Dimensional Store in Glory City

A mysterious and flashy shop is located in a part of Glory City, what will happen when Nie Li reincarnates and sees the change in his City? "Professor Shen Xiu, are you Legend rank?" "Dad, are you by any chance understanding the Law of Fire?" "Sister, where did you get that sword from?" "Hey wait, because I'm Black Gold rank" "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" . . . . This is my Patreon, you can follow me to read more advanced Chapters patreon.com/Madarasama222 . . ( I'm really bad at english so i'm using google translate hope it won't be any inconvenience for you)

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Chapter 27: Technique for Ning'er

"You can choose a cultivation technique here, I recommend these," Cao Fenguan said as he led Xiao Ning'er to a section labeled "Tales of Demons and Gods World," where there were countless scrolls.

- Winged Dragon of Snowy Wind

- Winged Dragon of Lightning Wind

- Winged Dragon of Flaming Wind

- Winged Dragon of Earthly Wind

- Winged Dragon of Aquatic Wind

"These techniques..." Xiao Ning'er felt a kind of connection with them.

"They are perfect for you. Not only will they cure your illness, but your cultivation speed will skyrocket when you practice one of these techniques," Cao Fenguan said, sneering at the trash technique from her family.

Shen Yue, standing next to him, pinched him when he saw the girl's somber face.

Xiao Ning'er tried to be as kind as possible, but Cao Fenguan wasn't cooperating.

Then she showed an expression of excitement, like the girl she was, and without hesitation, she grabbed the technique from the shelf and paid the indicated price.

Winged Dragon of Lightning Wind - 100,000 demon spiritual coins.

She felt a special attraction to this technique in particular.

Seeing this, Cao Fenguan went to another shelf, thought for a moment, and grabbed a specific technique.

"Here you go, it can complement your arsenal," he said, extending his hand to Xiao Ning'er.

Xiao Ning'er took the scroll and opened it with curiosity.

[Chidori (Thousand Birds)

Lightning Release

Spiritual power transformation - Elemental nature transformation - Spiritual.

Rank A

CK: 500 spiritual power points

HP: Kills the opponent / The user loses 150 HP when using it.

EXP: 400 experience points in control and dexterity.


It is a jutsu that uses the Lightning element. This technique consists of using chakra/spiritual energy manipulation to make a mass of chakra/spiritual energy appear in the user's hand and add the lightning element, creating a pile of sparks of electricity that sharpen the hand, giving it the ability to penetrate almost anything.

The high concentration of electrical energy produces a sound that reminds many of bird songs, hence its name.

Once this is done, the person heads towards their target at great speed to attack and damage their objective. Because this technique uses the lightning attribute to enhance attack and penetration power, its simple contact causes damage that is often fatal, which is why it is classified as an immediate assassination technique.

Despite being a powerful technique that combines great power and speed, it has a major disadvantage in that to execute it, it is necessary to attack the enemy in a straight line, making them vulnerable to any counterattack, since the speed makes it difficult to defend because the user cannot see anything. However, if the user possesses the Sharingan, they can avoid this disadvantage more easily since they can predict their opponent's movements easily.

As an additional disadvantage, the large amount of chakra/spiritual energy required limits its use to a few times a day or in battle. If the user tries to go beyond their limit, all their chakra/spiritual energy and life force will be depleted, killing them.

Another side effect is that the large amount of chakra/spiritual energy can also injure the user's hand if they overstrain themselves in the attack. Therefore, this jutsu is very difficult to dodge and block.]

"It's quite powerful," Xiao Ning'er praised with a serious face.

Suddenly, she imagined piercing the heart of Shen Fei, her fiancé, with this technique. What a cool way to kill that arrogant bastard.

On the other hand, she had never heard of the term chakra, but from the explanation in the scroll, it was something similar to spiritual energy.

"Here, a pupil technique. Although it doesn't compare to the power of the mentioned Sharingan, if you cultivate this pupil technique, it can help you compensate for the disadvantage of being vulnerable to any counterattack," Cao Fenguan gave her a scroll of a pupil practice from the "Perfect World" world.

It could be said that Xiao Ning'er was receiving V.I.P. treatment, but only because she was Xiao Ning'er, she deserved it.

"Well, with a discount, it would be 20 million demon spiritual coins," Cao Fenguan smiled like an old fox.

He enjoyed cheating rich people. Obviously, it didn't cost that much money, at least around 5 million, but looking at how arrogant this girl was when she asked for it, he applied the law of deception.

She deserved to be the young lady of the Winged Dragon Family, as she handed over a storage ring with the mentioned money without hesitation.

Cao Fenguan furrowed his brows, wondering if he could increase the price by another 20 million, but he gave up on that thought.

"Thank you for your purchase. Well, three days later, the 'Spicy Sticks' will be added to your home delivery list," he said.

Xiao Ning'er nodded, bowed to Cao Fenguan in gratitude, and ran out excitedly to cultivate her new cultivation technique.

In her heart, she would never forget the favor that this store had given her.

And so, without Cao Fenguan realizing it, the gears of fate accelerated their turn, announcing the arrival of a new era for the Tiny World, and perhaps for the Dragon Ruins Kingdom and the other Main Kingdoms.

Of course, Cao Fenguan couldn't care less.


Sacred Family

With her aunt's order, Shen Yue returned to the mansion.

Shen Xiu did not want to alarm her brother for the time being. Until Mr. Ye Mo returned, she and Cao Fenguan could not announce that they were together.

They wanted to avoid Ciudad Gloria becoming chaotic due to their relationship.

That's why she came up with the idea of telling her brother that she approached Cao Fenguan with the goal of discovering his secrets and stealing them for their Sacred Family.

Shen Hong, upon hearing this from his son's mouth, applauded and shouted "very good" many times, extremely pleased with his sister's cunning.

He didn't care at all that his son desired recognition for reaching 5 stars in the Bronze rank.

Shen Yue walked dejectedly to his room, with tears running down his cheeks.

He threw himself on his bed and silently sobbed. No matter what he did, his father didn't even pay him the slightest attention.

His mother died when he was a child, so in these moments of sadness, he could only be comforted from the heavens.

He's just a 12-year-old boy, although he inherited his father's evil, deep down he was still quite sensitive, and secretly longed for what other children had.

The love and attention of their parents.

Lying on his bed, he remembered something.

Inconsistently, he looked at the storage ring that his aunt gave him on behalf of Cao Fenguan.

Inside, four scrolls and a brightly shining egg.

He took out the fire-red egg with a curious look.

Along with it, came a note from his aunt.

"Don't tell your father about this. He may try to take the egg for his own use. This is a Demon Beast egg. Drop a drop of your blood and its life will be linked to yours. Take care of your brother in these three days that I will be away, my dear. I love you."

Shen Xiu was as loving with him as always, although she didn't show it in public, she actually loved her nephew and took care of him as if he were her own son.

Shen Yue understood, and with a little emotion, he dropped a drop of blood on the egg...

The next moment





[Pokémon: Charmander

LV: 00

EXP: 0

Type: FIRE

Gender: MALE


Accessories: NONE


Max Potential: SUPREME REALM (With Mega Evolution)

Egg Moves: FLAMETHROWER - FLARE BLITZ (10% chance to burn the enemy. Causes recoil damage of 33% of the damage inflicted on the enemy)

Hatching Time: 30d: 17h]




A cyan blue screen appeared in Shen Yue's eyes, shattering his common sense about his world.





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