Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Kitty and Daphanaie

The beautiful Godess like beauty in front of Alex gave him an enchanting smile which could mesmerize any man alive. 

Her flushed cheeks only added hint of exoticism to her erotic figure which Alex wished to hold as soon as possible. 


Daphanaie said, " Alex, I don't have any problem with becoming your women. Rather I'll be more than happy to give myself to you. "

"But, even if your body is strong enough to handle the pleasure that our union will give you. Your mental fortitude might not be enough, " Said Daphanaie with a hint of regret. 

Alex knew that Daphanaie wasn't acting. 

She really wished to become his, but was skeptical because of risks. 

Alex knew that a weak body won't be able to handle a copulation with overpowered being like Daphanaie. 

But his body was trained to be strong and even his mental fortitude was very high. 

Alex said, " You don't need to care about that my Daphanaie. Just focus on giving yourself to me. How I do that is upto me. "

His sharp and vulgar gaze checked Daphanaie up and down as if she was stark naked. 

Daphanaie flushed red as she felt that she was completely vulnerable before him. 

But she really was, as she couldn't harm him right now. 

Will of the World controlled the World primarily by their watchdogs those are 'Deities'. 

Secondarily they used their own powers to control the minds of their inhabitants. 

But Daphanaie had wasted all her powers and her only Deity was just a pet of the man before her who was about to claim her as well. 

Just as Daphanaie was thinking Alex made a majestic throne appear behind him. 

He sat on it while ordering, " You are now going to be mine. So why don't you show what you're worth. "

Daphanaie was confused hearing this. 

But Kitty quickly took action, as she went near Daphanaie and whispered something in her ear. 

Daphanaie flushed red again and she was now even breathing roughly. 

Alex now understood why this World was about to be destroyed... 

How can a World survive with a pervert like this as its controller. 

But Daphanaie and Kitty didn't disappoint him anymore. 

Kitty sat between Alex's legs as she usually did. 

She even urged Daphanaie to do so. 

Kitty said, " Now I'll teach you how a good women should be. "

Hearing Kitty's words Alex praised her in his mind while patting her head. 

Kitty giggled as her next actions became even more enthusiastic after Alex's praise. 

She opened Alex's pant like she had done this thousands of time. 

And then pulled out his giant cock, which was enough to send shivers of pleasure and excitement down her spine. 

While Daphanaie who for the first time saw something like this was stunned silly. 

She appeared fearful. 

She never had thought that a human can be this big. 

She wondered if Alex was secretly an Orc Emperor. 

But she knew that those beasts didn't have a majesty and grace like Alex. 

They couldn't even be compared to a superior being like Alex who even she herself was going to serve to. 

Daphanaie gave her rapt attention to Alex's shaft which her subordinate or now her teacher Kitty took hold of. 

Kitty moved her hand up and down, bringing it in its full glory. 

Seeing her Master's hard and warm shaft in its full glory made Kitty smile in happiness. 

She knew that her Master got this way for her. 

She took Alex's lust as a value of his care and love for her. 

All women around Alex did so, as Alex hardly was attached to anyone. 

Kitty with anticipating eyes placed a kiss upon Alex's tip. 

She then said to Daphanaie while licking her Master's length like an ice-cream. 

"You first need to make it wet while moving your hands... Like this... " Kitty explained each step while doing her work.

Daphanaie just stared like a child, as she saw Kitty doing that to Alex. 

It wasn't like Daphanaie hadn't seen anyone else mating. 

She was the Will of the World, the mating instincts of living beings was the reason that life survived and ultimately she survived as their mother. 

But, this was the first time Daphanaie was having this feeling. 

Seeing Kitty taking Alex's shaft inside her mouth, licking it all over with her tongue. 

While tasting it non-stop made Daphanaie feel hazy and warm. 

She felt her body turning hot, as a weird tingling started appearing inside her sacred garden. 

She was pulled out of her thoughts by Kitty, who said, " Now your turn Daphanaie. "

"Umm?? " Daphanaie was stunned for a moment. 

But she then flushed again, as she went beside Kitty. 

"Do as I did, " Said Kitty. 

Daphanaie remembered all steps Kitty had taken. 

So, she first touched Alex's dick like a curious bunny. 

"Hehe, it won't harm you Daphanaie, but before that come here. I can't let you loose your first kiss that way, " Said Alex as he pulled Daphanaie in his lap. 

He didn't wait for her to say anything, as his lips stole hers directly. 

Even though his actions were rough. His lips were gentle as they slowly caressed Daphanaie soft lips. 

Daphanaie looked into Alex's hazel eyes feeling herself drowning into them. 

These were eyes of the man who stole her first kiss. 

They were the eyes of the man to whom she would now belong to. 

This thought, caused the pleasure she felt from just a normal kiss intensify, as she felt her lower mouth turning wet. 

Alex didn't miss any of her movements, and as soon as she became comfortable he slowly pushed his tongue inside her mouth. 

Her smooth tongue which was hiding like a frightened bunny was pulled near Alex's. 

Daphanaie as well slowly became braver, as she entwined her tongue with Alex's. 

Alex felt unimaginable pleasure just from this kiss. 

This feeling was physical, as Daphanaie was literally a being above Deities. 

His mortal body was reacting to her, making him experience the lust that was too much. 

Kitty who was doing her best to give her Master the best blowjob ever felt his cock turning even harder. 

Her already fully filled mouth started secreting even more saliva as if welcoming him inside her mouth. 

