1 Chapter 1: Death

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Takashi was far from a normal person, he was rather peculiar

He had a withdrawn personality and was introverted. He was cold....almost a borderline psychopath.....or was he one entirely?



...but he wasn't always like this

When he was young, he was a bright child full of energy, quite quick in the head as well.

He was also very mature as his parents left him alone multiple times for their work, leaving him to take care of himself on his own, but that didn't mean they didn't love him, no, they doted on him very much and spent as much time possible with him. Takashi also appreciated this and was very understanding, he never threw a tantrum. Growing up this didn't change... up until middle school.

Being smart and attractive was good and all but this naturally drew the jealousy of the young, immature brats in his school...but thats it. Takashi had a good personality, so most people got along with him.

Sakura Miyawaki....the school belle. Desired by all but no one pursued her as they would just get friendly rejected, but that wasn't all the reason why nobody approached her. The school bully had a 'claim' on her. All those who got politely rejected by Sakura had their lives turned hell afterwards, some even left the school.

There were no repercussions to the bully as his father was one of the major donators of the school. Teachers frightful for the loss of support kept things quite.

Anyway, turns out the reason behind the numerous rejections by the school belle was because she crushed heavily on someone else...Takashi.

How did everyone find out?

Well that might be, because of the fact that the poor girl confessed to him out-loud in the cafeteria infront of everyone. She had a box of chocolates in her hand that she personally made and had her eyes closed in fear and nervousness as she trembled. It was quite clear that the girl was putting her all into this.

Takashi wasn't in mood for any dating...and besides...

....she wasn't his type



...so he rejected her as politely and friendly as he could, however this made the girl who poured her heart out, burst into tears as she hurriedly ran out of the cafeteria sobbing.

..and this led to his bullying.

By most students in fact, the school belle was liked by all. She was very sweet and nice to everyone. So seeing her crying like this, garnered everyones hate towards Takashi. So the students around him got colder.....but the major part of the bullying was done by the so-called 'school bully' and his lackeys. He, unlike the others, not only was pissed because of her crying but mostly.....because he was jealous.

At first it was just some random insults and curses whenever he went past them... but it slowly led to some nudges, pushes and finally one day... they hit him

That was his limit, he immediately started fighting back and even won fighting against 3 brats his age, though with some minor injuries.

He held their leader (The school bully) by his arm and slowly started bending it in a direction that an arm is not supposed to.

The bully's face was messed up, covered in tears and snot.

He was screaming.....begging.....pleading him to stop, but was met by Takashi's indifferent eyes and was ignored. Takashi kept on doing this under the gazes of the horrified students in the classroom until.....


The leader's bloodshot eyes from crying widened as he fainted with his mouth foaming with his arm bent. Takashi dropped him aside like a sack of potatoes and uncaringly without any change of expression grabbed his bag and calmly started heading toward the door of the classroom.

The students around were terrified and had pale faces, they quickly broke the crowd by making a way for him as if they were the sea for Moses.

Even though Takashi's face was expressionless his heart was pounding in his chest...no, not out of fear but out of excitement. The fight for Takashi was exhilarating and he didn't understand why.

It wasn't because he broke the leaders arm, he certainly knew that (though it was indeed very satisfying), it was the fight itself that made his heart beat. He didn't understand why but he would find out later in the future.

After that incident no one bothered Takashi anymore, no it was better to say he was isolated, even more so. No one came up to him anymore, not even his secret admirers from the opposite sex. Not that he cared anyway, he didn't care about them in the first place. They never bothered to stop the bullying he was going through so why should he care about these so called 'friends'.

Surprisingly, Takashi didn't get expelled for this...the students were too frightful to say anything and minded their own business. The teachers got hints of what happened but didn't do anything... the bully never came back to school....no one knew what happened.


Days went by and the old Takashi that was full of energy and joy changed, he didn't want to worry his parents so he always pretended normally infront of them.

One day his father gave him something called manga and told him it was popular with kids and thought he would like it.... and with that he was introduced to the world of manga, anime and light novels. For the young Takashi it was mind-blowing and amazing but even with all those emotions the one above all was disappointment.

He was disappointed at the world he lived in, with this reality that he thought was 'boring' unlike the manga and the light novels he read or the anime he watched. Though there were novels without any supernatural elements that he liked it was still different from the ones with the supernatural in it.

Even thought he was disappointed, that didn't mean he turned into a depressed NEET or something similar, it was just simple disappointment...that is until his parents died.

One day Takashi was at home watching anime, and waiting for his parents to come back. It was late at night and his parents went to a party organised by their friends.

Takashi was also invited but he refused as he would just likely get bored.... and he wouldn't be able to watch the new season of the anime he liked that came out recently.

His parents didn't insist as they knew how bored he would get and went without him.

They never came back.

Takashi, waiting for his parents to come back, finally fell asleep and the next morning found himself getting woken up by the doorbell. What greeted him there were 2 men in suits who informed him that they were from the child protective services, hearing this Takashi got a bad premonition in his heart

They gave him the news of his parents dying due to a car crash.

Takashi hearing that didn't show any outward reaction and just stood there, it was at that moment something changed within Takashi

He snapped

Even thought he was smart and mature for his age, he was after all still a child who just wanted to make his parents proud, a child who was isolated without any friends and the only people he interacted with were his parents.....that was him

...No sooner after that, he was soon adopted by a new couple who were apparently his distant relatives, he never got too close to them in fear of getting attached and stayed like that. He never got friends and didn't get close to people. His new parents were concerned about this but no matter what they did it was the same, so they gave up. Many years went by and he finally graduated and got a job. He paid his adopted parents even though they refused and left without saying anything

Even though he didn't think of them as family he was still grateful to them






Walking down the street was our protagonist Takashi, he had just come from work and was heading back home. He had reached his neighbourhood and noticed a couple of kids playing close to the street

Takashi didn't pay attention to it and continued walking, but then he suddenly heard shouts around him and saw a truck heading towards one of the boys. Without hesitation Takashi moved quickly towards the boy and pushed him away.

He felt pain throughout his body and realised that he was on the ground bleeding. He bitterly chuckled as he felt his consciousness fading away

He didn't understand....why did he do it?...he doesn't even know the kid, was it simply a way of release for him? Finally, a way out?

He chuckled

He didn't care anymore...

'Looks like I'm finally dying huh..... mom, dad....I'll see you both soon'

His life flashed once more as he recounted his various memories as a child, a smile bloomed across his face...his consciousness fading away....

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