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Read ‘DEVI RAPITASARI’ Online for Free, written by the author Devi_Rapitasari_5597, This book is a Romansa Anak Muda Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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"I Alpha Kai of the Lycan pack reject you as my mate" Karen unexpectedly heard those words of rejection shattering down her soul, breaking her heart into pieces, Worst of all was the hatred his eyes bore as he peered straightly into hers and said those words of rejection. She stood there in her own agony as she watched the handsome young man that she had been attracted to few minutes ago turned his shoulder on her and Walked away. Why was life this cruel to her? Rejected and always maltreated by her own father who was an Alpha of the Cresent pack, she had always looked forward to her Mate loving her, and now a second rejection? *** Alpha Kai, the alpha of the Lyca pack felt no absolute regret as he spat out those words. How could he feel regret for a murderer's daughter? Alpha Kai had waited so long for this moment, for her to mark her eighteenth birthday. He had it all planned( kidnapping her and using her as a slave) and couldn't wait for her to be his slave in order to carry out a revenge mission he had for so long plotted. She maybe innocent, but using her as a slave in order to pay for her father's heinous crime was the only way he had thought he would gain his desired revenge. What happens when love struck and then he found out about her past, would his cold hearted heart open up and learn to love her? A love no one saw coming A rejection that only made them bonded more A love that arose from pure hatred.

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Have you ever imagined a world where supernatural beings live, where magical magical creatures lived in harmony and where magic never runs dry. A world where fairies had the upper hand in both dark and light magic and over all mystical beings. There was a time that world existed and that world was named ZODAR. Earth never knew a place existed buy that was going to change, as the story goes on. King Raxildo ruled with equity and goodness. Everyone loved their King and always praised him, all except his brother Rexandro who had a deep hatred for him because he was denied of the throne. He had plans to strike but had to wait till the perfect time. Queen Graciella, the wife of King Raxildo was expecting a baby. She gave birth months later and that baby was named Keira. A month after her birth, Rexandro planned to get the sceptre of dark magic from the forbidden mountain. He successfully goy and made a claim to the throne. Rexandro went to the dark world and convinced the duke that Raxildo was a bad king who preferred d kingdom of light. He partnered with the duke and waged war against the Kingdom of light. It was an unexpected attack as many innocent flaires, fairies, gnomes, mermaids and other supernatural beings died in the war. Rexandro invaded the palace and killed the king but but Queen Graciella escaped with her maid and little Keira. She flew as fast as she could but Rexandro wad catching up on her. Suddenly, Rexandro blasted the Queen with his evil magic and she fell to the ground. She weakly kissed the baby and gave the baby to the maid and told het she should take care of her baby. The maid ran to the human world and dropped little Keira in front of a gate. She cast a spell that hid Keira's fairy nature and made her human. She used her powers to make a necklace and wore it on little Keira's neck. The maid disappeared into the necklace waiting for the time to show herself......

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