Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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236 Chs

The special Game

" Who are you? " Alex asked without beating around the bush. 

This women had taken part in his small entertaining programme while hiding herself amongst other women. 

Aled didn't like that one bit. 

But, suddenly her features started changing as her already beautiful features multiplied. She even became considerably younger. 

The women now a young girl laughed while bringing her hand to her enchanting lips, " Do you know me now? "

" Nope, " Alex replied without wasting a single sec. 

"...I'm surprised that you don't know me. You came from the future right? Just like me? " The young women said with a cute pouting expression. 

She had long black hair with strands of purple. 

Her face was beautiful and charming enough to place her at the top of Sakura Country only slightly inferior to women like Hina. 

She had perfect size of breasts which were hidden behind her black blouse. 

Above it she was wearing a blue jacket. 

There was also a sky blue colored skirt which went till her thighs letting Alex have the free view of her shapely perfect legs covered in tight stockings. 

Alex took a moment to think and quickly came to a conclusion. 

The Alex Garcia fukin didn't know her... 

" Nope. No memories of you. Now spout out why you're here and how you saved yourself from the game. Did you use a copy of yourself and then exchanged your places when I ended the game? " Alex asked. 

He then continued as if realising, " No. If you're from future.... Then it makes sense that you replaced the women almost at the end of the Game. Who has the enough authority to bypass my skills? A Godess?... No... A player like me. Someone must have bought a skill bypassing skill. "

Godesses were unable to interfere in the Game, as it was just in its starting phase now. 

Mortal Players were still weak to fight against them, including Alex himself. 

So most those Godesses could do so was to exchange information with Players. 

" You're smart. Sigh. But that's not it exactly, " The young girl confessed. 

" As for why I'm here... It's because, Master Kazuma has challenged you to a fair game with everything on bet, " The young girl said with a sweet smile. 

" Oh. I see. He already found out that I fucked his women and now he has grown some guts to come here saying that I wasn't fair? Pathetic. If he wanted me to not conquer his girls then he should have made preparations like I've done, " Alex snorted. 

The young girl was clearly displeased hearing Alex belittle her Master. 

She was clearly brainwashed and for her Alex's handsomeness wasn't working much. 

As per Alex's conjectures Kazuma in the future had become one of the strongest or the strongest players in Sakura country. 

Alex had no idea about this as he was in the Central Continent. 

But, he basically knew who Kazuma was after all he had stolen every women in his life starting from his girlfriend to even his mother in this timeline. 

Right now, this timeline's Kazuma was being taken care of by the Hayashi Clan Leader Hayashi Honoka. 

Honoka was one of the few Chosen by the World to filter the sidetracking Player Alex. 

That was why she was finding ways to resist Alex and was misunderstanding that Kazuma could be helpful. 

The women said with displeased voice, " Don't spout nonsense Alex Garcia. I have been trying to be polite because it was not your choice to go against my Master. "

" Don't waste my time and speak fast. First tell me who you are? " Alex asked. 

The women tried to calm down and reluctantly said, " My name is Shimuzu Sayuri. I was sent here by the World's Will to notify you that the Game has started between my Master Kazuma and you the moment our conversation started. "

" I see. Go on, " Alex said. 

" Huh? Go on what? " Sayuri asked with a fake puzzled expression. 

Alex also was confused what was happening. 

If the Game had started then why was he not notified by the World's Will. 

[ Shimuzu Sayuri has volunteered to be a guide for your the Game. Her Player has paid an appropriate price for her to do so. You can ask her questions about the Game and she is Mandatorized to answer you ]

Alex's questions were solved the moment the electronic message appeared in front of him. 

He quickly understood that this Kazuma from the real world was quite a coward. 

He had sent his women here to get a slight advantage over Alex by not letting him have perfect information. 

This wasn't an official Game and the starter was Kazuma so he could do some minor changes like Alex had done in the Game with Christopher back in the Daphanaie's world. 

Alex now had to ask Sayuri questions to know what he wanted to know. 

" Haha. That was a cute try to get one step ahead Sayuri. But, I'm not going to entertain you, " Alex said. 

He then started asking trick questions without any loopholes and forced Sayuri to spill out every information about the Game. 

After some time... 

" You bastard! " Sayuri cursed as she had brilliantly failed her mission. 

Sayuri was always proud of her own intellectual skills. 

She was a psychologist popular throughout the World! 

The leading figure of the latest generation! 

But, she had fallen in Kazuma's hands nonetheless. 

When Kazuma said that he wanted to save his women who were now in Alex's hands the proud him who only got everything by his superior luck decided to have a fair fight like an idiot. 

