Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Sowing the seed of Love

It was already afternoon when Sumire went to her hospital, from the reception she got the news that Kazuma had been discharged a while ago. 

Sumire had previously helped Kazuma and his family because Kazuma was quite handsome and she felt that Kageyama family was really pitiful then. 

But now comparing Alex with Kazuma was like comparing a dragon with duck, even on superficial level Kazuma was nothing more than a frog who was trying to eat a swan's meat. 

As per Sumire now, all the beautiful women were only worthy of Alex, other men should just go and die. 

The only thing that wasn't good with Alex was that, he was a pervert, a capable pervert. 

After all bagging Yamamoto Hikari is like covering the sky with one hand, simply unbelievable! 

Sumire went to her cabin and sat down, some patients had appointments with her, so she had to entertain them. 

Sumire took her job very seriously, even when Alex told her to scam Kazuma she didn't want to, she resisted even after being brainwashed. 

But in the end, she gave in to Alex as he told her about how much of a devil Kazuma was, he had his evil and lustful eyes on his own mother and sister! 

Hearing this Sumire decided that she needed to save those pitiful women anyhow, so she was ready to help Alex. 

Yes, Alex's all women knew that they were brainwashed to love Alex unconditionally. 

"Sigh... " Sumire sighed thinking about this. 

She would never have known that Alex had brainwashed her, if he hadn't told her himself. 

Even though Sumire knew she was brainwashed, she couldn't help but love Alex, rather she felt that Alex wasn't bad at all. 

He had told her the truth clearly, he had made his intentions clear, yes he was forcing her to do some things but it was fine. 

After all, Alex was handome beyond cause, he was strong, he had bright future he was like sun in the sky overshadowing everyone else. 

Does she have any chance to get better life partner than Alex? Answer was big No. 

Soon Sumire was done with all of her appointments and that's when she got a call saying that there was a really serious case. 

Sumire expected who this case was about, as she slowly reached to the operation theatre, taking her time. 

There she saw, a very beautiful women, whose beauty even surpassed hers by a little. 

This made Sumire a little jealous, she was always conscious about her small height. 

But she also knew that her small body made her look attractive in different sense. 

Sumire blushed as she remembered how Alex had fucked her while carrying her in his arms like a baby, the orgasm she had then was the best, even now she could feel Alex's dick touching her womb. 

Sumire looked at Kahori, her mature breasts were slightly smaller than hers, but over all she looked perfect.

But, now this women had tears in her eyes, as she came running to Sumire. 

Kahori was even about to kneel down, but was stopped by Sumire, who said, "Don't worry, everything will be alright, I will make sure of that. "

"Thank you doctor, " Said Kahori, Kazuma's mother, she looked at Sumire with lots of hopes. 

Kahori felt very sad, as Kazuma's condition was really bad, but even worse thing was that her daughter wasn't with her. 

Kaede was kidnapped! 

Few hours ago... 

After leaving the hospital, all three of them had taken a cab to their house, but there they found that their home was completely ransacked, not even a toilet paper was left behind. 

The house owner told them that few ruffians from whom Kazuma had taken loans had come here and had even assaulted him.

The house owner, then forced them to leave the house at the moment. 

The family of three had nothing on them, except clothes they were wearing and some money which was with Kaede. 

Kahori decided to contact police, she had one friend who was an officer, so she decided to contact her. 

But just then, they were surrounded by their loansharks who asked them for money. 

To help her family, Kaede gave up all the money she was given by Hoshino. 

"What!? You take me for a joke? This doesn't even cover one fourth of what this shit took from me, " Said one of the loansharks while throwing the money back at Kaede. 

Kaede and Kahori were both shocked as they didn't know how much money Kazuma had taken. 

They looked at Kazuma with questioning gaze. 

"I'm s-sorry m-mom, K-Kaede I took money because I needed it, " Said Kazuma feeling guilty. 

"What a bastard! This shit here took money to waste it on his whore, " Explained one of the loansharks clearly, making sure that two beauties had their attention to him. 

"Shut up!!... Mom, Kaede that's not it... I c-can explain, " Kazuma tried to defend himself, but his expression told everything, Kazuma could never lie to his beloved sister and mother. 

"Brother, don't tell me, you used that money on your ex-girlfriend Midori, " Kaede was smart, as she remembered how her brother used to simp around that hoe. 

Kazuma didn't say anything as his expression said everything. 

Kahori sighed in sorrow at her son's Idiocracy, she then said to loansharks, "Sir, please give us some time, we will return the money we owe to you soon enough. "

"We're not leaving without money, hand over the money or we have our own ways, " Said one of the bulky men. 

