1197 Thoughtful Words (3)

"It started off fairly innocent. I liked to learn things about you and found methods of doing so. I couldn't go to your games because they were often at night and there was a small period of time between classes and curfew I could use to train. But, I always watched the livestreams. 

"During one of your postgame interviews, the interviewer asked you whether you preferred girls with short or long hair. I remember not liking the question. Shouldn't she have been asking you about football? And why was she so flirty? But I distinctly remember you saying long hair. 

"Back then, I remember being traumatized and I agonized over it for several days. A part of me thought you just answered randomly because the interviewer made you uncomfortable. But, another part of me couldn't help but look in the mirror, hating my short hair. 


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