Digitize: Rebirth of the Silver Death God
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Digitize: Rebirth of the Silver Death God


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What is Digitize: Rebirth of the Silver Death God

Read Digitize: Rebirth of the Silver Death God novel written by the author ShadowsFinger on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, modern, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Nero Valstine was a Level 799 Master Rank Digitizer in his previous life, titled as the Silver Death God who was feared across a mysterious VR World. He had been on a special Digital Quest hinting towards the revelation of the final treasure sought by many, a treasure that can grant any of its wielders wildest dreams. Moments away from accomplishing this task, a famed figure appeared and ended his hopes, giving him a fatal blow before stealing the artifact. Nero, who died with regret, and endless rage was sent into the cycle of rebirth to start over anew, can he achieve his greatest wish and desires once more? Or does fate has other plans? "To those who seek the greatest of all power, travel these lands and explore its endless boundaries." "To those who desire wealth beyond your imagination, venture this earth to unravel its endless riches." "To those who seek the unknown and universe's greatest mysteries, enter this realm and your answers will be found..." "Whatever you desire, so long as you venture this world and find my treasure, then all your wishes will come true..." With this resonant cry across the heavens, and thus was the start of the age of Digitizers. Author Contact: ____ https://twitter.com/ShadowsFinger https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger https://www.instagram.com/shadowsfinger/ https://www.facebook.com/shadowsfinger ===Subscribe to my Mailing Lists==== https://www.subscribepage.com/shadowsfinger_copy

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This book has very good writing, a unique story, the characters seem pretty good so far and I like the pacing. So far this seems like it will be on my list of really good Webnovel’s and if it ever costs spirit stones to unlock chapters I’ll pay for every single one. Hope this author gets support for his works and gets more recognition as he clearly puts in work to make his idea’s and execute them. A lot of stories and art today are just words and cliche but it’s stories like this that evoke the imagination that I consider to truly be a work of art. The story has only 50 chapters so far but I’m giving such a good review because this story has a good foundation and the author clearly loves it enough for me to have faith that it will continue to be good. I have depression and there’s not very many things I enjoy and so I have to thank this author for his passion.


First of all ty for an amazing new novel. Mc develops fast and logical while keeping a firm stance and stands true to what he values. Fighting is very intersting cause he start at nothing and therefore has to show how fast he can adept and learn to deal with every situation. With a certain help ofc. Good job author


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Hello all, this is just my personal bias review for this new work. I had found that the VR Game genre could use a little bit more twists, and an added fantasy element to spice things up a bit as we have so many of the other ones around. I am doing this for fun, and also the Spirity Award Contest, and based on the results shown here I'll determine whether to push the series further, it will be a long story with a deep plot, very interesting character with their own back story and goals, along with a secret treasure as they main goal for all who chases their desires. Please do enjoy, and if you love it, support with a review of your own :)


After reading this novel I can only hope that the author keeps it going because it is addictive. If you were looking for a novel worth your time then my you have come to the right place. The world building is amazing and if it does not convince you to stay the main character will.


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I am the exp of my sword Exp is my body And exp is my blood I have created over 1,000 reviews Unknown to death Nor known to life Have withstood pain to create many reviews Yet, those hands will never write a proper review So as I pray....... UNLIMITED EXP WORKS


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I found this book to be a whole new approach to the VR genre. 10/10 would recommend for people who like reading the VR genre.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


This is the first review I have written so just ignore it if it's awkward. The starting chapter are a bit slow paced but important as they set up the world and the characters in it,the story is smooth and planned. The story is still developing but has potential to be in the top 5.recommend it as it is different from the regular vr novels.


Really well-written story about going on adventures in a strange world. The way the story is paced and detailed is really well handled and the character motivations are clear and compelling. Just need to see how future developments will be performed. Kinda wish we would have a few more charcters. Chapters 01 to 07 were mostly mc-focused, but it seems this is about to change soon. Looking forward to see where its going.


I must admit that these an original story well conceived but I'm sorry to say that you make a story based on a single goal saving her mother from a so-called disease of which nothing is known and whether humanity can actually cure her or not these due to the lack of relevant information at first instead of focusing on the essentials. What saddens me the most these why you want to make a one-piece style story that never ends because no matter the one-piece type story all The endings will look sloppy because of all the plotholes its would have been better to make his mother a goal for 1 arc and then change for another but not the the objective is to find an object that is supposed to fulfill the wishes, these the dumbest thing to do especially in order to save someone sick after all you want to tell me that he will find it after only some month of research while the others one searches for a long time how his mother will live until then.To finish this story could have been serious if the objective had not been so childish I know that you supposedly want to show us the determination of the MC to save his mother but the "quest for the one piece" turn it into a stupid joke from my point of view


This novel has a very interesting premise and pretty good characterisation and world building. Although slow moving at times the author does realise that and speeds the plot up accordingly to not get stuck on a certain part too long. I have not read the story in a long while(reread it today) since the very slow update schedule was pretty annoying considering how good the novel is. But i do understand the author has a life and jobs other than the novel, would really love to read more. Hope you all the best .


Dropping this, Author couldn't decide between a reincarnation novel, and a system novel, so took the cons of both and rolled with it as the premise of the opening chapters.


The book is interesting... It plot is okay as well as the character.... The characters description is also vivid enough for one to be able to imagine the scenes that took place in it... So it deserves to be one of the best


I really hope you don't abandon this, It's such a good story ...................... Any way xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxppxpxxpxxpxppxp xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxppxpxxpxxpxppxp xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxppxpxxpxxpxppxp xpxpxpxpxpxpxpxppxpxpxppxpxxpxxpxppxp


this is not a novel this is a piece of art, like seriously, I find this well done, the way of the writing, the way the author describes the characters+envirement, just from reading the first 10 chapters I can feel that the author had spent an amount of time proofreading and writing this chills, literally chill when the author described the fighting scenes. I'm shocked by how this novel is written, also alarmed of how this novel isn't on the top 5, I did read all the novels on the top 15 but no one amongst them is delightful as this one How author? how are you this unlucky? vampire system =trash I smell a conspiracy


After reading this novel I can only hope that the author keeps it going because it is addictive. If you were looking for a novel worth your time then my you have come to the right place. The world building is amazing and if it does not convince you to stay the main character will.


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