Detective Max 007

"Pay attention to the sights, and not the words. Because sounds can often be deceptive. But sight...Sights never lie. Thus the question is not what is in front of your eyes.The question is , what are you looking at? " Max , a wanna be mystery writer comes to another world after dying thanks to our good old truck-kun . But before he can dream about his adventurous life in this new world , he somehow ends up becoming a death row prisoner . Can he solve the mystery to prove his innocence or is this the end for him ? And what happens after that? How will he navigate in this new world, all alone? Will he simply continue being a doctor, or may be mystery writer? Or, may be a DETECTIVE ? Well, to know that, you have to follow Max on this new journey of his. ........ ********* For all the mystery lovers, this is going to be a fantastic detective journey with lots of twists and turns. The role of the system is going to be minimal here and all the cases will be solved by his own reasoning and genius. So go ahead and read to your heart's content . * MC won't be outright genius at the level of Sherlock Holmes from the first chapter and will develop his ability slowly. * 4 chap/ week * Magic castle = 3 bonus chap. * Spacecraft = 5 bonus chap. * Golden gachapeon = 7 bonus chap. * If power stones > 150 by the weekend, then a bonus chap next week. * cover not mine.

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151 Chs

System Rewards are here!

When he woke up the next day, Max checked his system rewards the first thing in the morning.

Currently Max was lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

If someone else looked from the side, it would seem like he is sleeping but actually he was checking the system rewards for this case. He had been busy with a lot of things like reports, press conference, etc last night and coupled with the tiredness, Max hasn't gotten any free time to check the system rewards for this case till now. 

"System, settle the rewards for this case. "


Ding! Congratulations host for solving Adhik Rodriguez's Murder case and Sonia Palkutre Murder case. 

- Ding! Evaluating the mission difficulty...

- Ding! Evaluating the host performance...

-Ding! Congratulations host for completing a mission with combined rating of 'S level'

- Ding! Settling the rewards.

- Congratulations host for getting