169 Ch. 162

(Kaley PoV)

After we got back, Xyrus seems to be more energetic and determined than usual, as if he has found the way of his life.

Too bad though, I only specialize in Prime Time, not in reading minds.

Though, sometimes in the middle of training, I was wondering what went inside his mind during that time. Instead of being down and sad, he became energetic and determined instead.

It's like he's on steroids.

Non-stop training, asking to add the difficulty to his training and even has the guts to learn all the techniques and such at the same time.

Just so you know, just because you don't have a physical body then that means that you could do whatever you want. Ther are also limits in our soul, and Xyrus's soul isn't even that strong yet.

So, I had no choice but to stop him and tell him to calm down and learn a little slowly as he might work himself to death.

Thankfully, he agreed as he must've noticed how hard he is training, so they stepped it down a little bit, thankfully it didn't impede his progress as his determination was still there.

Because of this variable that even I didn't see, which made me panic for a while but considering that he's the Chosen One, a bunch of unpredictable humans, probably due to my creator's Tome of the Chosen One.

It indeed has a certain influence to them as it made the Chosen Ones unpredictable and their futures aren't set in stone.

At first, it annoyed me as it was the first time that someone could avoid their fate, as even her brothers can't change the future no matter what they do even if she tell them about it and to see if they could make a change which as there are things that would happen which would force them to do what they're supposed to do in order for that future to happen.

As a matter of fact, even I'm not exempted to this and I even call myself the Primordial Goddess of Prime Time, what an embarrassment.


(Xyrus PoV)

It took me a few years before mastering the Prime Time to their fullest.

If only Kaley didn't stop me from overworking myself then I could have possibly master Prime Time a few years earlier.

Well, I can't really deny her quest at that time as I could literally feel my soul fatigue which is quite weird as he doesn't even have a physical body in the first place.

There are so many things that I learned when I was practicing the Prime Time.

It turns out, Prime Time isn't that hard to learn as I expected. Maybe because I'm special or maybe because of the Tome, but learning Prime Time was very easy as I only need to try a few times before actually learning a technique.

I asked Kaley about this and her reply was.

"Yes, it would be much more harder for you to learn that if it wasn't for the test that we did. That is a trigger that you are willing to accept the Prime Time as your partner not a tool for you to use. Yes, you heard it right. Prime Time is also conscious like all the other fundamentals like Void and such. At first, they are like robots that only follows our commands, but as time goes by we realized that these Fundamentals are like babies. They mature and became smarter as time passes." Soon after that, she started babbling about her first experience when she was first created and when she met with Prime Time. There is nothing excited that happened except for Prime Time is actually a girl.

Putting that aside, the reason why learning Prime Time became easy for him is because the Prime Time finally accepted me as her partner as I accepted her to be my partner.

Unlike Aether's method which forced Xyrus to master the Void, and although it works, ther are still some things that Xyrus was having trouble with. If you compare it to the The Prime Time one can, then you'd definitely think that Kaley's training is very calm and kind.

"You have earned the right to proceed with the next Fundamental to learn. I hope you enjoyed your stay here and promise me one thing." Kaley said before kneeling in front of me and patted my shoulders.

"Never use what you learned to do bad things, especially to the Multiverse. Don't make me regret teaching you." Kaley said before turning around and shooeing me away

However, before she turned, I already saw some tears dropping from her eyes, indicating that she must be very sad and afraid.

'This Eschaton or whatever has been a headache to me. Is it really that strong that it could even make a Primordial Goddess afraid just because of it's existence.' I thought to himself as I watched my vision slowly flash away, along with my surroundings.


Meanwhile, what Xyrus didn't know was the real reason why Kaley shed a tear was because of a voice that she heard from Xyrus after telling him not to use what he learned to bad things.

"Thank you, dear." Was the words that she heard deep within Xyrus's soul.

There aren't any reason why she would cry about this but the reason was because of the voice who said it.

It matches her creator's voice that she has long never heard after his death.

And now, after hearing his voice once again, she can't help but shed a few tears and muttered in a weak voice.

"Don't leave me...."


"Where am I?" Xyrus looked around and saw that he was inside a library full of golden books.

Some books were even floating around while their pages seems to be mystically turning by itself.

"Uhm, hello?" Xyrus tried to call out for someone, which indeed was effective as a floating man with a glowing golden robe and a helmet stood in the air.

"You must be Xyrus. If you are, then it's time for your training."


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