26 Crossovers And Sairyoku's True Power

Sairyoku guided Tsukasa into his mansion and gave her a tour around the mansion.

Although Tsukasa was used to living in Tokiko's mansion, Tsukasa had to admit that the mansion of the richest man in Japan was not to be underestimated.

After all, even if Sairyoku didn't have a gold or diamond toilet, his smart toilet was invented by himself. Various smart appliances in Sairyoku's room made his mansion have a sci-fi yet modern taste in a perfect blend.

Rather than Sairyoku's mansion having an exaggerated display of wealth, his mansion was more on the "practical" and "advanced" side. It was dominated by smart appliances that were invented by himself but even those were much more expensive than gold-plated furniture.

Furthermore, Tsukasa discovered that Sairyoku has an indoor artificial hot spring!

Seeing the artificial hot spring inside Sairyoku's mansion, Tsukasa didn't even ask how it was made but instead, she asked, "Husband, how bored were you during those two years of waiting?"

Sairyoku solemnly replied, "I was so bored that I could only shut myself up in my underground lab and invent these gadgets that can improve our daily lives. I did this all for you so that you can experience life to the fullest."

"I want the best for you so I did my best to be the best."

Hearing that Sairyoku did all of this for her, Tsukasa didn't tell him that he shouldn't have done this. Instead, she hugged Sairyoku, "Thank you, husband."

Even Tsukasa could perceive how much Sairyoku loved her. Sairyoku never hid his love for her and it was overflowing like the waves of an ocean.

Sometimes, Tsukasa couldn't help but think, 'What if Sairyoku arrived in this world a lot earlier?'

If Tsukasa had someone who was not only immortal but also loved her this much during the time she became immortal, she wouldn't have suffered in her 1,400 years of life.

Regarding Tsukasa's thoughts, Sairyoku could read the expression on her face like an open book. He consoled her, "Tsukasa-chan, the past is in the past. Tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. And my love and marriage to you is my present."

Hearing Sairyoku's words filled with love, Tsukasa hugged Sairyoku even tighter, as they exchanged each other's body warmth.

Tsukasa's heavenly scent wafted into Sairyoku's nose, making him feel intoxicated and lightheaded.

Sairyoku had to admit that he didn't have any weakness aside from Tsukasa. Tsukasa was just too lovely and he couldn't help but madly fall in love with her.

If he were to choose between the world and Tsukasa, he wouldn't hesitate to choose Tsukasa.

'The world can end for all I care. But if Tsukasa's immortality malfunctions and she dies, I'd even sacrifice the world just to revive her.'

'Fortunately, I have Heaven's Feel so I don't have to worry about the source of energy for my restoration ability. After all, this world might have angels, demons, and even a demon king from another world, but this world has shitty mana to the point that it's almost nonexistent.'

Remembering the demon king who worked as a part-timer under MgRonald—a fast food chain under the MgRonald Conglomerate which he had major shares, Sairyoku had to admit that the Tonikawa World had some crossovers.

There was even that shut-in angel Gabriel who lived in one of his apartments. One of the tenants of his apartments also included his cousin Nai Sora and step-cousin Nai Shiro.

Although his parents had passed away, Furukawa Sairyoku still had relatives so his transmigration into the Tonikawa World had still granted him some identity.

During the past two years, he had not only gained a foothold in society and became the richest man, but he had also discovered the supernatural side of the world which was barely existent.

For example, the shut-in angel Gabriel had just recently left the angel academy and descended to the mortal world two months ago. As for the part-timer demon king, Sairyoku met him three days ago.

Sairyoku knew that they didn't exist in Tonikawa World and their crossover was likely due to his influence. As for how those crossovers occurred, Sairyoku still hasn't gotten to the bottom of it.

'I'll investigate those when I'm free. For now, spending my time with Tsukasa is of utmost priority. Even if the Witch of Envy or Reinhard from Re:Zero somehow ended up in Tonikawa World, I can still defeat them.'

'After all, Reinhard's hacks might be strong, but mine is stronger. Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can kill even his divine protection while my Sixth Magic: Magical Magicae can use any magic I want.'

'I might not look like it, but I am almost at universe level. In my 4th-month sign-in, I obtained the Slothful Growth ability which allows me to become stronger in an all-rounded manner as time passes by even if don't do anything.'

'It has been almost 21 months since then and I can destroy multiple galaxies now.'

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