100 Tenderness

As 1731 blinks in the corner of Bodhi's screen, Noe comes sprinting through the apartment door. The whirlwind Noe picks up overturns the cushions and sends Bodhi's holographic device flying across the apartment and into the kitchen sink.

"Where's Daniel?" Noe pants. Before Noe knew it, hours had ticked by at Sympathy. Maybe it was his walk around campus, or liberating the ghosts that consumed his time. Either way, Noe was going to be late if he wasted even a moment! 

Getting up to fetch his device, Bodhi responds, "Daniel left half an hour ago."

"Thank the Omniscient," Noe sighs in relief and flings himself into the bathroom. 

Noe's robes are on the ground before the shower's water has finished heating. Braving the water's slight chill, Noe meticulously applies soap upon every inch of his body.

Only when the shower is so hot it could boil an egg does Noe melt into the heat and enjoy the sensation of washing a day's worth of dirt down the drain. 


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