Deus: We are all Lords

My name is Kingsley Seth and I, along with all 7 billion+ people on Earth got transferred into a planet said to be 50,000x bigger than the Earth. Having no choice but to listen to a system whose only defining feature was it's absolute fair judgement. This is a story of how we try to overcome the dangers of this new world. Not just physically but also mentally... well, this is a story of how they survive. I live in a massive castle and it is served by beautiful maids and incredibly powerful guards. I hope they survive

king_frosh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
176 Chs

System delay

Appearing back in his throne room, Kingsley saw all his major subordinates gathered in the room

"Your Majesty?" Athena asked

"What's wrong?" Kingsley asked as he looked around the room

He didn't understand why they were all just looking at him. He knows his appearance didn't change... Oh wait it did.

"Don't worry it's still me... Just a minor ascension" Kingsley said as he sat in his throne and immediately the splendor returned.

His entire domineer changes making on think he was some god as all in the room bowed. The new halo above his head shone even brighter covering his face in holy light.

"My lord, I am not sure if this can be considered a small Ascension" Viktor said as he raised his head

"Its not?... I can sense it, I am still no where close to Disaster class talk more, a Monarch" Kingsley replied