Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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233 Chs

Voluntarily giving up to devil

During the cat fight between Hikari and Airi, Alex didn't say anything. 

As he basically didn't care and liked to see

some friction inside his harem, so that things will be interesting. 

So, like that after coming out of the room, Hikari and Alex took appropriate distance.

Alex still didn't want to make Kazuya aware of how deep of a shit he had fallen into. 

Not only his mother, even some of his daughters and wives were now under Alex's control. 

But Alex was actually really disappointed that Hikari didn't birth a girl, otherwise Kazuya would have had a sister as well. 

While thinking this they soon went upto the meeting hall. 

Previously before coming here, Alex already explained situation with Nanase, telling Hikari that she was like Freya and Kai, a person capable of connecting with Godess. 

Alex then made Kitsune use her skill on him and he became invisible, he couldn't be seen going inside this all female meeting. 

And sure enough Kazuya was standing outside the main hall, with some of his wives and as well as women from branch families. 

These women seemed to be trying to flatter him to gain some benefits for their families. 

Such hardworking women, they sure deserve a nice round of fucking. 

Alex was just beside Hikari who gave Kazuya a disgusted look and went inside the hall, with everyone following her. 

Kazuya's wives as well quickly went inside.

Kazuya actually came here to know why his mother arranged such a meeting so haphazardly. 

Alex looked at Kazuya pitifully and then punched him in the gut while making sure he won't leak out any sound. 

Alex then threw Kazuya in one corner where some maids who were already Alex's women came running. 

"Dispose him off in a way that he won't wake up till next day, " He ordered while still being invisible. 

The girls looked around to just get a single glimpse of the man they loved, but then said goodbye lovingly knowing that they won't get to see him for now. 

After that Alex already left. 

And that's when all the girls started... 

Playing stone, paper, scissors? 

Yeah and the one who lost was supposed to dispose off this Kazuya. 

Then the pitiful maid who was unlucky enough to loose, donned a mask and handgloves as she then as quickly as possible threw Kazuya like some rag inside his room. 

No other maid helped her, as no one wanted to touch this man and make Alex misunderstand... 

Alex of course saw this before leaving and felt amused. 

He really liked this mentality of his women, almost every one of them had started loathing other men. 

For example Airi was hating even her own son, while Kageyama Kahori and Kaede as well decided to let Alex handle their son or brother in any way he wished. 

Alex went inside the main hall, which was actually very big. 

Hikari had taken it upon herself to make sure that it was now completely sound proof with every way of peeking was rendered impossible. 

Alex once again felt how lucky he was get a women like Hikari to be his mom. She really spoiled him rotten. 

And sure enough many women were seating inside the hall. 

As per Hikari every women in Yamamoto Clan holding some position was here. 

Only those who were ultimately useless were spared from invitation.... And of course those as well who Hikari deemed unfit to get her son's seed. 

The hall was completely filled with beauties of Yamamoto Clan. 

Almost every women here was outstandingly beautiful and charming. Their every action graceful and royal. 

Alex moved his gaze to every women in the hall, none of them could see him as he was invisible right now. 

Kazuya's main wife Hina, her master Nanase, Alex's women Minami, as well as her mother Minase and all other concubines of Kazuya including Elsa were here. 

Alex's eyes went upon Nanase, where she was having a chat with Hina, they seemed to be talking amicably. 

Alex saw that Nanase was wearing the ring he had given her and was delighted, she was now his to catch completely. 

Alex saw that Hikari was looking around to find a glimpse of him, so he quickly informed her and told her to start her work. 

"Good evening, everyone, " Hikari said to everyone who was now paying rapt attention to her. 

Everyone was wondering what Hikari had to say. 

" I'll love to inform everyone from our Royal Clan here, that this hall is now totally quarantined from outside, no one will be see, hear and know anything that is going to happen here. "

Hikari then gave everyone a charming smile that might be enough to charm even women. 

Hikari continued, " I want everyone here to know, that from today onwards I'll completely destroy all opposing factions, and this is my invitation for everyone here to join my side willingly. "

" I have only asked for women to be here, as from now on Yamamoto Clan won't be based on Patriarchy. Women like us as will have same priority as men while inheriting the Clan positions. "

Hearing Hikari's first declaration all women were slightly surprised. Everyone knew that Hikari's faction was strong and only her son might rival her and that also because of the Patriarchy tradition of Yamamoto Clan. 

