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Diavazo Logs: Motivating a Bookworm Protagonist


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Yo. Name's Nori. I'm just an ordinary twenty-year-old university student—really—that woke up transported to this world called Gaellia one day. On my first day, I find myself thrown in jail and met my partner that will travel with me: an AI that I have a telepathic bond with. [Nori, there are monsters attacking the city.] Not my problem. "Big Sis! I bought this dress for you!" "Bro! Let's head to the gate to see who would get a higher kill count!" [Nori, if you do this mission, you can read 50,000 words of a new title—] Ah! Alright already, I get it! **On hiatus for volume compilation** ***Volume Two being roughed out*** {Note: Written in 1st Person POV. Nori is nonbinary. Romance-free for Nori but lots of misunderstandings happen.}