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On Diamant's 14th birthday, the strangest thing happened. A witch had almost killed her while warning her to stay away from the past. Diamant and her grandpa were people who lived on a survival skill of running and hiding from an unknown that relentlessly chased after them and threatened their lives. One night, this skill of Run and Hide met its end at the hands of a war brought upon their village by the mighty King of Alusa, the Dragon Lord. Having lost everything in the war, Diamant is driven by rage and grieve to seek revenge against the King. This is no easy task as she will get entangled in lies, conspiracy, betrayal, love, war and magic. In all these, she discovers there are important questions about her life that only the past has answers to. Will she delve into the past to seek these answers which may cost her everything including her life? Or will she face the present, forgo knowing these answers and live the life she is struggling to build for herself? ((Please check out my new book "The Kings' Human" and support. It is in a competition. Thank you!)) ********************** Note: This novel contains mature content. This book is on a break, will be picking it up in two months time. Socials to get informed when I do? Tiktok - @at_imagination. Thank you for your support.