48 Desire Knows My Name Part 4

The heart monitor manically beeps to Vivian's wildly running beat. The flurry of nurses and doctors poking and prodding her body picks up wind in the hospital room. 

Snapping her eyes open, Vivian feels the last threads of strength string out of her.  Her chest is too heavy to lift so she leaves her lungs unfilled. As dots of black and waves of white shower her vision, she loses the connection to her muscles. It is as if she no longer has a body. 

As the two colours continue to swirl, the black dots come together in the image of her son, smiling so brightly to his sun. Vivian knows the one Noe's bliss belongs to is Daniel.

She laughs in the face of misery who thought it could take away the light in her life and instead gifted her the most precious commodity there is; longing. A wish to witness Noe's love and joy that her going. What can sorrow do when what she has desired has come true? It has been a good life indeed.


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