16 Rewards

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Wang Shuo wasn't sure about the value of a middle yellow-tier weapon, so he left the price open to negotiation to see if it was more valuable than directly choosing Five Grain Pills.

"F*ck! A real big shot is selling a middle-grade weapon?"

"Don't try to take it from me. I want it. I offer 30 Five Grains Pills."

"Bullshit. I'll pay 33!"

"36. Big boss, this is all I have. Sell it to me. I'll kowtow to you! Bang bang bang!"

"F*ck, the guy above is too cheap… I'll offer 38. Dad, please. I'll pay respects to you. Please, sell it to your poor son!"

In less than a minute, the price skyrocketed to 48 pills.

"Boss, there aren't many in our forum whose price can exceed mine, so just make your choice now."

In fact, it wasn't that Wang Shuo was unwilling to speak but that he was utterly stunned.

He never expected that someone would have so many Five Grains Pills on the third day.

What was even more unexpected was that a trashy middle yellow-tier dagger could be sold for such a high price.

But he immediately realized that his perception of weapons was mistaken. He couldn't help it though. He had casually broken dozens of these things and had subconsciously treated them like trash.

He had forgotten that his Green Dragon Staff was an actual mystic-tier weapon, a whole tier higher.

Typically, middle yellow-tier equipment was above average among the players.

Furthermore, daggers were usually for dual-wielding.

And it just so happened that players could only get a single item from the Newbie Starter Packs. For those who used daggers, the combat power of dual-wielding and single-wielding was totally two different concepts. This was also the reason why his dagger was so popular.

After regaining his senses, Wang Shuo opened all the White Treasure Chests immediately, and 20 fragments directly combined into four daggers.

Then according to the prices from high to low, he entered the corresponding player ID in the trading column one by one and posted the trade information.

The highest bidder was the first to complete the trade and immediately expressed his gratitude on the forum. "Thank you, big boss. I can't thank you enough!"

As soon as he sent this message, everyone understood that the trade had been completed. The other bidders immediately wailed.

But immediately afterward, the second-highest bidder, who had bid 46 pills, also received the trade notification and was dumbfounded.

After confirming that he wasn't mistaken, he agreed to the trade as quickly as possible.

As the number of Five Grains Pills in his inventory fell to a single digit, a green dagger appeared in their place.

"F*ck, big shot, you're awesome!"

While everyone was puzzled, the two bidders who offered 44 and 43 pills expressed their surprise.

When everyone finally understood what had happened, the forum erupted in chaos.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. 4 middle yellow-tier daggers! Did he cheat?"

"Nonsense. You try cheating in this game. If you can do it, I'll recognize you as my father!"

"If Dad can successfully hack, I'll crawl over the internet to kill you, you unfilial son!"

Wang Shuo had no idea about the chaos on the forum.

After completing the trades, he left without another word.

Looking at the almost one-thousand Five Grains Pills in his inventory, he couldn't hold back the grin hanging across his face.

Before opening the chests, his stockpile of Five Grains Pills had dropped below 150.

Across the 24 White Treasure Chests, he had made a total of 72 choices. He used 20 of them on Cat Demon's Poisoned Daggers and 1 for Water Droplets. He used the rest to get 615 Five Grain Pills. Additionally, the four daggers sold for 181 Five Grains Pills.

At this moment, Wang Shuo's stockpile of Five Grains Pill had reached a terrifying 938.

"This should be enough for me to improve my Primordial Chaos Skill to the next level, right?"

But compared to the Five Grains Pill, what Wang Shuo was really looking forward to was the inheritance treasure chest he had obtained from eliminating the cat demon forest.

[The player is undergoing a random draw. [Selection Option] automatically activated.]

[Here are the options…]

[Bloodline Body Tempering Technique]

Grade: Middle Yellow Tier

Description: Using cat demon blood as the foundation to temper the body.

Note: Cultivators must have the cat demon bloodline.

[Dual Windbreaker Saber]

Grade: Upper Yellow Tier

Description: Fast and efficient. Extremely handy in battle.

[Common Basic Movement Technique]

Grade: Lower Yellow Tier

Description: This is a movement technique developed by the cat demon race. It contains all the basic movement techniques.

Upon seeing the last option, Wang Shuo couldn't help smiling.

"It's indeed a movement technique!"

[You receive Common Basic Movement Technique.]

The next moment, a stream of information flooded into his mind.

He quickly sorted out the information.

Unsurprisingly, before reaching basic mastery, he only learned the most basic introductions and explanations of the movements. He had to figure out the method of training by himself.

But even so, Wang Shuo felt that he already benefited greatly.

Only now did he understand the true essence of movement techniques.

Before, he had always thought that movement techniques were similar to lightness skills in martial arts novels. He thought that they allowed people to move faster and more flexibly. Now, he realized how shallow his understanding was.

The use of movement techniques allowed people to perfectly control and unleash their strength in various postures.

Simply put, they taught people which postures to use to make the perfect response to attacks at the fastest speed.

Once he mastered the movement technique, not only would he be able to react quicker, but he would also be able to subtly adjust his way of utilizing strength. Then, his attacks would be more practical and less energy-consuming.

After half an hour, Wang Shuo thoroughly digested the information in the Common Basic Movement Technique.

"However, movement techniques are different from attack techniques, and training requires special terrain…"

Suddenly, Wang Shuo looked up at the stone pillars in front of him.

He finally understood what these stone pillars were for.

These stone pillars were a copy of where cat demons' usually trained movement techniques.

In addition to increasing the combat power of the cat demons and increasing the difficulty the players faced, it was also to help the players who chose to transform into a cat demon to master their movement techniques quickly.

But even though he understood the use of these pillars, he couldn't hold back his curses at the lousy game designers in his heart.

With a leap, he hopped onto a stone pillar.

Around him, there were a total of 48 stone pillars.

The height of each pillar was different. The shortest was only 30 centimeters, and the tallest was close to two meters.

The stone pillars were distributed disorderly, and their formation faintly resembled a blooming plum blossom.

Wang Shuo swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Although he was no longer the same as before, he had only left his status as an ordinary person for less than three days. When he first saw such a scene, apprehension welled up within his mind.

But when he thought of the dangers he would soon face, his eyes gradually became firm.

He threw a Five Grains Pill into his mouth, gritted his teeth, and jumped to a 1.5-meter pillar about two meters away.

As his figure landed, Wang Shuo looked at his feet. His landing was precise, and his posture of exerting force was decent. Overall, the effect of his first step was quite good.

With his previous experience of practicing staff techniques, he was not too surprised.

"Looks like this is pretty manageable!"

After giving himself some encouragement, Wang Shuo took a deep breath and began practicing all sorts of fancy jumps on the stone pillars that would likely make ordinary people dizzy.

Sidestep, backward jump, lunge, forward flutter, rotation, leap…

As time passed, Wang Shuo gradually overcame the psychological barriers brought by the terrain. And along with that, his movements became smoother and smoother.

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