25 Changes to the Base!

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There were more than a dozen items in total.

Beef jerky, bread, and pure milk.

They also obtained a batch of materials.

Not mentioning copper and iron, there were also some plant materials and seeds.

Of all the items, the crypt biology guide and medium-sized map were the most eye-catching.

The two of them obtained a medium-sized map, so they judged that the place was rich in resources.

Who would have thought that due to a series of mistakes in their decision-making, they would die here, letting Klein off the hook for nothing?

Klein thought for a moment before saying, "If I receive so many resources at once, won't the runic base's capacity be full?"

"Runic base, open."

As Klein opened the base, he looked at the upper right corner of the interface.

The icon for the small house was still green!

It meant that the space was far from full.


The runic base expanded.

Klein was astonished to find that the entire base had expanded greatly.

It was originally about three meters in length, but now it had expanded to five meters in length.

The overall decoration had improved, with some additional details.

Klein went outside the base to check.

The tile surface was still a monotonous small bungalow.

It's already pretty good that the area has increased

Klein couldn't help but think, if I encounter players in the future, should I fish more?

His principle was not to casually kill people.

However, if someone made a move first, he would definitely retaliate.

It was quite normal to accidentally kill someone.

Fishing for law enforcement was definitely not a bad idea.

He thought for a moment before saying, "First, check the crypt biology illustration manual."

Klein flipped his hand and a pamphlet appeared.

[Incomplete Crypt Biology Illustration Manual (Damaged) : It can only be used after it is repaired. There is a portion of the information on the coke oven.]

Klein thought for a moment and silently recited, "Repair manual."

This was important information that could deepen his understanding of the subterranean world.

He now had five souls and a runic crossbow, so it wasn't difficult for him to obtain souls.

There was no need to save.

[System notification: Soul-1]

[System notification: The Incomplete Crypt Biology Illustration Manual has been successfully repaired.]

[System notification: Do you wish to learn the Incomplete Crypt Biology Illustration Manual?]

Three consecutive system notifications.

It was about the same as the blueprint. After learning it, it would be loaded into the system interface.

Klein chose to learn.

A beam of light fused into his body.

He then opened the system interface.

As expected, behind the pet button, one word appeared. 'Guide'.

Klein opened it.

A dense list appeared.


Green Scorpion

Poisonous Bat

Rainbow Snake

Brain Eater



Kobold: Governs walking crypt creatures, is good at digging holes and creating traps. Worships evil dragons. Moves in groups, never fights alone. Likes to collect treasures everywhere.

Ability: Uses weapons

Weakness: Weak body

Danger Factor: 42

Apart from the description, there were also 3D images of the crypt creatures.

He could adjust the angle to view it.

'I wonder if there's any information about the Tail Fox?'

Klein looked at the obedient Little Fox by his feet.

A box popped up on the interface.

Tail Fox: A gentle crypt creature. It has two tails at birth. As its bloodline grows stronger, the number of tails will increase until it has nine tails.

Ability: High-speed movement.

Weakness: Insufficient defense

Danger Factor: 22

'There is no need to take the initiative to search for it. It will automatically pop up.'

'It's very convenient, but... the danger factor of a Tail Fox is only 22.'

Although Klein was unwilling to admit it, the lethality of a Tail Fox was indeed limited.

It was more of a strategic use.

Its movement speed was fast, and with its high-speed movement skill, the fox had already fooled most of the crypt creatures.

Klein looked up a few more crypt creatures he had encountered.

Yellow Sand Octopus danger factor: 13.

Rock Armor Crocodile: 25.

Single-Horned Sand Hound: 20

He didn't have any information when he fought them.

If the title of the movie was based on the danger factor, the life chart's score would still be accurate.

Of course, he couldn't directly use the danger factor to determine the strength of the crypt creatures.

For example,  Klein could use the runic crossbow to kill two Rock Armor Crocodiles.

If he encountered a Tail Fox, it would be very difficult to hit it. He might even be killed instead.

There was definitely a theory of restraint among crypt creatures.

There were more than a thousand types of crypt creatures in the entire catacombs.

Klein briefly browsed through them, closed the interface, and took out the medium-sized map he had just obtained.

It was similar to the structure of a small map.

There were also red dots indicating the location, and every catacomb had notes.

The small map was centered around the red dot catacomb, extending out to two catacombs.

The medium-sized map had five catacombs.

Klein compared the resources of the previous catacomb and looked in three directions according to the hints. He could already determine the location.


"The two of them have already dug to the second catacombs according to the map."

Klein took out his dagger and marked it on the map.

From his position, according to the mark on the map, he could plan the next three excavations.

Klein entered from the left catacomb and eliminated one option.

Out of the remaining four directions, the two of them had just arrived from the catacomb ahead, so they could eliminate another option.

The remaining three directions...

Klein pointed at the catacombs above the map.

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