Desired Curse

{Warning; Mature Content!} "Do you even know what it's like to desire someone?" "Maybe, I desired you." "I'm a cursed being!!" "A curse can always be broken Shanxia but until then, you're my desired curse" Shanxia happens to wake up from a deep coma with no recollection of her past, who she was, what she was and how she ended up in a coma. She's kept under the care of a very powerful immortal in Mount Xuandu who will guide and teach her the right ways of gaining full power. Things start to heat up when Shanxia begins to develop feelings for her master unaware of the fact his feelings for her boiled like wildfire. There is one thing she finds suspicious, she wasn't allowed to remember her past and everytime she asked her master, he gives her the same strange reply. "If you want to live, then stop trying to recall your past memories" ............. {A little Excerpt} "What are you doing?" I asked wondering if I was being mistaken for someone else but his gaze remained warm and burned onto mine. He traced his beautiful slender fingers along the corner of my lips and I felt them part on their own will, he smirked. "Giving you the distraction you seek." ......... The cover isn't mine so all credits on the cover goes to the rightful owner Please do bear with me if you find some grammatical errors as English is not my first language This story is based mostly on romance and less of mystery. what ever genre you might come across in this story are nothing but plot devices. I hope my story has what you're looking for T∆T Updated daily

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Don't Touch That!

I returned to the hall looking exhausted after getting the little one her cake, who knew the store was actually going to be that far and I felt glad I remembered the steps back to the hall.

The scorching sun only added to my exhaustion as I wiped the sweat off my forehead, I still felt it trickling down my back and now I needed a cool shower to gain myself again.

I strode past a door along the hallway and suddenly came to a stop. As curious as I could be, I lurched forward towards the door and opened it up, popping my head in to scrutinize the place but no one was here.

I stepped in and in front of me was a large pool of water in the center of the place, my eyes widened with delight at the beautiful sight and I took a step closer, this is a bathing chamber.

The chamber was decorated with cherry blossom, Jasmine's, lily and the amazing scents mixed together was madly intoxicating.

I never knew my master had a chamber like this, guess I'm not really done exploring the whole place yet.

I sat down at the edge and dipped my legs into the water which was decorated with pink petals, staring at the glistening water which was bathed in blue from the soft glow of the blue light which was another added beauty.

The water felt cool under my skin and a sigh of satisfaction escaped from my lips. I knew at that moment that this was the bath I needed and knowing my master won't be back until evening, this was the perfect chance to use the bathtub.

Getting up to my feet, I undressed myself loosening the ribbons and belt that held my gown in place, letting it slip of my shoulders and dropping to the floor, removing my undergarments as well till I was standing completely naked in front of the bathtub.

I loosed my hair letting it flow in waves across my back and finally submerged into the tub.

It felt so cold on my bare skin like it wanted to quench off every blazing heat the sun had built up inside of me and I shivered, covering my breast with my palm like it was going to get frozen. My hands slowly freeing itself from my breast as the water already reached up to my neck and it felt really soothing, giving myself to the comfort of the water, this was exactly what I needed and It was the best choice I had made.

I washed myself, also playing with the water at the same time as it cooled off the burns on my delicate skin, my hair floating atop the water causing tiny waves and I enjoyed every moment of it. I felt refreshed, relaxing myself on the acrylic walls of the tub.


Well, I was enjoying the moment until I heard my name being called by that familiar deep voice I had suddenly gotten used to.

My eyes widened and I let out a squeak in horror, involuntarily burying myself underneath the water trying to hide away even with the fact I've been caught already, what was my master doing here?!

I expected him to leave so I could gain the chance to grab my clothes and make a run for it but he walked right up to the tub instead.

I couldn't breathe staying underneath the water that long so I brought my head out taking in a huge gasp for air, also making sure the water didn't get below my chin and I met my masters astonished expression as he gazed at me.

I made sure only my head was visible to him keeping the remaining part of me underwater, dazed, flushed, staring wide eyed like a rabbit.

