Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Alex woke up in the morning with two beautiful girls in his arms. 

Today was his birthday! 

And just like everytime he expected everyone to wish him. 

Alex had told everyone that he was the Heavenly King, so he was expecting his family to be here. 


"Why the fuck is this place so deserted?! "

Alex looked around and sure enough his Heavenly Harem Palace was almost empty. 

There were just few servants who knew nothing. 

They just said, that all disciples were gone with Sect-Mistress and Vice-sect Mistress. 

Alex was stunned. 

Did that Beatrice, took away his women? 


Alex denied the possibility. 

His eyes suddenly twinkled. 


Today was his birthday. 

So, they must be planning a birthday party. 

Alex wondered what will happen. 

He decided to check on them to see, what they were doing. 

Alex teleported outside to the Kingdom of Florennum. 

He knew that Rhianna must know something. 


He heard a disastrous news. 

There was a massive war going on at the Kingdom of Avalon. 

The army of Florennum had left to join the war. 

Alex was furious. 

He had lots of questions... 

Who, what, why? 

War wasn't a big issue, he had confidence to end any war in this World. 

But, today was his birthday. So which bastard dared to do this?! 

Alex decided to fly towards the Avalon as quick as possible. 

He actually hadn't regained his memories, because 18 years would only be complete in few more hours. 

It just took Alex few minutes of travelling and he was in front of a massive graveyard. 

Millions upon millions of beings were going against each other. 

The ground was filled with every race that existed in this world. 

Even undeads were there. 

Upon the Sky, Draconics, Demonics, fairies and even Demonic Spirits were hungry for each other's blood. 

The entire environment was bloodthirsty. 

If ever the hell existed then it would be here and Alex was sure of it. 

As almost the whole armies of the entire World were here. 

Destructive magical attacks, artilleries were being fired here and there. 

But what made him beyond shocked was the scenario of battles that went beyond the beliefs of mortals. 

He could see several figures who he loved and was familiar with fighting against each other, with killing intent that surpassed mountains and rivers. 

He saw his mother's Draconic Ryukki who burnt apart a group of flying Demonics as if they were paper. 

His mother Melissa was fighting against Kitty. 

His usually polite and cute Kitty looked like a bloodthirsty devil as she swung her claws to take away the head of Melissa. 

Alex could also see Daisy who was fighting against Rachel and Eliza at once. 

His Master Flora and Rose were having a brawl against Beatrice, Irina and Ivy. 

Rose was providing support while Flora took the brunt of Beatrice and Irina's attacks. 

Ivy as well was supporting Beatrice and Irina. 

Beatrice looked like a true devil empress as the Darkness that followed her engulfed everything in it's way. 

This was the central and main battlefield. 

And surrounding them were, the Elders and Disciples of the Heavenly Harem Sect, the beautiful fairies danced around while throwing out deadly AOE attacks that didn't match their appearance. 

The Guardians of different Kingdoms were there as well, while at the same time the members of Hero's party. 

Everyone fought against each other. 

Alex was so stunned to see this mess that he couldn't even say anything. 

The entire war was like a battle Royale where only one winner can be. 

Everyone was changing their opponents, as if changing their clothes. 

Like Melissa was now fighting against Flora while Beatrice had taken a chance to fight Eliza. 

It was a true mess! 

Alex could not stop himself anymore. 

As he got a hint of why they were fighting against each other with their lives on the line. 

He yelled out loud, " What the fuck are you all doing?!!!?? "

Alex's voice spread through the battlefields, as everyone stopped. 

Even foot soldiers stopped, as they looked upon Alex who can be their ally or enemy. 

His powerful might was known by everyone after all. 

But Alex's women were shocked for something else. 

The War had gone for too long, they had thought that everything will end by midnight, but they were fighting even now. 

And, now wasn't the time to fight! 

"Everyone! Protect him! " No idea who said this first but everyone leaped towards Alex and surrounded him in a moment's breath. 

Alex was shocked... 

What are they protecting him from? 

But all women around him were shocked for a moment, then they became wary of each other. 

"Stop acting! We already know you're just finding a chance! I won't let you harm him, " Said Melissa followed by the nod of Rachel and Eliza who stood beside her. 

"Shut up! You scheming bitches! Do you think we're getting fooled? Let's just fight to death and let me kill you! " Said Flora furiously. 

Rose followed, " Yes! We won't let you harm Alex! "

Daisy and Ivy followed with their own words of safety and love. 

Alex didn't know how to salvage this situation... 

He was having premonition from some time, that he was missing something important. 

But, everything was going just too smooth. 

