Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Involving everyone

Once Alex had sent still depressed Arisu home he returned to his mansion in the college campus.

" Where were you? We were waiting for so long! " Hoshino complained while pouting her lips in anger.

It was already midnight now and they had already gone to sleep.

It was clear from the cute loose pajamas Hoshino was wearing.

Akiko was also in pajamas but her dressing was more mature and kind of sexy.

She could be seen giving a helpless smile at her mistress's childish act.

" Seems, the news of Takahashi Clan hasn't gone out... " Alex muttered to himself.

" What do you mean? " Hoshino pouted again seeing Alex was ignoring her.

" It's related to your Clan. So, I'll tell you, but first... Both of you give me a kiss, " Alex smirked as he ordered both beauties.

Hoshino pouted for a moment but she gave up after seeing her bodyguard Akiko jumping in Alex's embrace, no questions asked.

W-What!? Where is her dignity!?

" It's not fair Akiko! I'm your boss! " Hoshino chided, but she was completely ignored by Akiko.

Alex chuckled slightly and kissed the soft lips of Akiko.

His hand gently moved around her back, as he felt her soft pajama and bodily heat against himself.

For the whole evening he was with an attractive beauty like Arisu but he couldn't be touchy-touchy with her.

This had made his considerably horny. Luckily, these girls were right where he needed otherwise he was planning to order few of his teachers to have a sleep out with him.

The sound of wet kisses enveloped the place as Hoshino kept watching Alex and Akiko with jealous pouting expression.

After few minutes Alex no longer was as gentle as in start.

He already had one of his hands inside Akiko's pants fondling her supple rear.

In the end Alex stopped only when Akiko was loosing her breath.

He gently pulled back from inside her mouth, as a string of saliva connected their lips.

Alex still didn't let go of Akiko's comfortable rear and beckoned for pouting Hoshino to come closer.

" I'm not coming. I want you to apologize for being late, " Hoshino looked away while crossing her hands in front of her chest.

Alex chuckled, " You're the one loosing anyway. After all I have my dear Akiko with me. Right? "

" Y-Yes Alex... I love you... " Akiko betrayed her boss on the first sight no questions asked and said in a dreamy feminine tone surprising Hoshino who hadn't seen this side of Akiko for so many days.

But, Hoshino still was hell bent on keeping her angry act.

So, Alex just ignored her and picked up Akiko.

He then carried her to his personal room on first floor.

It was the same room where he had taken Emma's first time.

" He really went away... Dummy Alex! " Hoshino couldn't control herself as even after few minutes Alex hadn't called for her.

She was prideful as the Princess of Hayashi Clan, but in front of her love to Alex her pride bent away.

She followed her desire to Alex's room, where she came upon the scene of Alex and Akiko enjoying each other's company.

Akiko was kneeling in between Alex's legs and was pleasuring him with her mouth.

Alex smirked at Hoshino for a moment and then ignored her.

" Move your head hear faster Akiko, " Alex ordered and so Akiko did her best to follow.

Akiko seemed very good at giving head as even Alex noticed her improvement.

So, he asked, " Did you practice it for me Akiko? "

Akiko pulled out Alex's dick from her mouth and kept licking it while moving her hands upon it.

" Yess, I learnt from internet... For you... I wanted you to praise me... " Akiko said in between her work.

Alex praised her, " You're really good at it. "

Akiko giggled happily and went back to doing what she was.

On the other hand Hoshino was feeling left out.

" A-Alex... " She said.

" What is it Hoshino? I thought you didn't want to join in? " Alex grinned.

He could easily see how sexually frustrated Hoshino was right now.

Her face was deep red with excitement at seeing Akiko giving Alex head.

Hoshino looked away with a blush, but still she said, " C-Can I join in as well? "

She gave up on her pride and asked for Alex's permission.

But, Alex ignored her and brought Akiko on the bed.

He then made her lie there as he checked Akiko's pink pussy.

