Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Takahashi Clan Head's death

Alex and Arisu soon arrived in front of the Takahashi Clan mansion.

It was a grand palace with traditional vibes.

As for today's occasion, it was decorated in the best way possible.

Arisu got out of Alex's car with her rosy features.

She looked infinitely cute with her beauty and charm.

But, she asked Alex with a concerned voice, " Big brother... Actually, I don't have an invitation for you... "

Arisu was feeling very embarrassed as she just remembered that Alex won't be able to enter in without an invitation.

" Don't worry. I got my own invitation, " Alex smiled and patted Arisu lovingly.

He had already used his medicine to heal her, so she wasn't sick anymore, just slightly weak.

But, still Alex felt amused seeing her holding his hand like a little kid who was frightened to stay away from her father.

" Ohh. Really? " Arisu said in surprise.

She now knew that Alex as well came from a formidable background.

" Yes. Now let's go, we're already slightly late, " Alex smiled.

After that both of them went to the party door where two guards were standing.

Alex handed them his invitation while Arisu showed them her id.

They easily got entrance without any hitch.

As soon as Alex and Arisu entered the party many people focused their eyes on them.

Especially on Alex, by now he was quite popular in upper circle as the latest heir of Yamamoto Clan.

They started whispering amongst each other while trying to discern the identity of the young girl who was besides Alex.

And when they found out that the young girl was none other than the granddaughter of Takahashi Clan leader, they were surprised.

Hina, who was sent by Hikari to represent Yamamoto Clan here could be seen along with her Master Nanase walking towards Alex.

Hina and Nanase weren't surprised at seeing Alex here, as they were informed by Hikari to make sure he had a good time here.

Under the eyes of everyone Nanase couldn't show her love for Alex, but Hina wasn't like that.

She without any thoughts hugged Alex as if he was her husband.

' Hehe. He must be feeling surprised at my boldness, ' Hina thought.

Hina knew who she was dealing with.

In her view Alex was thousands of times more important than keeping her fake facade of loyal wife to Yamamoto Kazuya.

This sure shocked everyone, as they couldn't help but recalculate whether Alex really was just a useless pawn under Hikari.

Hina of course didn't wait too much and then turned to Arisu who was too shocked to see her aunt hugging Alex so intimately.

" How are you my little fairy? " Hina asked as she hugged Arisu as well.

" Ah. Aunt Hina, I was looking forward to seeing you today, " Arisu snapped out of her thoughts and gave Hina an affectionate hug as well.

Hina giggled like a happy older sister and then kept being around Alex.

Arisu couldn't help but wonder who Alex really was as she knew that her aunt Hina never talked with anyone who was useless.

Arisu didn't want to admit it, but her aunt was only good with her because of her respect for Arisu's late parents.

She knew well that Takahashi Hina only mined where she was sure to struck diamond or netherrock.

But, Arisu soon stopped thinking about that when she saw her brother in the Party.

Her brother Asahi came to Arisu as soon as he saw her.

His eyes were cold and calculating without an ounce of fond emotions as he looked at Arisu.

" What are you doing with him? " He whispered with a small voice after pulling Arisu away from Alex.

" He is my friend, " Arisu said with a gentle tone, she then continued, " I was sick today. So, he came here with me to help me. "

" I see, " Asahi's eyes gleamed as he heard this.

Arisu sighed seeing her brother.

'He only cares about empowering his status in the Clan. He didn't even ask if I'm good... '

Arisu was disappointed but she was used to her brother's antics.

" Make good friends with him. Do anything he asks, just keep being on good terms, " Asahi said with a cold tone.

" Why brother?? " Arisu asked.

" He is the Prince of Yamamoto Clan. Direct heir to the seat of respected Hikari-sama, " Asahi said making Arisu shocked for her life.

She couldn't help but take a look at Alex, seeing her looking at him he gently smiled at her.

Arisu as well gave a small forced smile, wondering why someone like Alex was so good to her.

She then just remembered that they had only met twice.

But, still she didn't know why she was so comfortable with him, as if she knew him for a long time.

When she thought about this practically, she started wondering how could she step in the car of an almost complete stranger.

