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Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my book.

This time I am writing a book on self-love.

I hope you love it!


Sushie Williams ( FL ) attempted suicide due to severe depression but she was saved and then entered a world of mysteries.

Quest: Will she learn to love herself?

Will she be able to fight the battles ahead or will she quit?

Note: This book is fictional so anything similar to names of people, places, and countries is purely coincidental

Now before we go into the book.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called a major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and sometimes you may feel as if life isn't worth living.

In the world today, a lot of people suffer from Depression. While some get the help and care they need some don't.

Some people learn to live with depression but it isn't easy as you have to deal with mood swings, low energy, lack of motivation, suicidal thoughts, and so on.

Often times, people with depression feel that they aren't enough, they feel like they aren't needed and their existence in this world doesn't matter.

That's so sad, right?

When you get to a stage of Depression, you begin to feel that death is better than living.

You begin to lose your enthusiasm, getting out of bed becomes a hassle.

You begin to feel alone even when among people.

Please note: People suffering from Depression might begin to get withdrawn from people around them. They begin to feel insecure especially when they are in a relationship, e.g they might begin to feel like their partner doesn't love them enough and so on.

They might have trust issues especially when they have been betrayed by someone before.

There's a common feeling among People with Depression and that's the feeling of being Numb. It's a state of being neither happy nor sad. At this stage, you don't feel anything just numb!

People with depression don't usually appear to be sad. Some might even be laughing and smiling with others but that's all a facade. They aren't truly happy in fact, they are dying in silence!

But well, as Severe as Depression may seem, there's a way out.

Firstly, you have to learn to love yourself, why because. People with Depression often lack self-love and some hate themselves to the extent that they want to take their lives.

Some also say negative things to their selves like, ' I am too dumb ' . ' Nobody loves me. ' . ' I am a failure ' . ' I wish I could just die. ' . ' I am useless ' and so on.

So learning to love yourself will go a long way in recovering from Depression.

Secondly, Practice Positive thinking, say positive things to yourself: wake up early in the morning, look into your reflection in the mirror with a smile on your face say these words, ' I am enough! I am loved! I am intelligent! I am beautiful both inside out! I am not perfect but I am working on myself, working to be a better me, not the me that the world wants but me I should be! I am outstanding! I am beautiful both inside out! I am here for a reason! I am not a failure! Whatever I lay my hands on, I'll succeed! I am a genius! ( Your name ) you are loved!

If you practice this daily then you'll begin to gain confidence in yourself and in return, your self-esteem will be boosted.

Thirdly, You should try reaching out to people who care, well, here the problem lies, how do you know people who truly care about you? There are lots of people in this world who pretend to care about others but truly don't care so how then do you know those who truly care?

Well, I think this is when you have to return to your creator, I believe that he's the one who loves you the most, you can speak to him about anything, Even his words says * Cast your cares upon the Lord, for he careth for you.

* Cast your burden upon me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

You can also contact a spiritual leader, a minister, or someone in your faith community.

Fourthly, Practice self-care. People with Depression often neglect their self-care due to various reasons, for some, it's due to laziness due to tiredness while for some it's because they don't feel like it, Nevertheless, Practising Self care is very important.

No matter how tired you are, get yourself out of bed in the morning and do the needful!

Fifthly, Don't isolate yourself, try to stay among people who understand, you can try getting help by getting a mentor or a therapist who you can trust and will be willing to open up to.

Lastly, Be nice to yourself! Celebrate every victory whether big or small! , Don't let outsiders dampen your spirit! , Become your best friend!

I hope people with Depression can get the help they need.

I have been there and I know how it feels.

Suicide should never be an option!

It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem so never opt for it!

There's a saying, As long as there's life there's still hope.

As long as you are still breathing, there's still hope for you.

Don't end your life before you begin it!


The song recommendations for this book are.

1. Trampoline by Zayn, SHAED.

2. Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish.

3. You say by Lauren Daigle.

4. Like you by Tatiana Manaois.

5. Never Enough by Loren Allred.

I'll add to the song recommendations as time goes on.

I hope that this book will bring hope to people who feel unloved and Depressed.

Happy reading!

Depressed ( love yourself )

A book on self-love



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