1 Into Another Dimension

The cherry blossoms glittered splendidly as the sun setson the horizon.

Under the bright sunlight, the bright red cherry blossoms flourished with an enchanting allure, making the country-styled courtyard shone with the cleanliness and beauty of the nature."Hong." An explosion suddenly resounded.

The cherry blossoms scattered in the wind as dust filled the air. Such a big courtyard was suddenly pounded into dust.

There was a deathly silence.

"Beautiful." A blond man looked at the remains of the courtyard and looked towards the black-haired man beside him. Giving him a thumbs up, his other hand fiddled with an AK47.

"Of course." The black haired man replied as he lifted a dangerous looking missile launcher in his arms.

"Japan's Lin Tang Group's Residence consisting of 311 people have all been assassinated." A red haired man walked towards them with a cold look on his face. His body was drenched in blood.

"Boss, mission accomplished." An oriental looking man with the latest model of an assault rifle made in America on his shoulders walked out from the clouds of smoke, his body full of the smell of death. Standing beside the black haired man, he folded his arms as he reported to a woman in front of him.Her long and lustrous black hair swayed in the midst of the cherry blossoms, an air of killing intent engulfing her body.

Under the setting sun, her eyes shone with the luster of moonlight. Her pupils had such an abyss like darkness that others won't be able to bear maintaining an eye-contact with her.

Cherry lips, oval face and white cheeks, only "beautiful" can describe everything about her.

The only woman amongst the six of them, Lin, was the boss of the Dragon Riders Mercenary, the number one assassination organisation in the world.

Now she was listening quietly with her eyebrows raised loftily. She carried with her an air of arrogance and confidence that she was better than the rest. Then, she waved her hand and said, "Let's go." as she turned around and walked away.

From afar, police sirens could be faintly heard.

The four people promptly followed behind, calmly and leisurely. Such an attitude really reflected on how they looked down upon everyone in the world.

A black SUV quickly came and stopped in front of them. As the door opened, a blond-haired man chuckled, "Boss, you really live up to your name. The more missions you do, the more beautifully executed it becomes. You even calculated the time so perfectly."

"Stop talking nonsense, haven't you seen what a great person our boss is?" the black-haired man carrying the missile launcher commented, his eyes shone with respect.

Listening to their speech, Lin only smiled arrogantly. As the head of the number one assassination group Dragon Riders, executing her mission perfectly without any trace and annihilating the Lin Tang's japanese group, was simply child's play for her.

Striding forward, Lin stepped into the car.

As she climbed in, her leg suddenly slipped and her head slammed onto the car's door.

Lin frowned as her body suddenly refused to follow her orders. Slamming straight onto the car's door, her head felt dizzy and her breath tightened.

Everything happened in an instant. As her consciousness faded, Lin faintly felt like crying and laughing at the same time. As the head of the number one mercenary group, she actually died in front of her own car. This was such a big joke, a joke that would last throughout the mercenary industry history.

The world resumed turning as the cherry blossoms flew in the wind.

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