Before she could continue her line of thoughts, her brother ordered her again, " He might like you. So, use it to get closer to him. If you even managed to become his concubine then we both will have the most enviable life ever. "

Arisu widened her eyes seeing her brother throwing her away for his own comfort.

She didn't like it one bit, as by Asahi's words she felt that she was just a commodity to be used.

" Are you even listening? Say yes, " Asahi then said coldly.

" Y-Yes brother, " Arisu didn't dare to say otherwise as her brother was the last person she had with her.

Her uncle, aunt everyone was around her only for petty benefits or something like that.

Asahi then went away without even saying bye.

Arisu saw him mingling with his friends and other Clan members.

" Whoa! Your sister looks so cute today... " One of Asahi's friends exclaimed.

" Yeah. You should really bring her to us someday, hehe. "

" It's really a waste for a beauty like her to be wasted upon such a bottomdweller position. "

Asahi couldn't do anything as he knew that his so called friends were just trying to humiliate him.

In this circle he was at the lowest and knew that to climb higher he needed a good rapport with everyone.

Arisu on the other hand went outside to the garden unable to stomach being treated as a commodity.

Alex who saw her followed her as well.

" You two stay here, I'll be back, " He said to Hina and Nanase.

Alex soon found Arisu sitting at a secluded place in garden.

There was no one around.

" Why did you come out of there? I was worried, " Alex said in a concerned tone.

" I just wasn't feeling good, " Arisu said in a small voice.

" What happened? " Alex asked.

" It's nothing... " Arisu said.

" I see. It's fine if you don't want to say... "

Alex sat down besides Arisu and held her palm in his.

Arisu felt her eyes moistening, she tried to hold back her tears but still they flowed.

She sobbed in the calm and serene environment away from the bustling party.

Alex didn't stop her, neither did he comfort her.

He just held her hand and waited for her to calm down.

After few minutes Arisu quitened down...

She asked, " Why are you so nice to me? "

Alex smiled and patted Arisu. This time she didn't pull back.

" Because. Your eyes... You look so sad. That I wish nothing less than to bring you away from all this pain and sorrow. The first time we met, I saw you all alone, waiting for light in your life in the cold evening. You looked beautiful yet lonely, " Alex said as his gentle touch and words touched Arisu's heart.

" I wish to bring away all the sorrow you are facing... " Alex said.

He then stopped speaking and waited for Arisu.

She soon calmed down again and stood up.

" Thank you big brother Alex... " She said and ran away while trying to hide the blush that was creeping up her neck.

Alex smiled a little muttering, " Those indirect cringe lines really work... "

He then got back to the party where Arisu was standing a little away from him amongst all the children of Takahashi Clan.

She once in a while looked at Alex and then looked away.

Of course Alex didn't miss this, neither did Hina and Nanase.

" It seems you have a new lover hubby, " Nanase said, her voice tinged with slight jealousy.

Hina on the other hand smiled, " She is a not bad choice. I can bring her to you if you want. I was assigned as her guardian by her parents. But, I'm not interested in doing any of those responsibilities. "

Alex chuckled at the heartless tone of Hina.

But, then he focused on the Party as an old man with white hair and clean shave entered the hall from the main door.

He was wearing a grand and royal suit, which made him look formidable.

He was the grandfather of Takahashi Arisu and the father of Takahashi Hina and today's assassination target of Alex.

Every one in the hall started swarming him to give him birthday wishes.

No one from Kageyama Clan had come, so Hina was the first one as the direct representative of Yamamoto Clan.

" Happy Birthday Father, " She wished the old man who smiled at his daughter proudly.

After her the Hayashi Clan representative who was none other than Hayashi Honami gave her regards.

Alex eyed the beautiful mature women who he had his eyes upon for a while.

She was wearing a long light red robe which made her look elegant and beautiful. Her hairs were done in a graceful bun.

She had a well proportioned body with nice curves at right places.

Her beautiful white hands adorned in some jewelry were left bare.

While her charming face not giving the single hint of her real age was mesmerizing.

Honami was the previous matriarch of the Hayashi Clan.

She being here wasn't surprising as it was known fact that Takahashi Clan and Hayashi Clan had close ties.

She as well wished the old man and went back to her seat gracefully.

She didn't glance at Alex even once neither she looked around, making her proud demeanor clear to everyone.

