Devouring City: My Mobile City Evolves Infinitely

This was an apocalyptic world where resources were severely short in supply. The rich had taken all the advanced technologies and departed to another planet richer in resources, while the poor had been abandoned in this world. As the more advanced technologies had been taken away, the world while it had very high-level theoretical knowledge had no technologies to support it. When Luo En transmigrated here, he immediately saw a mobile city. But the strange thing was that the mobile city's engine was powered by steam. He also discovered at the same time that he was actually a City Lord, and this was actually his own mobile city! Unfortunately, just a while ago, his mobile city had been discovered by another mobile city much larger than it. And it was actually being pursued right now. Just as Luo En was feeling nervous, the infinite "City Lord System" was awakened in him. All he needed to do was to devour resources in order to gain the Evolution Points required to evolve the mobile city. Luo En immediately devoured the ore resources in his city and evolved its engine. Then he went crazy with the boosted speed of the city, escaping from his pursuers and surviving in this world…

Sano · Sci-fi
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40 Chs

Awakening City Evolution System

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This was a world where resources were scarce. Excessive mining by mankind had resulted in natural disasters and earthly calamities of all kinds happening frequently on this planet. Land on the planet was no longer suitable for farming; water was no longer suitable for drinking. Gradually, the planet had also become unsuitable for human inhabitation.

The rich on this planet had no choice but to bring advanced technologies to a richer planet, while the poor were left here struggling.

In order to survive, the poor could only plunder resources from each other. They even overexploited and overmined resources!

The actions of the poor caused radiation from underground to leak. The entire planet became affected to some extent; some population of living things mutated. At night, these mutated monsters would attack any living thing within sight. As a result, the people were living displaced and wretched lives, in fear and apprehension.

All the buildings on this planet had been reduced to ruins!

People could only use the technologies left behind by the rich to barely survive.

And mobile cities were one of the technologies left behind!

Mobile cities could be classified as small mobile cities, medium mobile cities, and large mobile cities.

Beneath such cities were huge caterpillar tracks; this was why the cities could move. All kinds of weapons had been mounted on the caterpillar tracks to defend against monster attacks at night. Because of such mobile cities, the people were able to survive in this apocalyptic world!


At this moment, a colossal object charged out from a large and deserted unfinished building and was advancing rapidly into the distance!

This colossal object, about 300 meters in length, was like a land battleship! Inside, it resembled a small city; it had all kinds of buildings, plantations, rainwater collecting pools, and so on. Beneath it were huge caterpillar tracks, on which were mounted various large-caliber cannons!

This was a mobile city!

"Not good! Quick! Run!"

At this moment, all the villagers inside the city were screaming frantically as if they were facing a great enemy.

""Have I transmigrated…" At this moment, in a room at the rest area, a man with a cold countenance and a feeble form sat on the bed, pondering over the memories which had suddenly appeared in his mind.

His name was Luo En. He had transmigrated from the 21st century!

It was worth mentioning that the original owner of this body was also called Luo En!

He was the son of the City Lord of this mobile city; he was also a man of worldly pleasures, an utter wastrel. His father became ill a few years ago and had always wanted to groom him into a qualified City Lord.

However, he only knew how to idle away all day; he was incapable yet arrogant. Taking advantage of who his father was, he would bully people in the city all day long. Resentment rose against him among the people in the city, but his father could not do anything about it. After all, he was his father's only son; he could not be beaten up or chastised.

Just yesterday, his father passed away from an injury, and he naturally became the City Lord.

However, the good times did not last long. Last night, he came down with a persistent high fever, and even the best doctors in the city were unable to treat him. He passed away in the middle of the night.

After Luo En had gradually understood the situation before him, he could not help but sighed. A mobile city? This is so advanced! This person died so miserably! He's too useless!

However, there's something fishy about this high fever… Luo En stroked his chin as he pondered over this puzzling matter.

Not being able to figure out anything, Luo En shook his head and grinned. Forget it. Since I have transmigrated to you, I'll help you live again!

After all, he had read such transmigration novels often in the past, so his adaptability to this was quite high.

At this moment, a man ran into the room hurriedly, panting as he spoke, "Reporting! Reporting to the City Lord! Enemy… enemy attack!"

"Huh? Enemy attack?" Luo En muttered.

Although afraid and curious about why there was an enemy attack, he said without batting an eyelid, "Alright, I know! You may leave!"

The man was astonished after seeing Luo En's reaction. He opened his eyes wide and uttered, "Huh?"

"Why? Any other problems?" Luo En asked, puzzled.

The man recovered from his shock and hurriedly said, "No, no. I'm just puzzled. In the past, wouldn't the City Lord be hiding in fear upon hearing news of an enemy's attack? Why is it now…"

Upon hearing this, Luo En laughed wildly in his heart, amazed at how timid the original owner was. Of course, outwardly, he still replied in a stern manner, "Ahem…. the fever had healed my head."

"Ah…? Oh, okay. I'll take my leave then."

Obviously, this reason was very far-fetched, but it wasn't important anymore.

The most important thing now was to solve the current problem.

Luo En rubbed his chin. "Well… I will need to go to a vantage point where the current situation can be seen clearly," he muttered.

After pondering for a while, Luo En found the place in his memory that fulfilled this condition—the command room! Here, he could see the entire situation in the city and its surroundings.

Soon, Luo En headed for the command room in his memory.

In the command room of the city, Luo En was looking at all about the city's situation displayed on the big screen in front of him in confusion.

"It's actually so chaotic! This… There's actually a city bigger than my city?!" Luo En looked at that colossal, much bigger object behind his city and uttered in shock.

"City Lord! The enemy city is approaching us at a speed of 100 km/hr! It's only 100 kilometers away from us! What should we do now? The enemy is about to close in!" A voice came from outside the command room. The person had rushed to Luo En's side in panic.

At that moment, a loudspeaker sounded from outside the city behind them, "This is White Tremor Mobile City! The mobile city in front, halt immediately! Otherwise, we will open fire!"

"City Lord! What should we do? Shall we surrender?" someone came forward from time to time and asked.

After pondering for a while, Luo En said decisively, "No! The outcome of surrendering isn't much better! Hurry up and continue forward!"

Everyone had no choice but to obey Luo En's orders.

The city Luo En was in had no choice but to continue to flee. However, it was worth mentioning that due to the terrain, the city Luo En was in was still able to breathe. However, the city Luo En was in was a small city after all. It had limited energy fuel, so it would not be able to sustain high-speed movement.

90 kilometers!

70 kilometers!

40 kilometers!

In the command room, Luo En looked at the approaching White Tremor Mobile City and muttered to himself, "Am I going to die so soon after transmigrating?!"

[Host's wish has been detected. Congratulations on awakening the city's main system.]

[As long as ore resources are devoured, Evolution Points can be obtained and the equipment of the mobile city can evolve directly.]