But in the second declaration, Hikari clearly stated that she was going to destroy this tradition then doesn't it make Kazuya a joke? 

What prince? He will just be discarded if Hikari still held some affection for him after his failed assassination attempt. 

And he may even be killed. 

But no one still said anything, as joining Hikari's faction was no different than going against the Clan tradition. 

They were suddenly surprised and had no time to think about this.

Hina was the first one to start, " Clap, Clap, Clap... What an attractive offer Hikari-sama, to go against your own Clan. Even Takahashis will laugh at this. Your action of taking control over Clan is already wrong and now you wish to bring the Clan on path of destruction by this silly inner strife? Just stop this. "

Hearing Hina mocking her, Hikari wasn't tensed. 

She just smiled and said, " I'm saying this because I hold confidence in my claim. Like... I got confidence to make every women in this hall stand on my side in just few hours of 'discussion'. "

Hina was surprised, but she said, " That's impossible, I'm against this idiocy... " But she was interrupted.

Nanase said, " Shut up Hina... " She then said to Hikari, " Hikari-sama, I'm ready to join your cause. "

Hina was now stunned silly, words she wanted to say stopped in her throat as she looked at Nanase in shock. 

But she the forcefully calmed down. 

'What is this old hag thinking? Didn't she promise to help me get the throne here?...No! This prideful witch won't surrender easily, then that means there is a reason behind her submission to Hikari so easily. And also she won't betray me, I've done enough work and she already sees me as her daughter, ' Hina thought. 

Hina then calmly continued thinking, ' Master has supernatural powers that made her unafraid of even Yamamoto Clan, that means... There is someone on Hikari's side who Master is afraid of, but who? '

A light flashed through Hina's eyes, ' That Alex, he must be it... My premonition wasn't wrong for sure. He is dangerous and vastly so. Before his arrival Master won't even pay attention to Hikari. But now she's foresaking her calm life and forcing me to join Hikari along side her.But, I have done so much work to bring that useless husband of mine under control, I can't give up now! '

Hina gritted her teeth inwardly knowing that she now had a very formidable competitor. 

Her dream of becoming Empress was on line, she had to think of some way. 

While Hina was thinking, Hikari continued, " Welcome to my side Nanase, I'm sure you won't regret this. "

Nanase said, " I know I won't, I have stopped regretting since a long time. "

Hikari smiled and nodded. 

But then another feminist women said, " Hikari-sama, I understand these fancy words of yours and I wish for us to rule over those prideful men as well. But then how? How are we going to make this real? "

"It's easy, next listen carefully to what I'm saying, because this is the biggest secret of this world, " Said Hikari seriously. 

"Our world is just a fleeting mirage, made by Gods. It's only made up of a country. Our Sakura Country is the end of this world and also the start. If we wish to leave this mirage then we need a help of a Player. And as per a certain Player, I have known that only way to leave is to unite this country and to help that Player to complete a certain mission, " Said Hikari. 

Hina was the first one to ask, " This so called Player, that is Alex right? Your adopted son? " 

Hikari nodded, " You're smart, " She praised. 

The air in the hall changed slightly as Alex was mentioned.

Kimi, Minami, Rin, Emma, Elsa who already fell in love with Alex or were on his side felt surprised knowing that Alex was hiding something like this. 

While other women including Hina fell stunned knowing this secret of the world, they could not believe this. 

"I know this is hard to believe, but this is the truth. We can only leave this mirage, by helping Alex, " Said Hikari.

Nanase who knew basics about being a Player nodded. 

Hina was shocked but felt that this must be the truth. 

Alex... He is someone entirely different. 

And if this world is mirage... Then what's the use of being the Empress here? This thought passed through Hina. 

Kimi was the one who asked, " I know this is hard to believe, but I don't think Hikari-sama is lying...So, how are we going to help Alex? "

Another women asked, " And how is he going to help us claim power here. "

Hikari answered, " Alex has skills, magical enough to help us control this whole country and we just need to help him by... Becoming his women. "

"What!? " The women who suddenly stood up was the wife of one of the branch family head. 