It was a sight to marvel, admire and cherish, making even Alex have no other thoughts than stuffing it with his hard cock.

He of course did so, once again claiming Akiko's pussy.

" Ahh~ "

Alex started thrusting inside Akiko, as her moans filled the room.

Hoshino who hadn't yet gotten the permission could not help but come upon the bed.

Her hand reached inside her pajamas.

She fondled her ample breasts and played with her little kitty while watching Alex fucking Akiko.

" Haaa~ "

Soon, Akiko had her first orgasm of the day making Hoshino sigh in jealousy.

But, Alex then said, " Tsk Tsk. Already playing with yourself? Why don't you try begging me while accepting that you're a whore who was stolen by me from your boyfriend? "

Alex didn't sugarcoat his words, as he knew that Hoshino was only loyal to him because of brainwashing and she also knew this.

But, the feelings that she had were so overbearing that her sane thoughts were buried on the first time Alex creampied her.

Still, Hoshino didn't even flinch before throwing away her pajamas and getting completely nude.

She then lied right beside Akiko while facing the bed.

She begged, " I'm a slut who was stolen by you. But... But... I really love you Alex. Please don't be mean to me. "

Hoshino meant every word she said, Alex as well knew this.

" You really are too cute... " Alex sighed and embraced her.

He made his cock align with her pussy and next claimed it again.

" Thank you.. " Hoshino said feeling glad that Alex wasn't mad at her.

She let her body be played by Alex as he wanted.

For the whole night Akiko and Hoshino, had their share of love, only able to fall asleep at dawn.

But, they weren't given the rest they so much needed after the grand fuck they had gotten.

" Wake up. I need to tell you something, " Alex woke them up.

" What is it? " Hoshino asked.

" Please tell so Master, " Akiko obediently asked.

Alex then started telling what happened last night in the Party.

" Whoa! So you poisoned the old man's drink and threw the poison vial at some other guy! And then even created a fake evidence that linked that other guy with Hayashi Clan! " Hoshino almost screamed understanding how big of a mess Hayashi Clan had gotten into.

" Yeah. By now that evidence which is a fake video footage of Asahi Takahashi and Honami Hayashi should have 'coincidentally' reached the Takahashi Clan members, " Alex said.

" But, this won't be enough to cause a real rift between them. Takahashi Clan might just accept that they are being set up, " Akiko said thoughtfully.

" I know. That's why in some hours that video footage will be 'coincidentally' leaked to all media channels in the country. After that even if those Clan don't want to go to war, they will have to at least start a cold War! " Alex explained.

He then continued," That's when Kageyama Clan will come in the show. Kai will force Hayashi Clan to choose sides by threatening them with total destruction. "

" But, my sister won't agree to this. Hayashi Clan passionately fights against Kageyama Clan. It's due to beliefs, " Hoshino said.

She knew that Hayashi Clan which was ruled by womens won't agree to a deal between Kageyama clan and them. Until... Kai came out with her identity.

Honoka Hayashi even if was a chosen by Godess Euphemia. She doesn't know that Kai had already fallen to Alex.

And even if she knew, it won't matter. Because...

" Hayashi Clan is prominently still ruled by my mother. Big sister can be said to be just a rising star. Her faction is nothing compared to my mother's. So, you only need to convince her and some other important figureheads, " Hoshino said.

" So, it's clear I just need to give your mother every reason to accept the deal with Kai, " Alex said.

" It should work, " Akiko as well nodded after thinking it through.

She then asked, " So, what are we supposed to do in this? "

Hoshino as well looked at Alex nervously.

Alex had previously given her the goal to form her own faction.

But, she had failed. Her faction was still being overwhelmed by her sister's.

There were many spies in it and no one was trustworthy. So Hoshino was ashamed of herself.

" It's not your fault Hoshino. You did a good work, " Alex said knowing what Hoshino was thinking.

