Devotedly Yours - Bound by heart and vengeance Book

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Devotedly Yours - Bound by heart and vengeance


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THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU, NEVER LEAVE YOU. EVEN IF THERE ARE HUNDRED REASONS TO GIVE UP, THEY WILL FIND ONE REASON TO HOLD ON. -------------------------------------------------------- The Star-crossed lovers, who broke up despite their deep feelings for each other, meet again years later. This time they are adamant to fight against all the forces and never let go of each other. But would they be able to fight fate and overcome all the hurdles? Will their love overcome all the twists and turns they are going to face?? -------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY : Adrianna Danvers a.k.a Anna, a doctor and a scientist who works for a secret, mysterious organization returns to her country after her grandparents death, only to find that her family could be in grave danger. However, things get intense when her first love, the only man she ever loved, appears back in her life. This time he is no longer a mere boyfriend for her but someone much more than that…. Ryan Fletcher, once a top CEO in the country is now into the military. However, what he does and how much power he could wield is a mystery to everyone. He is infamous for his aloof and ruthless nature but at the same time, he is extremely famous among the girls for his handsomely devilish looks, intellect and money. However, no one succeeded in getting close to him. Why? The reason for it is because he is still in love with his first love, the only woman who could awaken the passion and warmth in him. Despite the fact that she broke up with him abruptly, he still loves her dearly. It is because he always believed that she had a reason for it. No matter how much he searched for her, he couldn't find her till the day she crashed into his life with many secrets and mysterious bundled up in her backpack. This time, no matter what happens, he is not ready to let her go. He is willing to fight anything and if needed, everything just to be with his only love. However, would it really turn out like how he wanted? Would they be able to handle everything that will come in their way? After all, life's are filled with surprises and twists... And, what could be the reason Anna broke up with him abruptly? Would it be something life threatening and perilous? If it is, then, could it be related to her grandparents death? Most importantly how will it affect the relationship between Anna and Ryan? Is their love strong enough to take a stand against all the hurdles? ------- Please join the roller coaster ride of the intense and romantic love story of Anna and Ryan and enjoy the passionate love they share. This soulful journey of the leads is a mix of delightful bonds of friendship, family, love coupled with mysteries, unexpected twists and surprises. Hope to see you all there. (•‿•) ---------------- This book is under web novel spirit awards with genre: first love. Please do support me with your precious votes and priceless comments and reviews. I promise that this book won't disappoint you. Thank you ---------- I am also the author of 1. ROYAL LOVE - I FELL IN LOVE WITH CEO 2. MS. ATTRACTIVE AND INCITING CEO 3. THE DEVIL'S LITTLE VILLIANESS Please do check them out. ----------- *This cover page is not mine (I got it from pinterest). The credit goes to the real owner


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