Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Ready for College

All these women who belonged to the most prestigious Yamamoto Clan and had the best genes. 

As the superior Clan, it was clan members' duty to take a women with a higher beauty and smartness as the mothers of their heirs. 

This caused almost every women in the Clan to be very beautiful. 

They were Godesses in the eyes of commoners! 

But now they were all naked before Alex while shuddering in fear. 

But some of them were brave as they acted as if being naked didn't make them fear him. 

One of those women who had square glasses and was covering her boobs and pussy with her arms, said, " Young Master Alex, you told us that you will let us go, if we decided against your offer. But now you're going back on your words! "

Alex gave the brightest smile he could muster to this women who was supposedly Kazuya's concubine. 

He simply said, " I lied. "

"W-What? " The women felt that she had heard wrong. 

So, Alex like a fucker he was respelled, " I wasn't serious when I promised that. I was gonna fuck you all anyway. "

Some women of Alex felt sad looking at these women who were going to be soon robbed of their free will. 

This feeling was the feeling of pity for a fellow human of a similar sex. 

If they hadn't spent so much time with Alex, they would have been in a same situation. 

Alex would have raped them and they would have helplessly loved him. 

But none of them said anything, as they were going to see this not once from here. 

This was simply gonna be natural now. Like a lion eats a deer, a deer eats grass. 

The World was going to be like this. 

All Yamamoto Clan's women in front of them were terrified as they heard Alex. 

They knew if Alex wanted to force himself upon them then it was useless to resist. 

Alex said, " This is your last chance. Those who are ready to become mine stand on the right. "

Everyone turned silent... 

But in few seconds, the women with square glasses went to the right. 

She sighed and said to everyone, " Come here. It's useless. "

Hearing just some words from this women, made the reality clear. 

After that more women started standing beside that women. 

In the end only three women were still at their original place. 

Among those three one was a young women in her early twenties while and two other middle aged women. 

Alex tsked, " It's just a sex. Why are you so adamant on going against me? "

The middle aged women replied, " Please let us go young Master. My daughter has androphobia. She'll die if you tried to do something excessive with her. "

Alex understood that this women was the mother of the young women. 

She looked like that girl's big sister... Genetics can really do magic, Alex thought. 

He then looked at other middle aged women in irritation. 

The women just scoffed and said, " I'll rather die than letting you touch me villain! "

"... "

Alex didn't give a shit about this. 

He turned to the girl who was supposed to have androphobia. 

She looked like a frightened bunny, as everytime she looked at Alex she would tremble in fear.

Alex knew that her mother wasn't lying. 

So he gently asked, " I'm sorry. It seems I made you uncomfortable. What is your name? "

The women while trembling replied, " Akira... I'm the only daughter of the elder Kyousuke. "

Akira subconsciously thought that her father's status would help here. 

As it worked everywhere. 

She knew that even if Alex was prince of the Clan. He wouldn't dare to rape her. 

Her father was an Elder! 

But Alex's eyes just turned cold, " I was thinking about being gentle with you. But it seems you don't need that. "

" You can die whenever you want after I'm done with you. "

As soon as Alex ended his words, naked Akira was pulled into his arms.

She gave a high pitched scream making Alex's ears hurt. 

But Alex just materialized a gag and forced it inside Akira's mouth. 

"That makes it easier, " He smirked. 

Akira's mother pounced on Alex as if to tear him in pieces. 

But, she was stopped by Melissa who just kicked her in gut. 

That must have hurt as hell, Alex thought. 

Melissa was always merciless with her attacks. 

Alex said while kissing the cheek of Akira who was on the verge of fainting from fear, " Let's get this over with. So, you don't need to face this for too long. I also got college to attend tomorrow. "

Akira's eyes almost rolled back from that touch. 

But, she didn't stop flailing. 

Alex didn't plan to let other women just enjoy this show. 

So, he used the skill he had brought some time ago.

A mist of pheromones spread through the air, forcing all women including Melissa and others to blush. 

They felt their nether region moistening, as the show in front of them continued. 

Alex wasn't patient with that girl Akira, as soon he forced her to take his dick inside her pussy. 

Surprisingly she wasn't a virgin, so Alex thought that something happened to her that made her have androphobia. 

But he didn't care and just pumped her until she was cumming from her unconscious body. 

Yeah, Akira had already fainted as soon as Alex gave a first thrust to her womb. 

Her mother couldn't do anything but helplessly watch as she herself soon started feeling heat from her pussy. 

Soon, Alex was done creampieng Akira and next was her mother and that other women who resisted. 

All three of them became his swiftly. 

Akira's mother became obedient, as she cooperatrd with Alex from then like a good slave. 

Alex had not much time as he needed to attend college in next morning. 

So, he only took every women for a round of heaven and let them fall for him involuntarily. 

But even then it was only when dawn appeared that Alex was done with these new women and as well as his other women. 

He soon returned back to The Yamamoto Clan and slept on his bed peacefully. 

Melissa, Rachel and Eliza were sleeping around him. 

While, other women were given rooms of their own as soon as they came here. 

Alex's sleep was broken in the morning when someone knocked upon his door. 

Alex woke up while rubbing his eyes and opened the door while still being naked. 

He wasn't surprised seeing Hikari, his stepmother who adopted him in the Yamamoto Clan on the door. 

She smiled warmly as she brought Alex's face in her ample bosom. 

She was shorter than him so Alex had to bow down slightly. 

So, Alex just pulled her inside and made her sit on sofa. 

He didn't wait much as his head was buried inside this heavenly softness again.

