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"Fucking child, tell me, is there something wrong with Eijun?" At the back of the courtyard, behind a screen, three figures were hiding there furtively, a middle-aged man showed a worried look on his face , that looked at the back of Eijun Sawamura who was not far away, said so.

  "Yeah, dear, I think so too. After returning from Tokyo yesterday, I felt a little weird." The middle-aged woman who was leaning next to me said worriedly.

  "Could you be possessed by an evil spirit?" The middle-aged man was startled suddenly, thinking of a terrible possibility, and said.

You idiot, Did you say that about your son?" At this time, another figure beside him, an old man who was clearly aged, showed a vicious expression, and slapped him unceremoniously. The photo was captured on the middle-aged man's head.

  "Crack!" The sound was quite crisp.

  Needless to say, these three figures are the original book, Eijun's happy trio of elders, Eijun's father, mother, and grandfather.

  And the slap just now alarmed Sawamura Eijun who was sitting in front.

After Eijun was startled, he turned his head and saw the embarrassing smiles of his parents, as well as the expression of his grandfather's exasperation, and he couldn't help showing a wry smile.

  The remaining memories and emotions also played their due role at this moment, so that Sawamura Eijun would not look so awkward when facing these three people, and the faint warm feeling in his heart would also make Sawamura Eijun truly regarded these three people as his relatives, and the worried expression was real.

  This made Eijun feel the warmth of family affection like his parents in the previous life, and it was also the reason why he felt a little calm in his heart.

Starting today, I am Eijun Sawamura, your parents are also my parents.

  This is the decision Sawamura Eijun made for himself at this moment.

  "Thanks to not having zero memory and zero emotion, otherwise, facing such a group of acquaintances, it would be quite difficult to solve. You can't pretend to have amnesia..."

  Eijun was thinking so secretly in his heart, but he didn't show any expression on the surface.

  The current Eijun can be said to be half Eijun, with the memories and emotions of the original Eijun, but in terms of personality, it is a brand new personality. In character, there is a feeling of carelessness in the past, but it also gives people The feeling is not the same.

  This has been the case since Eijun woke up this morning when he opened his eyes.

Family members, especially mothers, are emotional and delicate.

  But the current scene. . . .

  "Grandpa, what are you doing..." Eijun mouth twitched slightly.

  "Ahem, we just..." Eijun mother coughed lightly, and said with some embarrassment. After all, no matter what, it looked like all the elders of the family were listening to the corner.

  "Idiot, of course I'm worried about you. You bastard, when you came back from Tokyo, you look like you lost your soul. Can we not worry about you?" Said.

  "Father..." Let Sawamura's father and Sawamura's mother beside him not know what to say.

"No, just thinking about something."

  "Thinking about something?" Sawamura's father and Sawamura's mother looked at each other in blank dismay. In this case, are they just in a daze all day? Moreover, purely from the perspective of parents, not only is this aspect a bit strange, it seems that after returning from Tokyo, his son's personality, to be precise, the whole atmosphere of the person has changed a little bit.

  Of course, they naturally wouldn't think of the possibility that their son's soul had been replaced by someone else. After all, it's too nonsensical.

  "Are you considering going to Tokyo?" Sawamura's father said.

"Umm,Yes." Sawamura Eijun was stunned, and suddenly recalled in his mind the scene in the original book where Eijun's family of four had a discussion before going to Tokyo, and he silently nodded and admitted at this point.

  And in reality, Eijun is really thinking about going to Seido in his heart now.

  "Then what are your intention? Or hesitation? What is your own heart?" Just as grandpa was about to say something, Sawamura's father suddenly looked at Sawamura with a very serious expression.

It was also after seeing Sawamura's father speak, grandpa moved his lips and stood aside with arms folded. When I was educating my son, I couldn't easily interrupt.

  "Intention?" Eijun was taken aback.

  "It's because I'm afraid of leaving here, because I'm afraid of going to Tokyo alone, right? But, I also have expectations for it and want to go there, right." Sawamura's father looked at Eijun Sawamura with a solemn tone, but Said softly.

Sawamura Eijun moved his lips, and there was a strange look in his eyes, but he didn't know what to say, how could he say it, it wasn't like this, he had already made up his mind just now.

  The display of such a strange expression by Eijun also made Sawamura's father more certain of his inner thoughts.

  Sure enough, my son was tempted because he went to Tokyo and saw the baseball he was looking forward to seeing there, so he hesitated.

"What you need is determination and courage. Eijun, don't go against your own heart. The most important thing is that in the future, when you look back, you won't regret your choices now, It is to have the courage to pursue your dreams without fear of any risks. We have faced challenges and faced them head-on. Even if you fail, we will not laugh at you when we come back here, and we will never let anyone laugh at you. ."

  Serious expression, soft look, this is the heartfelt concern of a father.

  Sawamura's mother on the side also showed a gentle smile: "Yes, Eijun, just like your father said, go, your friends will support you, won't they? Your friendship, will not be broken because of separation, go bravely pursue your own dreams."

"That's right, idiot, don't hesitate, be decisive like a boy!" Grandpa also said loudly.

  Looking at the sincere caring looks and expressions of the three people in front of him, the real warmth that blood is thicker than water, made the expression of Sawamura Eijun more and more soft , There was a firm look in those eyes.

  "Yes!" Eijun's firm words sounded, and both Sawamura's father and mother showed reassuring smiles. In their view, although their son was a little stupid, he was quite straightforward and kind in this respect. To be honest, such clear eyes mean that he has really figured it out.

"That's right, that's right, a man has to be masculine!" Grandpa showed a satisfied smile, "This looks like my grandson of Eijun Sawamura."

  "It's still my son." Sawamura's father muttered in a low voice.

  "Ah? What are you talking about, stupid son!!! Aren't you my son!?"

  "No, it's nothing, Dad..."

  "Okay, okay, now that the matter is settled, father, dear, Eijun, let's get ready to eat."

  The daily comedy of the family, this is the most heartwarming scene.

  Sawamura Eijun looked at the situation in front of him, and the last estrangement in his heart towards this family was gradually eliminated.

Facing his mother's gentle smile, Sawamura Eijun opened his mouth and laughed loudly: "Haha, I want to eat a big bowl of rice!!!"

  "Well, yes." Sawamura's mother said with a gentle smile.

  This is Eijun's new home, and also his new starting point! !

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