To please Kazuma, Sayuri came up with a small plan that might be able to give him a slight headstart. 

Kazuma had sent her here to give less and less information to Alex. 

But, the bastard now knew everything. 

Every information she wanted to hide was stripped naked. 

The Basic Game was to kill each other. 

This whole country was the playground! 

Alex had to find Kazuma and kill him and vice versa. It was that easy. 

They could use any resources they had or found here. 

Kazuma had already entered the world at the moment Sayuri and Alex started conversation. 

Alex nodded to himself as he in just few moments decided what to do with this new Kazuma. 

He then looked at Sayuri who was feeling downcast at the thought of how Kazuma will react knowing she failed. 

Will he be disappointed in her? 

She didn't want to imagine that. After all every reason she had to live was for her Master Kazuma. 

But, just when she was thinking all this she felt her figure being enveloped by two strong arms. 

" W-What!? get away! " She tried to resist, but it was useless. 

She couldn't even budge. 

" Don't waste your time and let me thank you for your generosity of handing yourself to me, " Alex chuckled as he placed a kiss on Sayuri's ear. 

" N-No... Stay away! I'm just a holographic copy of my real self. Haha, I'm not even here, " Sayuri said trying to act confident. 

But, what she was feeling through her body couldn't go away. 

Sayuri's ears turned red as her body started heating up. 

Even though this was just a holographic copy, it was very realistic. 

All of her sensations were being transferred to her real body. 

Of course this was necessary for the perfect copy formation, but Sayuri hadn't thought that she will be in a pinch because of this. 


" Disconnect my holographic copy from my real body, " Sayuri said calmly. 

But, the one who replied to her was Alex, " I'm not done asking questions to her. "

This was all he needed and Sayuri was now stuck here. 

Even though he couldn't touch her real body, for now he was going to make up with this copy. 

Alex's hands sunk into Sayuri's marshmallow like rear while his kisses landed upon her nape. 

His every touch was being transferred to Sayuri's real body which was in entirely another world! 

Sayuri's heart sank, as she tried to kick and punch Alex to get away from him. 

But, sudden weakness assaulted her body as she moaned loudly. 

" Ahhhhh~ what did you~" She asked while her body fell upon Alex's like a puppet who had lost its strings. 

She had cummed so loudly that her mind went blank for a moment. 

" Hehe. You don't need to know girl. Just enjoy me fucking you raw, " Alex said as he pulled out his huge rod. 

Sayuri was shocked silly at the notion of what was going to happen. 

In her whole life she had never cheated on her Master. 

And even the touch of Alex on her body felt disgusting to her. 

" Let me go! " She shrieked and yelled. 

But Alex didn't heed any of her worries. 

His hands went inside her halter neck blouse and took in the direct touch of her ample breasts. 

Sayuri could now hardly even utter a word as Alex's warm and hard shaft caressed her thigh. 

Alex had taken liberty to pull up her skirt and was now busy fondling her breast and asscheek at the same time. 

" What an annoying piece, " Muttered Alex as he ripped apart Sayuri's panty. 

Now there was hardly anything stopping him from playing with this peachy booty. 

Her halter neck as well was stretched to bring out her both breasts in open. 

" Don't do that sniff~ " Sayuri now cried. 

She didn't like being defiled like this helplessly. 

Her body which was only reserved for her Master was now in the hands of Alex. 

This was even harsher than being killed for someone like her who was brainwashed. 

Her jacket became undone as Alex rubbed Sayuri's whole body on his. 

She was shorter than him so he next brought both of his hands on her asscheeks and pulled her up. 

Sayuri was forced to be on her tip-toes as Alex leaned down and kissed her lips feverishly and at the same time fondled her naked booty. 

" Ahh~ wait~ ple~ se~" Sayuri sobbed while getting her lips and slowly even her tongue devoured. 

Her real body in the other world as well was experiencing the same thing making her maid who was looking out for her shocked. 

Sayuri's whole body was sweating and her love juices were flooding out like no end. 

It just became wetter and wetter as she cummed more and more. 

Meanwhile Alex had now pushed Sayuri against the wall. 

He pulled her skirt up and pointed his cock at her drooling cunt. 

Sayuri tried to resist for one last time but she couldn't even move her face which was plastered on the wall. 

The pleasure she was feeling from all over was undeniable. 

She hated herself for feeling this from someone other than her Master. 

But, not like she could do anything. 

Suddenly she felt her lower mouth being expanded to take in something meaty inside it. 

It was entirely different from her Master's soft touch. 

It was too rough and savage. 

Alex wasn't caring for her well-being at all as he was maneuvering Sayuri's soft figure in whichever way he wanted. 