Alex as well didn't let go of any chance, as his hand slowly went to Daphanaie's breast covered behind petals of beautiful flowers. 

He removed them gently while not stopping his kisses. 

Once both of her breasts were free of any confines he freely fondled and caressed them as if they were prized treasures. 

After a minute Alex stopped kissing Daphanaie. 

He pulled back and looked at her dreamy eyes and red face. 

He looked downward at hear beautiful naked breasts. 

Her dress was too erotic, as it left her breasts completely bare while covering all area beside them. 

It was more like a suit made for sex, which Alex liked very much. 

He brought her cute pinkish nipples to his mouth and gave them a slight kiss. 

Daphanaie let out a slight moan which she was trying to hold back since a while. 

But, couldn't anymore as Alex fondled her breasts and bit her nipples. 

Alex smirked finding that Daphanaie's breasts were her weak points. 

He decided to give special attention to them in future. 

Alex was also being pleasured by Kitty whose mouth was feeling already sore from moving it back and forth. 

At one point she had already started deepthroating Alex's cock, giving him a pleasure that was beyond anything. 

Alex knew that he was going to cum soon. 

But before that... 

"Ahhh~~~" Daphanaie gave a loud moan and cummed on Alex's lap, wetting his pant. 

She wasn't wearing any kind of undergarments and this was as sexy as fuck. 

Alex made his clothes disappear as he felt it was time to claim what was rightfully his. 

He said, " Kitty, let Daphanaie taste it now. While you undress for me. "

Kitty gave her place to Daphanaie, as she stood before Alex. 

Her bashful expression turned seductive and charming as she made a kissing action and blinked at Alex erotically. 

Kitty was wearing a short white skirt that went upto her thighs letting her beautiful greyish tail peek out glamorously. 

Below it she was wearing tight stockings which had laces that went beneath her skirt. 

Her bountiful boobs showed an inviting clevage which Kitty didn't miss to show to Alex as she bowed to him quottishly. 

Her snow White skin along with her white skirt made her look like a beauty kissed by the moon. 

Kitty then slowly turned around as she seductively removed her hair which were covering her sexy bare back. 

She had kept it like this as Alex liked to fondle her ass whenever he wished and wearing a backless skirt made it easier for her Master. 

Kitty erotically removed the strings attached to her upper skirt while giving Alex inviting glances. 

She had learned all this to please just her Master. 

She was glad she did this. 

While at the same time, Daphanaie who was a newbie blowjobber did her best to please her husband. 

She had taken it upon herself to lick Alex's throbbing hard shaft while placing kisses on it. 

Alex knew that she was new to this, but even then the pleasure she gave was very good. 

May be this was because she was a higher being, but her every touch was pleasurable to Alex's mortal body. 

Daphanaie then took Alex's cock inside her mouth, but she couldn't take even half of it inside. 

So, she just started tasting the tip while moving her hands upon the remaining length. 

Alex didn't say anything as he enjoyed the sloppy blowjob of this girl who was even higher in authority than a Godess. 

Alex kept looking at the strip show in front of him while getting pleasured on his cock. 

Kitty after opening her skirt's straps removed it slowly but seductively. 

She was wearing a strapless bra inside which was used by her to keep her boobs in place while fighting. 

She hid her breasts with them and looked at Alex with a teasing expression while showing off her glamorous white skin and curves hidden behind her undergarments and garter belt.

She slowly threw away her her strapless bra and showed her boobs in their full glory to her Master. 

She didn't hide them as she fondled them in a sexy way, while leaking an erotic moan that made Alex's cock that was inside Daphanaie's mouth throb in desire. 

Alex couldn't control himself, so to get even better climax he apologized to Daphanaie in his mind and then directly pushed his cock inside her tight throat. 


Daphanaie was stunned silly, as her oral canal got completely blocked. She couldn't even breath.

Alex's cock was so huge that she wasn't even able to swallow her saliva. 

Her gag reflex kicked up, but Alex ignored it. 

He knew that a being like her won't get hurt even if he went a little tough. 

Daphanaie had already cummed so doing this might only increase her sensitivity more and might even make her find hidden fetishes of herself. 

So Alex without any mercy slammed his cock inside Daphanaie's throat while fondling her breasts.

The pleasure caused Daphanaie's throat to contract involuntarily as her pussy became wetter and wetter again. 

She was about to experience an orgasm once again. 

Kitty who saw her Master's pleased expression became happy. 

She erotically bent down while pointing her bubbly ass towards Alex and slowly started removing her sexy panty. 

It was necessarily just a small piece of cloth which covered her buttline and pussy leaving her white bubbly ass bare. 

Alex liked to fondle it, so she didn't dare to hide it. 

She normally didn't even wear panties when she was around Alex, as she always wished for Alex's attention. 

Soon, Kitty was almost naked with her private parts on full display. 

Her smooth hairless crotch covered with nothing but her pink petals made her look ravishing. 

Her beautiful natural face alongside her wolf ears made her look cute, but her figure made her more gorgeous and sexy. 

Looking at this scene and the feel of Daphanaie's contracting throat who was cumming right now was too much. 

As Alex with a slight grunt started emptying his load inside Daphanaie's stomach. 

He only let her go, once he was done. 

Daphanaie started coughing loudly, she was just about to recover herself. 


"Don't use any magic, " Alex ordered and Daphanaie had to follow. 

Alex then continued, " Now, this is time for my cock to taste your pussies. "

Alex smirked while looking at the sexy half nude girls in front of him.