He didn't think that these women were just finding a chance to fight it out. 

And now looking at all these women bickering at each other like little bitches made Alex feel even more irritated. 

He loudly yelled, " Shut up! "

He then ordered to everyone, " Stop this war right away! "

"B-But Alex... " Melissa wanted to say something seeing Alex angry. 

He must be heartbroken hearing that women he loved were after his life. 

Alex cut her off with cold voice, " It's an order. Stop this War or forget about finding your way in my bed again. "

Everyone worked like terrified bunnies. 

The War that caused uncountable casualties and deaths was ended this way. 

The biggest war in entire history of this World, went down as who knows what... 

Everything was just too confusing, so historians couldn't write anything. 

As for Alex, he took every women he was related with to a second space. 

This place was isolated from outside and Alex could talk some sense into his bitches here. 

With a grim expression, Alex sat down upon the throne that was materialized by him in the room. 

He looked at all women in the space in front of him. 

He had Teleported everyone here. 

Including Elders and Disciples of his sect, also Fairies summoned by his Master, all female Guardians across the World. 

These were the women he hadn't yet fucked. 

Besides them, all women who were in relationship with him were there. 

They had their heads lowered, like a child that was getting scolded. 

They weren't idiots and seeing women beside them, they knew they screwed up real bad today. 

The war they started had led to the death of millions. 

Alex looked at everyone with a chilly gaze. 

"What were you all doing there? " He asked in a soft but chilling voice. 

No one answered at start. 

But, then Flora moved forward, " Alex, we were doing that to protect you. "

"Is that so? " Asked Alex amused, as he waved his hand and next moment his Master flew into his arms. 

"You are this weak, to not even be able to resist me if I fucked you right now, in front of everyone. Then how were you going to protect me? " Asked Alex as he unrestrainedly fondled his Master's breast. 

Other women looked at this scene in shock. 

The Witch of Disaster, someone who was declared so terrifying that she was named Disaster was lying like a docile kitten in Alex's arms. 

Melissa, Rachel, Eliza, Daisy and Ivy were surprised, as they saw themselves in Flora's place. 

But, Rose followed to support her Master's claim, " Alex, I'm sorry but we can't tell you what we are protecting you from. But you should have understood by our actions that who is after your life. "

Rose said so, as she glared at Alex's other women. 

"Who are you glaring at long-legged bitch? " Cursed Rachel. 

Eliza as well added, " We're his real family. We're the one protecting Alex from whores like you. "

Daisy as well said in creepy voice, " You all are villains. I'm the only servant of my Lord. "

Melissa fought back, " Just a lunatic! That's what you are! Humph! "

Beatrice and Irina as well started cursing out loud. 

Alex once again felt headache. 

"Shut up! " He said and everyone turned silent again. 

That was for a moment, as they again started bickering in few seconds. 

Alex now sighed exhaustedly. 

These girls... They needed to be tamed again... 

The last dose seemed to have worn off. 

Alex slowly stood up while carrying Flora, who in surprise circled her hand around Alex's neck. 

Seeing, Alex standing up everyone once again turned silent. 

But Alex this time just looked at everyone with a cold gaze. 

A sudden hidden pressure materialized upon everywhere, as air turned heavy. 

All women in the hall were forced to kneel down with a thud. 

Even strongest among them like Melissa, Beatrice and Daisy weren't spared. 

"You all have been living too casually, that you have forgotten to whom you all belong. Guess, I just need to remind you, " Said Alex with a chuckle. 

He just waved his hand and the invisible sharp slash of air flew through the space, destroying every fabric of cloth that all women were wearing. 

Alex of course made sure to not hurt them. 

Almost everyone except Alex's women yelped in surprise, shock and humiliation. 

These were all the strongest women in this World, who had no one above them. 

How could they be forced to be naked like this that also completely helplessly. 

Those women wanted to retort, but they couldn't even open their mouths. 

As for Alex's women, their faces turned red in embarrassment.

They knew what was going to happen. 


The main thing was that they screwed up. 

They rearranged everything in their memory and came to a conclusion that just as they had fallen for Alex, everyone else had too. 

Melissa looked at Rose and Rose also looked back. 

Their eyes conversed silently and they understood what they were each thinking. 

So, Melissa tried to say, " A-Alex, this is embarrassing. We now know that there was some kind of misunderstanding... So, can we talk alone, not in front of my subordinates? "

Alex just smirked, " Don't worry mom, it won't affect your prestige as no one will leave this place normally. I'm going to tame each and everyone of you. "

Melissa didn't know what to say to this. 

But then her naked body as well was pulled into Alex's arms. 

