6 Green Dragon Staff

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[Congratulations. You have completed the First Trial. Rewards: Trading Rights, Special Treasure Chest x1]

[Trading Rights: You can add other players as trading partners based on Player ID.]

[Special Treasure Chest: Upon opening, you will receive an item no lower than Lower Yellow Tier.]

The sudden notice of completing the first trial was completely unexpected for Wang Shou. At the same time, the two rewards gave him a pleasant surprise.

Currently, Trading Rights was not very useful. Everyone was still at the beginning of the game and had nothing to their names.

He had only managed to farm so many resources through the 'bug'. Unlike him, most players were probably still struggling to feed themselves.

But the second reward was awesome.

With Selection Option, what he wanted most now was all kinds of treasure chests.

Furthermore, the lowest-quality item this Special Treasure Chest gave was upper yellow tier.

Wang Shuo opened his inventory and immediately chose to open it.

[The player is undergoing a random draw. [Selection Option] automatically activated.]

[Here are the options…]

[Breakthrough Pill (Upper Yellow Tier)]

[Wolf Poison Dagger (Upper Yellow Tier)]

[Wall-climbing Lizard Technique (Upper Yellow Tier)]

Wang Shuo didn't rush to the end but instead looked through them one by one.

There were 12 items to choose from in the Special Treasure Chest.

There were pills, weapons, cultivation techniques, and skills…

Ten of them were upper yellow tier, and only the final two were mystic tier.

They were a cultivation technique and a weapon.

[Nether Sword Art (Lower Mystic Tier)]

[Green Dragon Staff (Lower Mystic Tier)]

Without hesitation, Wang Shuo rejected all the yellow-tier options. Since he had a choice, he definitely had to choose the best.

"Nether Sword Art…"

He was quite tempted to choose this technique, especially when he imagined himself clad in a snow-white robe with a sword slowly drifting over with the winds.

But in the end, he still chose the last one—Green Dragon Staff.

Being a white-robed swordsman wasn't bad, but Wang Shuo preferred staffs and rods.

Back then, when he read Journey to the West, he was pretty envious of the Monkey King's Ruyi Jingu Staff, which could stretch and shrink at will.

And as he grew older… he became even more envious.

Of course, he hadn't hastily made the decision and had read the description of the Nether Sword Art. It was a complete set of cultivation techniques that contained the cultivation of internal energy and sword techniques.

But this sword art required refining death energy to unleash its true power, so cultivating it was somewhat troublesome.

Furthermore, his current cultivation technique, the Primordial Chaos Skill, was not inferior to it. So it naturally wasn't logical for him to change his cultivation technique.

Thus, the Green Dragon Staff was his best choice.

[You receive Green Dragon Staff.]

Wang Shuo felt a weight land on his palm. A green staff nearly two meters long and three centimeters in diameter appeared out of thin air.

The staff was dark green and had a scaled green dragon with claws winding around it. It emanated a very domineering aura.

[Green Dragon Staff]

Description: Cast from black iron and refined with the blood of a 500-year-old green dragon. Within this staff, boundless power flows.

There was only one way to describe how Wang Shuo felt about the staff—cool, fierce, domineering!

Wang Shuo waved his new weapon to test it out. After his Physique improved, his raw strength was already off the charts.

But the Green Dragon Staff still felt slightly weighty in his hands. Evidently, the staff was not light.

It was at least around 20 kilograms.

"I wonder how powerful it is."

He put the Green Dragon Staff in his inventory and turned to the forum.

Number of players online: 824/1000

"Brothers, my legs are broken. I might not be able to survive the next round."

"Old man, why are you working so hard? When the next monster respawns, think of a way to disrupt its mobility. As long as you don't kill it, the system will determine that you haven't ended the battle, and you can drag it out for as long as you need. I've used this method from noon until now and only killed two monsters during this time."

"F*ck. If I knew earlier, I would have done it too!"

"A big shot posted this tactic at noon. Didn't you read it?"

"Speaking of which, how many rounds has everyone cleared so far?"

"I've cleared seven rounds and can't hold on much longer. But a big shot said that there are ten rounds in the first trial. You can rest after that. I don't know if it's true though."

"It's true. The big shot already showed screenshots. After completing the first trial, you will be rewarded with a special treasure chest, and the worst item you get from it is middle yellow tier."

"This damn place sucks. I really want to go home! I miss my bed!"

"You can rest after completing the first trial?"

This was excellent news for Wang Shuo.

Although the battles today didn't consume much of his energy, and he was still in good condition, he still wanted to rest. After all, humans weren't robots.

"Speaking of which, I haven't slept for more than twenty hours. Why don't I feel sleepy? Is it because of my cultivation?"

Wang Shuo clicked his tongue in wonder. In any case, this was a good thing for now.

Since he wasn't sleepy, he would continue cultivating.

Soon, Wang Shuo felt the difference.

Before he broke through, it took him about five minutes to capture a light spot.

Now, as soon as he entered a meditative state, a light spot jumped out.

Then in just half the time as before, he absorbed it into his chest.

Ten minutes later, Wang Shuo opened his eyes, threw a Five Grains Pill into his mouth, and sank into cultivation again.

"It really isn't an illusion. After I broke through, my cultivation speed doubled."

Wang Shuo felt excited.

Although the consumption of Five Grain Pills also doubled like this, the 55 treasure chests provided him with more than 300 Five Grain Pills. Even if he cultivated non-stop for 24 hours a day, they would last for two days.

Alas, based on his speculations about this game, he knew resting leisurely likely wasn't an option.

Only through killing monsters could he ensure that resources were readily available.

With Selection Option, Wang Shuo was full of confidence.

Just as he immersed himself in cultivating, the forum became lively again.

"Trading [Healing Pill (Middle Yellow Tier)]x10 for [Five Grains Pills]x100. Give me your ID if you want any."

"Boss, where did you get the healing pill? Why do I only get Five Grains Pills, Water Droplets, and materials?"

"Boss, is it effective against broken bones?"

"Can I buy on credit? I will pay you back tenfold!"

"Idiot, does this game have a trading system?"

"[Trade], [Healing Pill (Middle Yellow Tier)]x7. If you want to buy any, buy quickly."

"Damn, why don't I have a trade panel??"

"Trading Rights opens after finishing the first trial. Those who want any, give me your ID. I'll DM you."

And this was only the beginning. The number of players who completed the first trial gradually increased, and more and more players were participating in trading.

The item in most demand was Five Grains Pills.

As time passed, the value of Five Grains Pill increased several times.

The Primordial Chaos Skill that Wang Shuo cultivated was a mystic-tier technique, and it only took him 20 Five Grains Pills to reach elementary mastery from basic mastery.

It was imaginable how effective Five Grains Pills were.

As more and more people realized the effect of Five Grains Pills, fewer and fewer people were willing to sell them.

After all, they didn't gain many in a day.

Even the top players who completed the first trial and all ten rounds could only get 30 Five Grain Pills, much less the weaker players.

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