrewd and competent leader.

In addition to his physical strength and combat abilities, Shen Hong is also an expert in martial arts and has a deep knowledge of the culture and history of Glory City. His presence adds an additional level of intrigue and complexity to all of Glory City.

"Always arriving late, Patriarch Shen Hong," Ye Xiu spat with malice.

Since Cao Fenguan told him about the Holy Family colluding with the Dark Guild, he hasn't been sleeping very well lately.

He feared that any day, the Holy Family, who guarded the front of Glory City against the Demon Beasts, would suddenly betray Glory City and not report the arrival of some wave of Demon Beasts.

Or worse, take advantage of that moment to stage a coup.

He had to talk to his brother about this matter so that the Snow Wind Family could take control of the front, or he felt he would go crazy.

"The Dark Guild tried to damage the store sponsored by my Snow Wind Family," Ye Xiu responded with obvious resentment.

Ye Zhong narrowed his eyes at this.

His brother normally did not act like this. He was originally calm. Only when it came to Glory City did he lose his cool.

He had to talk to him later.

Suddenly a robotic voice resonated in everyone's ears.

["The ill will of Patriarch Shen Hong is detected, and his plan against the store, damaging both the property and its interests. The entire Holy Family except for Young Master Shen Yue and Lady Shen Xiu will be added to the blacklist and will not be allowed to enter the store for the rest of their lives."]

"Shen Hong, you..."

Ye Zhong suddenly choked.

"Hmph, I don't care at all. Furthermore, Ye Zhong, you don't know where this kid and his mysterious store come from, and if he's trying to gain everyone's trust to overthrow your Snow Wind Family. When you open your eyes, it will be too late."

Shen Hong had to admit that he was scared at first, afraid that whatever this voice was, it would tie him to the Dark Guild. But it seems he was overthinking.

With his face still stoic, he slandered Cao Fenguan without reservation.

The robotic voice sounded again.

[The Patriarch Shen Hong slandered the store, damaging both its image and interests. As he is now added to the blacklist, his punishment will now be physical.]

Shen Hong was stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter.

"Hahaha, seriously, what can you do about it?"

Instantly, a slightly larger compartment opened from the top of the store.

From it, a black missile poked its head out.

Hellfire Missile

It is a high-precision air-to-ground missile used by the United States and other countries' armed forces. It was originally developed by the American company Lockheed Martin and has been used in a wide variety of military missions, including fighting against ground targets, armored vehicles, boats, and helicopters.

It has an explosive warhead and uses a laser or radar guidance system to reach its target with great precision. Additionally, it has the ability to maneuver in flight to avoid obstacles and reach moving targets.

Shen Hong didn't feel any threat from it until the missile shot towards him like a bullet.

Everyone else quickly moved away, avoiding Shen Hong like a plague.

As for Shen Hong, he merged with his Sacred Flaming Condor Spiritual Demon and flew high into the sky.

The Sacred Family has several businesses in this central market, so he wanted to avoid unnecessary problems that would harm the economy of his Sacred Family.

Shen Hong, the greatest martial arts expert of the Sacred Family, was in the midst of an intense battle against a formidable enemy.

His opponent, a Hellfire missile, was getting closer and closer to him.

Everyone watched the sky in disbelief, not believing that one of the greatest experts in all of Gloria City would flee from this metallic thing that posed no danger at all.

Shen Hong focused and flew to one side just as the missile was about to hit. The resulting explosion threw him into the air and left him a little stunned, but he managed to recover in the air and land gracefully on the ground.

'Why does this thing have so much power?' Shen Hong thought in disbelief.

The missile approached again, and he dodged it with fast and precise movements. As it approached, he jumped up, grabbing the missile with both hands.

With superhuman effort, Shen Hong diverted the missile to the side, causing it to explode in the air and sending debris flying everywhere.

"Damn it."

With a serious look, Shen Hong prepared for the next attack.

The missile, though damaged, was still standing and approached Shen Hong once again. This time, Shen Hong decided to face it head-on.

He concentrated his spiritual energy and channeled it through his fists, preparing for a powerful punch.

When the missile was close enough, Shen Hong threw a devastating punch that hit the missile directly in the head. The resulting explosion was spectacular and sent shockwaves through the air, causing many who were far away to feel the shockwaves.

When everything calmed down, Shen Hong emerged from the rubble, unscathed but with torn clothes and black, singed hair.

A complete comedy.

Silence reigned among the people around.






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