Survival in the Catacombs!

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[Welcome to the game of Survival in the Catacombs. As you can see, everyone is trapped in the catacombs.]

[Survival is your only goal. If you want to live as long as possible, you must remember the following important points:]

[1. The soil can stop you from moving forward, but you can dig it out. There are ten excavations every day. Only when you enter the next catacomb can you be considered to have dug it out completely. ]

[2. Do not casually abandon the runic base. Below, the runic base is the most trustworthy.]

[3. The world you are in is connected to various subterranean caves. Choose carefully to excavate.]

[4. Upon entering the next subterranean cave, the return passage will be sealed. Do not dream of returning to the previous subterranean cave. Every step is exceptionally important. It is like playing chess.]

[5. The next catacombs might have survival resources, or there might be dangerous crypt creatures. Defeating the crypt creatures will bring a pleasant surprise.]

[6. Try your best to plunder as many resources as possible. It's not shameful to be a locust.]

[7. If you accidentally dig up your own kind, congratulations. Perhaps you can form an alliance or trade. Or, you can plunder the resources that the other party has painstakingly accumulated and become a wave of fertilizer.]

[8. The runic base is bound to you. Once the chant is activated, the home will be opened.]

[9. There are days and nights in the catacombs world.]

[10. If you focus, you can open the game panel. There are more functions waiting for you to explore.]

[There's no need to worry about the elderly, children, and pregnant women. They will be taken care of. The disabled will recover from their illnesses. I wish everyone a happy game.]


In the square, sealed catacombs.

Klein frowned slightly.

Rows of small words appeared on the translucent light blue panel in front of him.

A hint of doubt flashed across his handsome face.

If he remembered correctly, when he went shopping today, he saw people falling backward. Even he wasn't spared.

After that, he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself in a strange place.

There was soil all around him!

There was light inside, and there was no lack of oxygen.

It was completely against the laws of nature.

"A survival game?" Klein muttered as he squatted down, his palm touching the ground.

He stroked the soil inch by inch before touching the surrounding soil walls.

It was firm, tight, and cold.

The space for activity was narrow.

It was about two meters in length and width.

If it was a claustrophobic person, they would definitely feel particularly uncomfortable at this moment.

There was a rusty shovel beside his feet. There was also an oval metal ball engraved with a strange texture, about the size of a thumb.

Klein looked at the two items.

[Ordinary Shovel: A trustworthy tool that can be used to dig a safe passage.]

[Runic Base (Damaged) : This is where you live. Try to repair and expand it. It might become a palace.]

The small words appeared again.

Klein picked up the two items.

A shovel wasn't unusual.

But it was the first time he had seen a runic base.

"I'll first figure out the functions of the game panel."

Klein focused his attention and silently read the game panel.

As expected, the translucent panel unfolded in front of him.

[Chat], [Trade], [Auction], [Manufacture] ...

There was a shovel icon in the upper right corner. The number behind it was 10, representing the number of excavations left for the day.

Klein focused his gaze on the chat button.

The page changed.

Two brand new buttons appeared.

They were the world channel and the regional channel.

He first entered the world channel.

"Can anyone see this? Help! I'm trapped in a cave."

"Can someone help me? I'm surrounded by red earth..."

"Were we kidnapped by aliens?"

"Do you also have rusty shovels?"

"The end of the human world is coming! Haha, everyone is going to die."

One conversation after another slid by.

Klein noticed the small horn pattern in the upper right corner.

Following it was a number 1.

[Small Horn: In the early stages of the game, you can only post one message a day in the world channel. If you want to chat freely, you can enter the regional channel.]

In the early stages, a loudspeaker a day was definitely not used to seek help!

Klein looked away.

From the looks of it, everyone was trapped in the catacombs. There was no difference in the beginning. There was only the shovel and the runic base.

"I can only try to save myself. Shouting in the channel is useless. If I don't exchange survival experiences, it will be a waste of time."

Klein exited the world channel.

He entered the regional channel to take a look.

It was similar to a chat group.

Members: 1000.

All the public channel's headshots were of real people.

The nickname was a combination of name and height.

"Is anyone near me? I was shouting just now, but I heard a knock."

"I'm slapping the mud wall on the left. Can anyone hear me?"

"I've never done any heavy work before. Now, I have to dig. Boohoo..."

Klein silently observed for a minute before exiting in disappointment.

All of them were in a daze, and no one was digging for the time being.

Klein wanted to watch others dig first...

The game had given him a hint.

There might be dangerous crypt creatures in the next subterranean chamber.

It was like opening a blind box.

No one knew whether the next subterranean chamber was a resource or a crisis!

Therefore, he needed a guinea pig.

Following that...

Klein checked the trading and auction functions.

The trading platform provided players with barter.

The trading rules were free, and the items could be given away for free.

An auction was similar to a transaction.

There was no intermediary fee.

The auction time and the price were set by the owner.

"Open the manufacturing interface."

Klein looked at another function.


It was a full page.


[Ordinary Shovel: Wood 0/2, Iron 0/2]

[Ordinary Spear (Iron) : Wood 0/2, Iron 0/1]

[Ordinary Spear (Stone) : Wood 0/2, Stone 0/1]

[Charcoal: Wood 0/1, Fire Source]

[Ordinary Light Armor: Iron 0/4, Rope 0/2]


Each item and equipment required different materials to be synthesized.

Obviously, gathering and producing materials was especially important in the survival game!

Klein studied the game interface.

His gaze landed on the runic base metal ball in his hand.

This thing looked like a high-tech or magical product.

"Runic base, open!" he chanted.

Instantly, the metal ball vibrated. It gradually turned into a ball of light.

Silver-white light radiated outwards.

It was like a projector.

The speed of light was projected around him.

In about a few seconds, a simple and crude little stone house was formed.

The entire narrow space was covered.

On the ground, there were stains.

There was nothing inside, not even a bed.

"It really is... A bare house."

Klein shook his head and tentatively said, "Runic base, close!"

The small stone house trembled slightly.

It turned into dozens or hundreds of beams of light speed and flowed back into Klein's hand.

It condensed into the original metal sphere again. It was very magical.