1130 Wonderland

In that moment, Ranker 302 fell backward and collapsed, the Rankers around her still not having registered exactly what happened. It had all happened so fast that it was all still not computing. She had only just released her arrow, but in the next moment, she had a hole through her chest. 

Ranker 302 gasped for air, but her attempts all came out in gurgles as the viscous liquid filled her lungs. 

"Dammit. Someone heal her. This son of a bitch…"

They were still ultimately the healing branch of the family, and the best among the Healing Arm at that. However, when they bent down to help their fellow Ranker, their expressions couldn't help but change. 

A violent aura of destruction ate at her wounds. As though a fire had started, her skin was slowly being burnt away. If things continued like this and the corrosion made it to her heart, she might really die. 


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