"This is robbery, you can't force us this way! " Said Kaede with her eyes teary. 

"Humph! Take this girl with us, " Said the man who seemed to be the leader. 

"If you want nothing bad to happen to this girl, then bring money by tonight, " Said the man, as one of the man stuffed Kaede forcefully inside the van. 

"Let my sister go! I will kill you! " Kazuma's eyes were bloodshot, he pounced heroically to save his beloved sister. 

But one of the men stopped him and the last thing Kazuma remembered was that he fainted from the fist to his face. 

After that these ruffians didn't stop, as they plummeted Kazuma black and blue, while not forgetting to break some of Kazuma's joints and ribs. 

Kahori couldn't do anything, as she watched her son getting beaten up mercilessly. 

But soon these people stopped and went away, as they were ordered not to kill Kazuma, to leave him in a condition that at least should seem fixable. 

Kahori, this helpless women was now all alone with her unconscious son, she asked everyone for help. 

But no one came, as everyone has seen how those ruffians had beaten Kazuma to death, they were afraid of being implicated with problems. 

Kahori now was completely lost as Kazuma's condition was worsening, she tried to stop cabs but no one stopped. 

She had called her friends and contacts whom she knew, but none of them gave positive replies. 

Kahori didn't know what to do, she felt like fainting herself as her daughter was kidnapped in front of her while her son now was on brink of dying. 

She couldn't do anything as she sat on the ground and started crying, everything that was happening was too much even for her. 

She acted strong in front of her children, but in the end she was just a lonely women, she was all alone, helpless and weak. 

She had lost her job, then her son got sick then her daughter got kidnapped while now her son was dying and she couldn't do anything, she broke down completely. 

She begged to God inwardly to help her, to save her from this crisis, but she knew God never existed, he won't help her, he never did. 

But still she hoped.... 

Hope was very significant word, people live for hope while some die in hope, hope is the reason everyone moves forward and tries to strive and just as Kahori was about to loose even this hope, someone came to her help. 

He was like an angel... 

Bright and brilliant...

Kahori looked at the man in front of her, who held his hand to her in shock. 

She for a second believed that angels lived, that's how handsome the man in front of her was. 

The world came to stop, as she just looked at this man, his sharp features, his black hair, his hazel eyes imprisoned her in its allure. 

For a second she forgot everything, as she just dived into those hazel eyes, feeling liberated.... 

"Are you alright? Get up, we need to bring your little brother to the hospital real quick, " But this angel had misunderstood her age. 

This caused Kahori to blush but she then snapped out of her reverie as she remembered... 

"K-Kazuma... Please help my son, I beg you, " She pleaded to the angel before her. 

"Yes, I know, he is in danger, stand up quickly, " Said the man to which now Kahori took his hand quickly. 

Just as her hand touched the man's a feeling of calmness spread through her body, she felt liberated, her previous grievances lessened. 

The man threw Kazuma inside his car, then Kahori, the man and unconscious Kazuma went to the hospital. 

The man's words soothed Kahori's gentle heart, they gave her a strength that made her hopeful once again. 

The conversation between them during the drive was enough for Kahori to feel closer to the man, as he had come to her help at the time of distress. 

"We are at the hospital...Miss... Don't worry he will be fine now, " Said the man gently as he helped Kahori to take Kazuma out of her car. 

Kahori was now very grateful the man, she felt that he was sent to her by heaven, to save her and give her a chance to continue. 

Kahori felt that this man was really kindhearted, she decided to pay him back somehow, once everything settles down. 

Kazuma was taken to the hospital, but just as Kahori turned back to thank the man who helped her, she didn't see him, he was gone. 

He was like a hero, who saved her and went away without even telling her his name. 

Of course the man who helped Kahori was Alex, he orchestrated this whole scene, making sure that no one helped Kahori. 

Then at the time of despair he appeared and etched his image in her lonely heart. 

But now he was running his car, or more correctly Junko's car to the place where Kaede was kidnapped by his own people. 

 Kaede's POV

"Brother! No! " I shrieked as I was thrown into the van. 

I was really terrified, as these men bound me with a rope and then covered my eyes with a black cloth. 

It was too terrifying, as who knows after how much time the van stopped and I was taken out and then bound to the chair. 

Besides me, there were many other girls there, they as well were crying for their parents or some were crying in despair or some were completely silent. 

I can feel them, even though my eyes were closed. 

