134 Journey Through Hell Part 3

With every breath Daniel takes, gulps of liquid filter through in place of air. Choking on blood that rushes up from his liver, Daniel fails to take in the oxygen his lungs desperately thirst for.

In no time at all, his veins and arteries carve deep purple tapestries beneath tanned skin - deoxygenated blood being the pigment in this deadly painting. Sharp red vines that burst into jagged streams of blood tinge his eyes maroon.

Water covers his eyes. It burns.

Overshadowed by the numbing of his entire body is the erratic pumping of a failing heart.

A line of muscle strips itself from within Daniel's arm and injects itself into his heart.

A flood of pain.

Daniel is choking beyond the blood in his lungs.


The drenched feeling of organ failure.


Iron on his tongue.


Daniel is drowning in Eris' body.



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