7 Successfully Kill the One-Eyed Lizard and Obtain a Fire Rune!

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The sixth catacomb was about ten meters in length and width.

There was a faint smell of blood in the air.

There were many rocks on the ground.

When Klein rushed out, he charged at the one-eyed lizard as fast as he could.


He stepped on the rocks.

There was a subtle movement.

The one-eyed lizard suddenly opened its eyes.

In the center of its head, there was indeed only one eye.

It had caught the intruder,

A hint of viciousness flashed in its eyes.

At this moment, Klein and the one-eyed lizard were less than two meters away.

Charge, stab!

He had practiced it more than twenty times in his mind.

He stabbed without any hesitation.

He aimed at the one-eyed lizard.

Although the one-eyed lizard had woken up, it was already too late.

It tilted its head slightly, but the short spear accurately pierced its eyeball.


The one-eyed lizard let out a pained roar.

Klein pulled out the short spear and quickly retreated.

The one-eyed lizard's thick tail only swept through the air.

Anger and pain had already caused it to leave its food and attack its surroundings frantically.

Without a vision, it could only protect its surroundings, unable to find Klein's position.

Klein carefully moved his feet, held his breath, and circled to the other side.

A handful of sand appeared in his hand.

Every time the one-eyed lizard approached, he would throw the sand to the other side. The one-eyed lizard would listen to the sounds and attack, but it would always miss.

Now was the time to test his patience!

Klein didn't dare to be careless.

It was best not to be injured before he dug up medical resources.

[The one-eyed lizard is bleeding. After missing a few times, it gradually loses its patience. Be careful that it doesn't dig up the soil and escape.]

Above the one-eyed lizard, the golden text jumped.

Klein raised his eyebrows.

It seemed like his guess yesterday was wrong. Crypt creatures could leave the catacombs.

He slowly moved his feet, occasionally throwing out a handful of sand to cover up the faint footsteps.

Suddenly, the one-eyed lizard quickly dug up the ground.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The digging speed increased.

[Now is a good time.]

The prompt changed again.

Klein suddenly stabbed out with his short spear.

It was still aimed at its eyes.

This time, the force was even stronger.

It nearly surged into the depths of its head.

He stirred it violently again.

The one-eyed lizard struggled on the ground for less than half a minute before it stopped moving.

[System notification: Soul+1]

Klein obtained a One-Eyed Lizard corpse.

Decomposing the One-Eyed Lizard...

[System notification: One-Eyed Lizard Meat+6]

[System notification: One-Eyed Lizard Skin+1]

[System notification: One-Eyed Lizard Blood+800ml]

[System notification: One-Eyed Lizard Bone+4]

Among them, the lizard blood needed to be stored in a container.

Yesterday, Klein drank a bottle of mineral water and sold another bottle.

The two plastic bottles were filled to the brim.

"Soul? The soul of a One-Eyed Lizard?"

A special substance that emitted a faint light floated in Klein's hand.

It looked a little like a ball of air.

[Soul: Kill the crypt creature and you will obtain it. It has a wide range of uses.]

Klein put it away and looked at the other trophies.

[One-Eyed Lizard Meat: It's rich in nutrients, but it tastes a little sour. Current consumption of it has a satiation index of four stars. Overall score: 65]

The overall score of wheat bread was less than twenty.

One piece of One-Eyed Lizard meat was equivalent to three pieces of wheat bread.

[One-Eyed Lizard Blood: Trace elements. Consume it while it's hot. It can improve your physique.]

The skin and bones were ordinary.

The meat was edible and not bad.

As for the blood...

It could improve one's physique?

Klein licked his lips. It was just in time for his mouth to dry up.

He picked up a bottle, looked up, and gulped it down.

Lizard blood didn't smell good at all.

Klein endured the fishy smell and drank a bottle without leaving a single drop.

Suddenly, waves of heat surged through his body.

"Awesome!" Klein shouted.

The second bottle!

He continued to drink it.

Gulp, gulp.


Klein wiped the corner of his mouth. In just a moment, the streams of heat flowed through his body, replenishing his stamina.

[There's still something left to plunder in the sixth catacombs.]

He surveyed his surroundings.

There were traces of dried blood on the ground. It didn't belong to a One-Eyed Lizard.

It was probably food from before.

Apart from that, there was a bronze treasure chest in the corner of the catacomb.

[Opening the treasure chest...]

[System notification: Bronze Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Iron Block+2]

[System notification: Fire Rune+2]

Klein was delighted.

Fire rune!

After exchanging for water runes last night, there were still two fire runes today.

With that, he had gathered all the materials needed to create the water condenser.

Klein grabbed the fire rune.

It felt warm in his hands.

The shape and material were similar to water runes.

However, the surface was a flame pattern that emitted a red light.

Klein then disassembled the bronze treasure chest.

At present, his net worth was as follows:

Water Rune 1. Fire Rune 2. Soul 1. Iron Block 7. Copper Block 8. Wood 6. Fluorescent Grass 6. Fluorescent Grass Seed 2. Lizard Meat 6, Bone 4, Skin 1.

There was only one wheat bread left, and less than a bottle of mineral water.

Sand 20.

Klein took the initiative to clear the sand so that it wasn't full.

He opened the manufacturing panel.

He selected an Excellent Water Condenser.

He confirmed the forging.

[System notification: Copper Block-4, Iron Block-6, Wood-2, Water Rune-1, Fire Rune-1]

[System notification: Excellent Water Condenser successfully forged.]

An instrument with copper and iron as the main body appeared in front of Klein.

It was about a foot tall.

It was like a small alchemy furnace.

On the front was a wave pattern of water runes.

On the ground was a flame pattern of fire runes.

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