"What are you doing?" he asked and I lowered my gaze.

"Uhmm, a little swim in the bathing chamber." I bit my lower lip as my cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment, gosh I feel so stupid in front of my master like this, of all days he chose to return early today?!

"You're so lucky I sent the others away, or else they would have walked into you." I gasped at the mention of 'The others' and instantly glanced at the door, looking alarmed.

"It's just me, they left." he said with that unwavering tone which I found oddly pleasant and he turned around so he could avoid staring at me.

"I....I didn't know you'd be back so early." I honestly told him cause I really wasn't expecting him to be back so soon, if I had known I would have maintained myself and not done a silly act like this, who knows how long he must have stood there watching me, did he see me naked??

I felt like screaming just thinking about it, gosh why did this happen to me. All I wanted to do at this point was get away from here, from his gaze but I needed to get my clothes which he was standing really close to.

"C...can you help me with my c...clothes?" I was too scared to move, afraid I might just reveal myself in front of him, he picked up my gown and tossed it into the water and I met his gaze, as much as he tried to hide it, I didn't miss the hot flare in his eyes which made me shiver compulsively as I held on tight to my gown.

"You...you can look away now." I uttered and once again, he looked away from me while I hastily wrapped my gown around me which was already getting soaked in the water but I didn't care, I just wanted to get out and with my heart pounding heavily against my chest, I swam to the other end but he suddenly uttered.

"You forgot this."

When I turned to look at what he meant, I realized my undergarments still remained on the floor and my cheeks flushed when I saw him trying to pick it up.

"Don't touch that!" The words escaped from my lips before I could stop myself and I watched him freeze at his spot. Gosh, isn't it just my day today and I don't have the ordersity to swim back to the other side, what should I do?

"It's clear you aren't coming over so let me help you out."

I quickly shook my head in disapproval which he couldn't see since he had his back turned against me and I could do nothing but watch him pick up my undergarments. It felt like my brain had exploded just watching him. A guy just picked up my undergarment, not just any guy but my master. He tossed it into the water which I swam back to take and quickly turned to leave again.


Now I felt like punching my master in the face, he picked up my boots and tossed it over while I caught it, I turned to leave once more and victoriously got out of the tub at the other end when my master added.

"You forgot something else." he said and I shot him a glare.

"Keep it!" With that, I ran off through the back door without turning around to look at him or see what else I had forgotten, running straight to my room without stopping for a second.

I hurried into my room and locked the doors, resting my back on it while I tried to calm my racing heart. Shanxia how did you end up in this mess?

The craziest part was when he decided to help me with my undergarment, how could he have done that?!

As much as I tried to get upset, I felt a tingle in my heart instead and the blush that was slowly starting to creep on to my cheeks tinting it pink. I buried my face in my palm and was overwhelmed with a sudden shyness as well as embarrassment.

I finally got myself dressed and laid on my bed staring into space when suddenly I heard a voice from outside.

"Qui Shan, where are you?!"

The voice startled me and I sat upright, who could that possibly be?

"Qui Shan!"

Whoever it was didn't sound happy at all, I got to my feet and dashed out of my room, wondering who could be calling out to my master in that tone.

I stopped at the courtyard and remained hidden as my master showed up standing in front of a middle aged man who had a grim expression written all over his face.

"I'd pretty much like it if you stop barking at my territory and get to the point as to why you are here."

That definitely was a slap to the man's face as my master remained calm and imposing as always.

"Where is that disciple of yours!" the man asked and i blinked in utter confusion, why was he asking for me?

"What do you have towards my disciple that you want to see her all of a sudden?" even my master found it strange but I soon realized what was going on the moment a familiar lady showed up but what surprised me was her bandaged arm, how did she get hurt?

"This is my disciple and I want that disciple of yours to come out here and give me a good explanation as to why she did this to MingXia or else I'll be forced to take extreme measures."


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