He rammed deep inside Sayuri like no other.

Her pussy folds and creases started melting around his cock as if trying to milk it out for them. 

There was not a shred of reluctance in Sayuri's pussy as it just tried to gulp down Alex's cock to it's womb. 

As for Sayuri... 

She was crying mess. She blamed herself for her idiocy. 

She blamed herself for being like this. 

She blamed herself for coming here. 

" How does it feel bitch? To be oversmarted by the one you tried to be smart against? " Alex smirked as he kept ramming in Sayuri. 

But, Sayuri didn't reply. She didn't want to. 

After all that will only bolster Alex's ego. 

She wanted to not give him any kind of mental pleasure by subduing her. 

But, her body was overly honest. 

Her pussy was leaking out non stop trying to lubricate this fine piece of cock that it had tasted for the first time. 

" Ah~~ " The unending small orgasms she was getting were unstoppable. 

Sayuri had already lost her strength to stand and was completely leaning against the wall as Alex pumped her from behind. 

" I'm going to cum soon. Take it all in Sayuri! " Alex said after few minutes. 

" No! Please anything but that... " Sayuri yelled. 

" Huh? Not like you are going to be brainwashed if I creampied you. Then why being so fiesty? Let me cum inside this fine pussy after all I'll soon come there to claim it for me, " Alex smirked. 

" No... Please~ I'm sorry~ I really am~ ... " Sayuri kept begging but Alex didn't stop. 

He even got a call from Emma just then and had a small chat with her while raping this girl in his hands. 

" Agh, " Alex grunted slightly and in the end emptied his balls deep inside Sayuri's fertile womb. 

" Ahhh~ Ahh~ ... " Sayuri moaned as she fell down on the ground as soon as Alex stopped supporting her. 

He got a little back and snapped his finer as a fine bed appeared in the room. 

He took seat on it and brought the can of coke from nowhere. 

" Come here Sayuri, " He said as Sayuri's exhausted body flew to him automatically. 

He then started torturing her with pain and pleasure to spill out anything she knew about Kazuma. 

He found out that Kazuma was randomly teleported somewhere and he had nothing with him. 

Right now Kazuma's biggest strength was that Alex didn't know where he was. 

But, Alex already knew had some guesses about where he could go. 

So, he returned to the College campus. 

He was right now in the certain cabin of one of the teachers he had fucked. 

What was theirs was now his, so he didn't need to care. 

He then first contacted Kobayashi Junko, the women who had the biggest chain restaurant business in the city where Kazuma and his family used to live. 

" Alex! I'm so happy you called! " Junko's happy voice followed from the other side. 

She seemed to be in an important meeting. 

But, she quickly stopped it and came out just to talk with Alex. 

" Ah. Yeah Junko. I had a job for you, " Alex said directly. 

" Say so! I can do anything for you, " Junko said with a lovestruck voice. 

" Yeah. Look out for Kazuma you might find him in the city. If you find him then kill him or report him to me at the moment, " Alex said. 

" You mean Kahori's son who went missing some days ago? " Junko asked, she knew who Kazuma was. 

" Not him. It is actually complicated. The Kazuma I'm telling you to look out for has come from future. I'll send his sketch to you.... " Alex then explained the situation with Kazuma. 

" Okay. It's kinda surprising but I'll do my best and won't disappoint you, " Junko said seriously. 

Alex nodded hearing that Junko was being serious. 

He then directly cut off the call on Junko who wanted to have some lovey-dovey talk. 

But, alas Alex wasn't in the mood to bitch around with her. 

He then evilly looked at Sayuri who was now forced to clean his cock which was just a moment ago inside her pussy. 

" Look here and smile Sayuri, " Alex said while pointing the camera of the mobile at Sayuri. 

" No! What are you doing? " Sayuri hid her sobbing face as she took out the cock that was inside her mouth and tried to run away from Alex again. 

But Alex now was extra rough as he pulled Sayuri near him and raped her cunt again until he had cummed inside it. 

Alex recorded each minute of it and then uploaded it online. 

In just a minute the video was posted all over the official video websites of Sakura country. 

Of course in just few seconds it was brought down from majority of platforms but it had already done its mark. 

Now Alex just hoped that his rival Kazuma will see his beloved women getting raped. 

Alex then called Hikari and Kai. He told them about Kazuma's presence somewhere in the country. 

As for him... 

He went to the cafeteria to have a peaceful lunch with Emma. 

He didn't want to waste his time on Kazuma. 

He rather wanted to help Kazuma get bigger in darkness and then end him at once and all for entertainment. 

The College was now already his anyway.