1 Prolouge

The woman gritted her teeth, her whole body was shaking. She looked at her baby, sleeping peacefully in her arms.

The woman walked towards a small building that held a sign that said,' Evergreen Orphanage' in bold letters. She was limping slightly as her legs were badly wounded. Looking at her baby sleeping so peacefully, her will wavered.

'No, this has to be done.'

The woman once again steeled her heart as she reached the orphanage. She kissed her baby on the forehead one last time and placed him on the floor near the orphanage door. Before leaving, she removed a necklace from her neck and placed it together with her son.

The woman rang the bell and walked away from the orphanage, as she was walking away she heard the cries of her child and the tears that she had been holding back started to flow down her face.

'' Forgive me....''

Saying this the woman disappeared into the dark of the night.


In our world there are two types of people;

Winners and losers.

The winners get to do anything they want with little effort, say for example the son of a minister who's lazy as fuck gets a scholarship that allows him to attend school completely free rather than a student who needs it like say an orphan who has no money.

'Weirdly specific huh'

Do you want to know why Ivan Isaiah got that stupid scholarship instead of a student who needed it...….because he was born a winner while I was born a loser.

Yeah, you heard me right.

I'm a fucking loser.

Right now, I'm drunk so I can proudly admit that I am, in fact, a complete and utter loser.

After losing that scholarship, I still managed to get through high school with the help of some 'generous benefactors'. By 'generous benefactor', I mean the minister, Ivan's father. Please don't misunderstand, it wasn't out of kindness, it may be because I threatened to reveal the fact that his son was a dumb fuck and that he was corrupt to the core. It may be hard to believe but when you press the correct buttons you can break- I mean threaten anybody.

After somehow putting myself through high school, I was stumped because I had no clue as to what exactly I should do next, going to college was a pipe dream so I abandoned that idea quickly. This was when I was introduced to the world of web novels, reading them made for some happy pass time, so for fun, I decided to start writing a webnovel and to my surprise, it became a hit.

It was a pretty cliché novel with the usual fantasy elements like the 'hero' and the 'demon king'. With my first novel I raked in lotta money, so after seeing the amount of money I immediately started writing my next novel and after finishing that one, I started writing another, you get the gist of it right...

After the initial success of my novels many good things happened, I signed many contracts, I married the girl of my dreams and I was at an all-time high. But after a few years that also went away as another writer came into the spotlight with a better novel. Oh and my wife left me as well, but before leaving she didn't forget to suck me dry, by which I mean money you little pervert.

After the divorce I was back to square one, penniless and alone,


So here I was making the most rational decision ever, I was going to kill myself, because why not?

I look down from the bridge and look at the gloomy water below. It looked cold, but that wasn't so bad.....

I stagger towards the railing and stand on it and looking down at the water an emotion enters my heart, an emotion that I was very familiar with, fear. In the end, I couldn't even kill myself. I'm such a big loser, aren't I?

As I turn around, I feel myself slip from the railing.


The water hits me very suddenly and it was very cold, I lamented at the fact that I hadn't learned how to swim. I struggled aimlessly but after 5 minutes of that I gave in to the unflinching cold of the water.

' So this is what death feels like huh'


My eyelids felt heavy, I was cold and I felt something poking at my skin. I open my eyes to see the night sky. I try to speak but all that came out were inaudible voices. I try to get up, but I realized that my body had become smaller.

Too small.


What's happening?

I touch my face and sure enough, my guess had turned out true.

I had become a baby.


'Fuck this shit, I'm out.'


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