21 Arriving At The Ward Office

Sairyoku had obtained the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception in his 8th-month sign-in.

The Mystic Eyes of Death Perception allowed Sairyoku to see the lines of death or the points of death, depending on which one he preferred.

Contrary to its name, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception doesn't simply kill but it works on the conceptual idea that anything that has a Beginning must have an End.

It conceptualized the "End", causing the target to die since their existence has ended.

Furthermore, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception varied based on the user and their perspective on death's philosophy and what it meant.

In Sairyoku's case, Sairyoku believed that if it existed, then it must have an end. So even conceptual matters such as space, luck, memories, and immortality can be killed by him.

Because of that, even if someone was truly immortal, as long as Sairyoku believed that they existed, then they must die after he cut off their lines of death!

After Sairyoku explained all of that regarding his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Tsukasa immediately asked, "Can your restoration ability restore the things killed by your Mystic Eyes of Death Perception?"

In response to that, Sairyoku waved his hand.

The tree that had ceased to exist was restored back to existence.

"Yes, I can. My restoration ability can restore anything as long as I have the energy to do it."

After answering Tsukasa's question, Sairyoku handed the pocket knife back to the battle drone. The battle drone flew back to position and returned to observing and protecting Sairyoku and Tsukasa from afar.

Sairyoku reassured Tsukasa, "Don't worry, Tsukasa-chan. Even if your immortality ceased to exist due to the second main server malfunctioning or something like that, I can use my restoration ability to make you immortal alongside me."

"I can even use my Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to kill your aging, allowing you to achieve eternal youth and be immortal even without the second main server."

Tsukasa sighed in relief after hearing Sairyoku's reassurance, "That's a relief, husband. I don't want to part with you. I doubt that if a hundred thousand years have passed, the second main server you mentioned might have been destroyed alongside my immortality."

"I don't want to die now that I can be with you."

After Sairyoku's explanation regarding his discovery of her immortality, Tsukasa realized that her immortality wasn't really that powerful. It might be perfect, but only if the second main server wasn't destroyed or it didn't malfunction.

But from what Tsukasa had observed, her immortality had a minor malfunction and that was when her barrette became immortal. Her clothes weren't immortal but the barrette she wore was immortal and it would regenerate if it was ever destroyed.

She was worried that if a hundred thousand years or even a million years had passed, the second main server might malfunction even further, causing her immortality to end.

After all, the alien's abandoned secret base had already lacked maintenance. Only a thousand and four hundred years have passed since the aliens left yet her immortality already had a malfunction.

After Sairyoku reassured Tsukasa, the two of them continued their date under the moonlight.

Soon enough, Sairyoku and Tsukasa arrived at the ward office.

Sairyoku immediately told the person in charge of the night reception in the ward office about the purpose of their visit. Since it was currently midnight, there wasn't anyone other than them so they immediately got priority.

After they entered the ward office, Sairyoku handed the marriage registration form to the receptionist who was an old man in his sixties.

When the old receptionist received the marriage registration form, the receptionist started reading it. Afterward, he looked at both Sairyoku and Tsukasa and spoke, "You're both under 20. That means you need a guardian's approval."

In response to that, Tsukasa took out a brown envelope from her sling bag and handed it to the receptionist, "Here's the consent form."

After receiving the consent form, the receptionist looked at Sairyoku and then at the marriage registration form. He asked in doubt, "Are you that famous philanthropist Furukawa Sairyoku? The richest man in Japan who donated a trillion yen to charity?"

Noticing that the old receptionist had recognized his identity, Sairyoku didn't bother to hide it as he nodded in confirmation, "Yes, I am."

Even if the old receptionist didn't know about Sairyoku being the mangaka and author of multiple famous novels and manga, the old receptionist still knew about the legend who became the richest man in just two years.

The media had also promoted Sairyoku as a role model especially when he was the youngest yet richest trillionaire in Japan. Furthermore, Sairyoku had donated a total of one trillion yen, and with his young age, that alone caused a sensation. After all, most nouveau riche would spend their money buying luxurious goods and boasting about it.

There were a lot of aspects that made Sairyoku popular and famous in not only Japan but also abroad. So it was no wonder that the old receptionist knew about Sairyoku's identity.

After the old receptionist received confirmation that Sairyoku was the richest man himself, he looked at Sairyoku and Tsukasa admiringly, "The paperwork is in order."

"You both are a match made in heaven. Congrats on getting married!"

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