14 Discovery of an Iron Treasure Chest

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[Ordinary Xenogeneic: Implanted into the body of a crypt creature, it can create a meat field. As long as it is watered daily, it can produce an endless amount of meat.]

When Klein saw the description of the item, he tried his best to imagine the so-called meat field.

What exactly was it like?

As long as it is watered, it will grow meat. Was there no need to eat?

In less than half a minute, he touched something.

A defective xenogeneic.

[System notification: Ordinary Xenogeneic+1]

A heart-sized sarcoma-like xenogeneic was held in his hand.



The xenogeneic was gently beating in Klein's hand.

He could understand some of the minute blood vessels from looking at it.

There was even hair on the surface.

Klein observed it carefully again and said in astonishment, "No, it's not hair. It's more like a short fur. This thing... looks really unlikable."

However, when he thought about how this thing could solve the problem of meat in the future, he had to put it away no matter how ugly it looked.

The xenogeneic could only be implanted in a living crypt creature. It wasn't easy to deal with.

If he were to fight a crypt creature, he might lose his life if he wasn't careful. How would he dare to show mercy and get a living creature?

The Yellow Sand Octopus's attack power was weak, so it was easy to capture it first.

'I might be able to use the octopus, but I still need cash. For example, a large net.'

Klein gently waved his hand.

He opened the manufacture page again.

[Large Stone Bowl: Stone 10/2]

After consuming two stones, he created a large bowl made out of stone.

Klein then put away the stone pillar as well.

He used the shovel to dig a few times before it suddenly loosened.

He picked it up and threw it into the base.

Then, he dissected it.

[System notification: Stone+10]

He had used up two units and was immediately replenished. He already had 18 units of stone and it took up quite a bit of space.

He said, "Let me take a look at the next catacombs."

Klein had two more excavations left today.

At this moment, it wasn't noon yet.

The main reason was that the route he had chosen today was less risky.

He had killed two crypt creatures in total.

The One-Eyed Lizard was relatively stronger, but the reason was because he had hit first poked out its one eye.

The Yellow Sand Octopus's attack ability was weak, so he had used a plastic bottle to resolve its trump card.

The main reason was to rely on intelligence to win!

[Continue digging down. You will encounter a small pond with a nest of poisonous flying insects. If you can wrap your entire body, you can give it a try.]

[In the cave on the right, there is a room full of air.]

[In the cave on the left, there are treasure chests that you have not opened before. As long as you bypass a few traps, the materials are at your fingertips.]

[Dig ahead. There's a plant waiting for you to harvest. You might even be able to find a few materials.]

[Digging in the back isn't a good idea. This is a fire chamber. Unless you're willing to take the risk of being burned and digging a tunnel to escape, you can mature as much as you want.]

Klein looked in five directions.

He didn't need to think much and directly chose the left catacomb.

Traps were fatal to others, but they were useless to him.

He chose a suitable spot and began digging.

In less than a minute, he could already see the black hole.

Klein carefully stepped into the fourteenth catacomb.

His gaze instantly focused on the treasure chest that was ten meters away by the corner of the wall.

From the looks of it, it should be an iron treasure chest.

It was naturally above a bronze treasure chest.

He said, "Find the location of the traps."

With his standing position as the center, Klein swept his gaze across the ground and walls.

[There's a hidden danger under the sand at this location. Once you step on it, you will sink into the sand and become delicious meat paste.]

[There's a hidden danger under the sand at this location. Once you step on it, you will sink into the sand and become delicious meat paste.]


There were more than one or two spots.

'There are a total of eight spots that I can't step on. Unless you're extremely lucky, it's very difficult to avoid them.'

Klein secretly clicked his tongue,

Then, he stepped on the empty space outside the mechanism and came before the iron treasure chest.

[Iron Treasure Chest: It's a level higher than a Copper Treasure Chest. Usually, there will be a small surprise when it's opened, but there might also be hidden danger.]

[There's a small surprise inside this iron treasure chest. There's no danger.]

Klein first checked the situation of the treasure chest.

After confirming that it was harmless, he opened the iron treasure chest.

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest+1]

[System notification: Iron Treasure Chest can be decomposed into 4 pieces of iron. Do you wish to decompose it?]

[System notification: Perfect Runic Crossbow Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Do you wish to learn the Perfect Runic Crossbow Blueprint?]

[System notification: Excellent Anesthetic Blueprint+1]

[System notification: Do you wish to learn the Excellent Anesthetic Crafting Blueprint?]

[System notification: Wind Rune+1]

Two crafting blueprints and one wind rune.

Furthermore, it was the first time he had obtained a perfect crafting blueprint.

As expected of an iron treasure chest!

Klein held a crafting blueprint in each hand.

[Perfect Runic Crossbow Crafting Blueprint: It belongs to a runic combat device. The bolts it fires can easily pierce through iron plates, and the speed of the bolts is as fast as the wind.]

The water condenser was a daily runic device, while the runic crossbow was a combat device!

[Excellent Anesthetic Blueprint: Just a little bit is enough to make a cow fall in five seconds.]

This was the second medicinal formula that he had collected so far.

Obsidian could create runic crossbows. With the anesthetic, wouldn't it be able to capture crypt creatures alive?

Klein's eyes lit up.

These two items could solve the problem.

He kept the runes.

[The Iron Treasure Chest was disintegrated.]

He learned all the blueprints!

Two beams of light fused into Klein's body.

Klein couldn't wait to open the list of items to be made.

He looked at the list of runic crossbow and anesthetic.

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