Melissa just stood in Alex's embrace beside Flora, who she was just some time ago fighting against for death. 

But, now they were both naked in the arm of the same man who they both loved. 

Alex looked at remaining women and said with a smile, " Be ready girls. After this will be turn of you all. "

Alex kissed his mother while his hand creeped upon Flora's ass. 

He didn't have much time so he used the 'Touch of Pleasure' from the start making both Melissa and Flora cum at once. 

"Ahhh~ " Their moans morphed into a symphony while touch of their smooth skin busty curves made his shaft rise higher. 

Alex removed all of his clothes. 


Time was up. 

18 years got completed. 

At this moment he had lived for 18 years in this World which was forced upon him by his own family to kill him. 

Ohh... They were not his family, they were rather sluts who decided to band together just to hunt him. 

As memories flooded back, Alex's eyes became amused. 

"How interesting. So, you all trapped me inside this place, while trying to kill me. But it seems I managed to fuck you all involuntarily or not.. 

May be this was my instinct that attracted me to you all who might become dangerous for me. Sigh, you all truly disappointing, " Said Alex. 

As everyone heard Alex saying this... 

They understood that Alex had his memories back. 

Rachel was the first one to say, " L-Little brother..."

Rachel was afraid that Alex will deny their relationship and as she thought Alex looked at her with expressionless face. 

" I'm not sad, just a little surprised that once upon a time you all tried to hurt me, " Said Alex. 

Rose apologised, "I'm sorry Alex. I wasn't in right mind. But as I spent my time with you. I came to understand how good of a person you are. And that made me fall for you. We really are sorry. "

Alex smiled wryly, " I know. I know. You all don't need to say all those things. You had your situation. But still I'm disappointed. "

Daisy as well looked at Alex with affection, she respectfully said to Alex, " As they said both. We were all wrong to think about hurting you Alex. But we're already yours, so don't throw us away. "

Hearing this Alex looked at Daisy and sighed. 

He removed his arms from around Melissa and Flora as he sat back down on his throne. 

Melissa who was already panicking, thinking about this change, said, " Son, I've thought about this day for uncountable times. I was always afraid, that you'll hate me because I'm not your real mother bit a villainess who wants to kill you. "

"But I had already decided to not harm you on the day I held you. Even if you don't think of me as your mother, I can never not see as you my son. So, I'll do everything I can to make you love me again. "

Melissa said so as she sat on Alex's lap and she then signalled at Flora. 

Flora nodded and sat on other lap of Alex as she said, " Alex. I love you. I know you won't abandon me. I also know that you're the same Alex who I fell for. So, I'll make you know how much I love you. "

But Alex stayed silent. 

Alex's all women burned in nervousness, thinking about what changes might have happened to Alex. 


After half a minute Alex opened his eyes. 

As he smiled warmly at everyone. 

"Umm, I was checking all memories. So, that's what happened, " Alex laughed. 

"You all were sent by some other Player to hurt me. But in return I managed to fuck you all... Is that true? " Alex asked. 

Melissa nodded with a red face because of Alex's crude wording. She placed her head on Alex's chest, " It's true. We were bound by that brainwashing which got undone as soon as we came in this world. "

Alex sighed, " It seems I made some of you hate me. For that I won't apologize as now you're my women. We became one on the day you all confessed to me. But this 'The Game' sure is not a normal. It won't let us have a peaceful relationship. So you all know what you need to do. "

Daisy nodded, " As I said we're yours. You can tell us anything. We know everything about 'The Game'. It's true we can hardly have a peaceful relationship. So, I'm ready to love you just from side. "

Everyone else as well said the same thing. 

They understood what entailed becoming Alex's women in 'The Game'. 

Alex so said, " Then it's clear. After this game is over we'll go back. With me being the winner. After that you will all work as I order. "

Alex said this seriously but then his voice became suggestive, " As for now... Let me celebrate having you all as my own possessions. "

Alex's women sighed in relief understanding that as they had thought Alex hadn't abandoned her neither was he changed because of his memories. 

They knew that Alex was bad with them only because he was against them. 

They had seen both Alex's aggression and love. So, they were sure that they had fallen for the man they wish to live forever with. 

Melissa and Flora looked at each other and smiled. 

Alex didn't give any one of them a chance to say, as he kissed both of them gently while bringing their already sensitive bodies to a new heights of pleasure. 

He was sure that this time he will be in a long seclusion, he thought so while looking at so many women kneeling naked in front of him. 

These were the strongest women in this World, who will rule the world in his absence as he follows in the next phases of 'The Game'.