"Exactly what I said, we will become his and then he will help us gain powers and magical skills. Actually minority in this world already knows skills and magic and Alex will help us when we join him by his side... " Said Hikari. 

Nanase said, " She's saying the truth, I'm one of those minority and... I'm sure Alex as well is here. "

Nanase looked around as if looking for someone. 

"No need to look for me my Nana, I'm here, " Said Alex as he removed his invisibility and appeared beside Hikari. 

Everyone was shocked seeing that the skill like this really existed.

Many of the women were stunned, but some of them lowered their heads while looking away from Alex. 

He was just that handsome, they couldn't show their blushing faces here.

Alex smiled, " What she said is the truth, I have skills to help you get skills and as well as to take control over the Clan. But I am asking for your help because this way my mission will be done faster. "

He continued, " And if I succed then it's also your profit, as you will all know the secret of this world and won't be blind. "

Alex then fondly nodded at Nanase and sat down on the armrest of Hikari's chair while leaning on her. 

"And one more thing... I will need to remove your memories if you decide to not accept this offer then you'll forever be ignorant without knowing how you died as I can only save those who become mine, " Alex said as he took Hikari's hand. 

"My mom, will be your leader she will be the one who will control Yamamoto Clan, now and once I'm gone as well. "

After this Alex stopped talking as he let everyone have time to decide. 

All women in the hall thought about this and in the end most of them came to a conclusion. 

Even if this world wasn't a mirage, even then having a chance to become a superhuman was a good choice. 

"Is there a skill that can save me from dying? " Asked one of the older women. 

"There is, normally those who have evolved and hold skills live longer than normal humans, " Said Alex. 

"Then I'm ready to become your women, but then what about my husband? " Asked the women. 

"I have planned it out to take control over the Clan, I have a skill that can make your husband your slave. And when the Yamamoto Clan is completely under our control then we can throw him away or you can keep him with you, " Explained Alex. 

Of course he didn't mention his brainwashing skill, Nanase also did not. 

After all once Alex was done fucking these bunch, then they will even hate to touch other men, just like those maids outside. 

"I see, you have planned for everything... I don't mind becoming yours, then tell me how I can get skills? " The women once again asked. 

"Well... It's a little awkward, but to get skills you will need to have sex with me..." Alex said with a wry smile. 

"What?! " Everyone was shocked. 

"Actually, as a Player, I can make my women stronger and when you take my body fluids inside you then only you can awaken skills... Even my saliva is fine but that will take lots of time, while my semen is the most potent. It will help you stop aging as well, " Explained Alex patiently. 

Once again everyone turned silent, while thinking about whether to have sex with Alex or not. This was just too much, they thought. 

But then Minase said, " Those who don't have sex with you will forget about those who had right? "

She was concerned with her position as she was Ryuji and Minami's mother. 

But still the allure of immortality was much higher than position, so she decided to take risk. 

Alex smiled and nodded, " Yep! They won't remember a thing. I won't let my women face any hardships and with my skills I'm basically omnipotent I can even revive a dead person if I wished, " Said Alex while lying through his teeth. 

He had just seen resurrection skill in the Shop, so he wasn't completely lying though. 

Everyone was once again surprised and looked at Alex in admiration. 

After that... 

"I'm ready to become your women... It's fine even now, " Said one of the branch family members. 

After that everyone else as well nodded. 

Alex nodded and then said, " Mom, I want you to give some privacy to me now. "

"Okay my son, enjoy your time. But don't forget that you got to go to academy tomorrow, " Said Hikari while caressing Alex's face. 

"Of course and also... Nana, Hina, Emma and aunt Elsa I will visit you later so you can go with mom, " Said Alex. 

All four of them nodded. 

Nanase felt that Alex really was serious about marrying her. 

Hina felt glad that she won't need to loose her virginity now. 

While Emma and Elsa felt slightly glad that their first time with Alex won't be so abruptly. 

Like that Alex used his skill and made them all teleport outside the hall. 

Now in the huge hall were remaining more than hundred women of Yamamoto Clan. 

Alex knew that this was going to be a long night filled with sex and debauchery. 

He had managed to bring this women in his paws by their own volition.