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Dimension 05


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•Ancients & Guardians lived like normal human beings protecting the architect relic(relic responsible for the power circulating around the dimensions). Millions of years before, some of the beings Kings & Queens began using the architects power for greed. Some ancients amd guardians joined forces and rebelled against these powerful leaders . Which resulted in an all out war. One faithful day portals to the dimensions opened on earth. And humans from earth discovered a whole new path for the whole humanity. These dimensions portals brought humans with a gift of supernatural powers. An association was formed between the Humans from earth and species from dimension. Hence the story begins from here. In current day time Felix is a normal academic student who goes to his Hunter Academy. During his training at his academy he and his friend s are warped into the dimensions gate leading them to the world dimension number 05... Update?: Every week 2-6 Chapters