It had been years, but still Alex remembered how good it felt to be in Hikari's embrace. 

The reason being that he had conquered her mind completely without even using his powers or any situation like with Melissa. 

Hikari enjoyed this time with Alex, who looked so hungry somehow. 

Alex opened her blouse and she let Alex freely play with her breasts, as she knew that Alex really liked them. 

Alex didn't disappoint her, as he happily sucked on Hikari's nipples making even Hikari surprised. 

He wanted to compare them with Melissa. 

And, sure enough Melissa was already awake while glaring at Hikari. 

" Who is this thug my dear son? " Asked Hikari. 

She just needed a glance and somehow she found out that Melissa was a thug... 

Alex was surprised and so was Melissa. 

"Ah, don't be surprised your features match with that pretty boy from Dragon group. So, are you related to him? " Asked Hikari. 

Melissa knew what Hikari was talking about. 

The Dragon group was created by her father in his starting days. 

Later he died and she inherited its remnants. 

So, the boy Hikari was talking about was her father no doubt. 

" Mom, she also came from future and she is also my mom... Well, it's confusing... " Alex said not bent on explaining anything. 

Melissa quickly added, " I'm Melissa, Alex's mother. We spent eighteen years together. I don't know who you are but nice to meet you. "

Hikari felt her lips twitching as she looked at Melissa's provocative smile. 

She knew that this bitch was aiming for her position and vice versa. 

Hikari said, " A thug like you should not associate with the Prince of Yamamoto Clan. Only someone respected like me should be related to him. I'm the head of Yamamoto Clan after all. "

Hikari's proud of words made Melissa snort loudly. 

The situation even woke up Rachel and Eliza. 

They looked at Alex who had his hands on the breasts of an unknown beautiful women. 

Rachel sighed as she saw that the women had slightly bigger breasts than hers. 

While Eliza didn't care as her breasts were the biggest! 

But she felt the chilling atmosphere, as Melissa laughed while pointing at Hikari. 

"I couldn't stop myself from laughing. You're just a dead old fish, who would have died by the hands of your own pathetic son, if Alex hadn't saved you. So, how can you try to show your relationship to him without even frowning. You aren't even worthy to be his slave! " Melissa mercilessly added. 

Hikari was shocked. 

She never heard from Alex that she was already supposed to die. 

Her eyes which were filled with anger towards Melissa softened upon seeing Alex. 

She didn't doubt Melissa's words, as Alex had said that she was from future. 

Melissa also won't lie when competing against her. 

Hikari felt that he really was her lucky star. 

He gave her life, love and everything she wanted. 

She ignored Melissa completely and said to Alex softly, " Thank you Alex... Once again. "

Alex sighed, " Don't say that mom. I already got much more from you. "

He then turned to Melissa, " Mom, I want you to work with her by telling her about future. "

" Rachel and Eliza can also stay with you. While others will need to find job for them or they can enjoy their time here. "

Melissa nodded to Alex like a obedient cat. 

But she puffed up her chest and glared at Hikari. 

Hikari wasn't one to be outdone as she also stood up. 

She folded her hands below her mounds and glared at Melissa while making her breasts more pronounced.

This seemed like some way to showcase their strengths... 

Alex who was looking at this while standing aside, was thinking about having a double boobjob from these two milfs. 

As for Rachel and Eliza they just shrugged and went back to sleep. 

Alex had fucked them too much and now they weren't in any condition to move around. 

As for Melissa and Hikari they glared at each other from point range while pushing their breasts against each other. 

This created a sexy scene that Alex didn't miss at all. 

He enjoyed it in full HD! 

But he was brought out of his thoughts as door was knocked upon once again. 

This time it was Emma and her mother Elsa. 

They both flushed red as they saw Alex naked with few more women naked in the room. 

Elsa was wearing normal blouse and long skirt which gave her a good natured vibe.

She really had the face that should be bullied like her daughter. 

Her blonde hair matched with her green blouse making her look dashing. 

As for Emma she was wearing a T-shirt and upon it jacket. Below she was wearing long tight pants which highlighted her slim legs. 

She had a small bag on her back looking as if she was going somewhere. 

"Alex! Why are you not ready!? We got college to attend! " She said. 

Alex just remembered... 

He stopped looking at his so called moms going at each other like a pervert and ran to bathroom. 

In ten minutes he was ready with normal clothes looking dashing and heroic. 

"Let's go, " He said to Emma who was pouting. 

"I don't like getting late. And because of you we're going late on the first day, " She said while pouting. 

"Then you should have just gone forth. Why did you wait for me? " Alex asked amused. 

Emma snorted, " That's because I like you. "

Alex was surprised, seeing her acting so freely. 

The Emma he remembered was shy, he wondered what happened last night. 

Elsa just shrugged as she looked away from Alex. 

She actually tried to make Emma get away from Alex. 

But that just caused Emma to accept her feelings about Alex as a crush. 

She told Emma about what kind of playboy Alex was. 

But she just said, " Alex knows magic. He's handsome, strong and powerful. It's normal to have a harem of his own. I need to get into his heart so that I'll have high position in his harem. "

Elsa as well was pulled inside as Emma said that if she was also Alex's women then they could enjoy their time as sisters together for eternity. After all then they will be immortals! 

Elsa said goodbye to Alex and Emma as they left together. 

She felt worried looking at her baby girl who was shyly trying to hold Alex's hand... 

Elsa sighed and looked back at these beauties in front of her. 

As Alex left for his college another Drama was going to start here.