Alex grinned knowing that he will soon get a chance to break that proud face of this women and turn her into his slut.

He kept looking on...

" Thank you for everyone's wishes. I'm very glad that you all have come to this old man's important day... "

Takahashi Clan leader gave a nice speech and sat down on his seat.

Then the Party started for real as everyone in there started talking with each other.

The Party was more for a business proposals, as only big-shots in Sakura country were invited.

So, this was the best chance for anyone to make some good connections.

Many people as well came near Alex, but they were sent away after Hina politely declined their invitations.

Alex then wasted some of his time talking with Hina and Nanase.

The party continued serenly. With the laughter of young children and solemn chats of their elders.

But, this serenity was broken by a loud gasp of someone.

" No! "

" Clan Head! "

Everyone couldn't help but turn their heads in the direction of the main seat where Takahashi Clan leader could be seen fainted.

The white foam was coming out of his mouth while his skin was looking sickly green.

He was poisoned!

Someone was daring enough to poison the Takahashi Clan head in his own birthday Party!

This was a big news and no one had any intentions to keep being here.

They were shocked out of their mind at the notion that they might also have been posioned.

Only Alex was calm as he was the perprator behind this.

He had done everything perfectly to bring havoc to those he wished bad to.

By tomorrow there was going to be a new highlight throughout every media channel.

" Young Master we need to leave, " One of the female guards who were specially assigned for Alex's safety by Hikari said.

Takahashi Clan had already locked the whole mansion, but as the Prince of Yamamoto Clan they couldn't stop him from leaving.

" No. I can't, " Alex made his way towards Arisu who was left alone in the party.

She was completely bewildered and frightened at what was happening.

" Are you alright? " Alex asked seeing her pale countenance.

" N-No... G-Grandpa... " She stuttered.

" He'll be fine, " Alex lied, he had used the most potent poison he had.

Even though the old man looked on the verge of death. He was already beyond saving.

Hina could be seen using her acting skills very proficiently as she kept the facade of lovely daughter who was heartbroken at seeing her father's plight.

Previous Matriarch of Hayashi clan as well could be seen standing at one side in shock.

She was bewildered at the flow of situation.

" He has been poisoned! Check everyone! " One of the guards said.

Every guard now started looking for culprit.

As even the Clan members were checked.

Alex could have been exempted but still he got himself checked.

He got out fine, as those detectors didn't find anything on him.

But, same couldn't be said to be for someone who was checked positive for carrying a poisonous vial on his ring.

" No! My brother didn't do anything! " Arisu sobbed as her brother Asahi was being apprehended.

Asahi himself couldn't believe it as he kept telling everyone that he was innocent.

But, those guards just took him away.

" Let him go! Please! He's my brother! He didn't do anything! " Arisu was sobbing as she begged everyone to help her.

But, it was useless.

She and her brother hardly had a good position and no one was in a mood to joke around.

Arisu seeing that no one was helping her turned to Alex, " Big brother, he didn't do anything. Please help me. "

Alex understood that Asahi was the last person remaining in Arisu's life.

If she lost him then she will have no one to rely on.

She will truly be all alone.

Alex of course wanted this!

But, he now caressed Arisu's head, " He will be fine. I'm sure it is a misunderstanding. "

" Yes. It's a misunderstanding... He'll be fine... " Arisu clinged on Alex's words.

But, reality soon gave her brother a hard fuck you, as in five minutes it became clear that the poison used and the poison vial Asahi was carrying was the same!

Arisu now completely broke down, as she kept crying while holding Alex's hand.

Alex gave her a helpless look, but he still used his authority to check the results personally.

Even Arisu now needed to give up when every proof was right in front of her.

She wasn't an idiot to not understand that her brother was in a royal mess.

" Big brother, I'm sure someone is making him take the blame. Someone is doing this on purpose. Please help me I'll pay you back in anyway possible. Just save my brother. I beg you, " Arisu cried.

" Arisu, I'll do my best. If your brother is innocent then I'll save him, " Alex promised.

" Thank you.. Thank you.. " Arisu thanked tearfully, not knowing the real reason her brother was pulled in this mess was Alex in the end.

But, Alex's plan didn't end here.

It was just the start.

He was going to play with whole upper echelon to bring forth an interesting story which will end with his landslide victory.