I understood right away, that this was one of those groups, who sell young girls to slavers, who are then subjected to prostiution Or are slaved to some high class people. 

This was even more terrifying than dying, to become a slave until the death. 

"How much are they willing, these girls are at least worth thrice the previous batch. "

"That's a good deal... "

"I think we should play with that girl once... She has nice boobs. "

"Do you want to die? "

"No... Forget I ever said that... "

I heard these vile men talking about us, as I felt shiver run down my spine. 

I can't let any man touch me, I belong to my brother only! 

Despair invaded my mind, as the time went on, I also started sobbing subconsciously like all other girls around me. 

Just then the sound of someone running came... 

"Someone's here, they're killing our people... "

"What!? Who are they? Is our location exposed? "

"I don't know. "


"Who the fuck?! "

"Prepare to die, bastard! "

Just then I heard the sound of something falling, curse raining on someone, but then suddenly everything quitened down.

As if the men around us never existed, it was eerie silence and only sound I heard was of footsteps nearing. 

The cloth around my eyes was lifted as I felt my hands being freed as well. 

As I opened my eyes slowly to get accustomed to the light, I felt my eyes watering. 

I rubbed my eyes slightly and as my vision returned I saw the scene that I will never forget. 

It was red, everywhere... There were mangled bodies... Organs splashed here and there... The scene of death. 

It made me nauseous, but then someone supported me, "They were the men who were going to sell you, " This voice... It was enchanting. 

I looked at the boy who now was helping some other girl, who had broken down similarly as me. 

His sideways figure was etched in my mind, his handsome face was carved in my heart, his gentle demeanor removed all the shackles I kept around me. 

As for the first time, my heart started beating this hard, for someone other than my brother. 

I held my hand to my bosom, to know what my heart desired. 

But it only pointed forwards at the boy who brought me back from the helplessness. 


I slapped myself. 

How? How can I even think about someone other than my brother...

I only love my brother... 

But what is this feeling in my heart then? 

Love?... No! It's gratitude! He is my savior and I will pay him back in any way possible. 

Just as I was thinking, the boy started talking. 

"Everyone, please pay attention here! I'm Alex Yamamoto, prince of Yamamoto Clan, I know what you all have gone through, I won't say much... You have two choices, go back to your family, I will make sure that you reach to the city safely or stay with me and become my women, I will not mistreat you, the decision is yours. "

All girls and women became silent... 

Yamamoto Clan, the behemoth of Sakura Country, being able to even know someone from this Clan was a fortune. 

But, I can't... I need to go back... Mom and brother are waiting for me... 

Just then I heard one women, "P-Please take me with you, I'll be your slave, I don't have anyone to go back to. "

This women was quite beautiful, actually all females here were beautiful, after all they were chosen by that criteria. 

"You don't need to be my slave, you are my women from now on, " Said Alex as he nodded at the women. 

Slowly many females decided to join Alex, as most of them were sold by their own family or their families were murdered while they were kidnapped. 

This was the result of overpopulation, the law was only for strong while weak were trampled on and played with. 

"So, you have all decided to return to your families, I will make sure that you all reunite with your family, " Said Alex. 

"No! Alex-sama... I want to be with you, but I for one last time want to see my family, " Said one of the young girls as all other women followed behind her. 

Seems, only I want to go back to my family... 

After that nothing noteworthy happened as Alex dropped me near the hospital, where i knew Kazuma and her mother will be.

I gave Alex a grateful bow, swearing to pay this debt back. 

But just as I went into the hospital and saw my mom with tears in her eyes. 

My mind churned with a bad premonition... 

Just as my eyes met with mom's, she ran towards me with everything. 

She then hugged me tightly, "Kaede, thank god you're back... I didn't know what to do." Sobbed my mom. 

"Mom, where is brother, was he hurt too much? " I had seen brother getting beaten up by those men. 

"Kaede, your brother is in very dangerous situation, but don't worry miss Sumire has said that everything will be alright, " Said mom, while holding me to her bosom. 

 "Kaede's POV end"

Outside the hospital, Alex grinned as he looked at the loot he had gotten unknowingly. 

He didn't know that those man he hired actually ran a slave business, so these gains were great! 

About letting these girls go home? 

Fuck no! 

Bitch in hand is worth two bitches! 

Alex won't let these females go even in his dreams. 

Alex took each and everyone of them to his hotel room, where he was going to now have a grand orgy with dozens of these beautiful women. 

Alex actually took his car with himself, while one of the women kidnapped drived other vechiles, taking all women at once to the Junko's hotel.