He then continued, " Hoshino, you just need to be ready to take over the whole Clan at the moment I bring your mother to our side. Also, there is one more work. I need you two to make a trap to catch Honoka. As a chosen one she must have created enough ways to get out of any mess. "

" How are we supposed to trap her if she knows magic like you do? " Akiko asked knowing that trapping Honoka was going to be a difficult job.

" It's not exactly a trap. As we need to have her come to me willingly. So tell me what she desires the most? " Alex asked.

Hoshino thought for a moment and then said, " Even though I don't want to admit it. Big sister is a good person at heart. If you kidnap her subordinate or someone very close to her then she should come running to help her, " Hoshino said.

" Seems like a plan. I'll see what I can do then... " Alex said while going into thoughts.

" Alex let's have a bath together. I always wanted to do that... " After some time Hoshino shyly said.

" Okay my lil girlfriend," Alex had no reason to not accept as he turned to Akiko who as well looked expectant of their time together.

Alex's mansion had a nice bath at the ground floor.

So with still naked Hoshino and Akiko hanging by his arms he got down from the stairs.

Their steps echoed towards the bathroom from where soon came the moans of enjoyment and fulfillment.

After some time Alex and his two nymphs could be seen seating on the sofa before the large sized TV.

" Have you leaked the video? " Akiko asked.

" Yeah. I actually arranged it to be leaked by now. So, it should be going viral, " Alex said.

But, as soon as he started the news even he was shocked.

Takahashi Clan had clearly declared Hayashi Clan as its enemies!

The statement was taken by the new acting leader of Takahashi Clan, Takahashi Hina!

Alex was beyond stunned now knowing how the fuck this happened?!

He picked up his phone and called Hina.

Hina picked up the phone after two rings.

A soft giggle came from behind the phone.

[ Are you surprised? Hehe. I did this for you ]

A soft melancholic voice from a beautiful fairy like Hina was enough to cause war of Kingdoms.

" If I said I'm not surprised then I'll be lying. I surely have underestimated you, " Alex praised.

[ Hehe. I'm not that good. I'm just an acting head for now. Most likely I'll be replaced soon. But, before that I'll make relationship between these two clans completely irreconcilable ]

" You're cruel. Don't you feel bad for doing this to your own clan? " Alex asked amused.

[ Nothing was going to change the inevitable. I just used the situation to get some credit and end the agony of these poor people ]

Hina suggestively said so.

Alex understood that Hina had found out that he was the one who killed their Clan leader.

" If you do the good work then I won't shy away from rewarding you, " Alex said and cut off the call.

" Alex. Is she even trustworthy? " Hoshino asked knowing that Hina wasn't brainwashed yet by Alex.

" She is, " That was all Alex said, as if he had 100% confidence that Hina won't betray him.

" Now you just need to force Hayashi Clan to take the fall. Mother and sister most likely will try to ask for Yamamoto Clan's shade, " Hoshino said.

" Yes. Only Yamamoto Clan can help them in this situation, if they want to get out unscathed, " Akiko as well nodded.

" That won't be happening, " Alex grinned.

He then looked at the news which was displaying the video footage of Asahi and Honami having a chat right before the Party.

It looked as if the video was taken by someone right besides Asahi, that means Honami's mature beauty could be seen as clear as day in the video.

Below the headline was blowing which said that Takahashi Clan was asking for the clear answer!

This hardfist image clearly showed that Takahashi Clan wasn't going to back down without taking a considerable chunk out of Hayashi Clan.

And as Hoshino expected, Honami Hayashi had already contacted Hikari, the current leader of Yamamoto Clan.

Only to come to know that Hikari completely supported Hina's claim.

It seems Hina was only able to take acting leader position due to her strong power in her own Clan, also due to her control over considerable part of Yamamoto clan and due to Hikari's full support!

Even though the news about Hikari's support wasn't made public, Honami now knew that this was a direct attack at their position.

She came to a frightening conclusion that even the War between Takahashi Clan and Kageyama Clan might be a just facade to remove Hayashi Clan from its strong position.

But, right when Hayashi Clan was getting all of their business deals cancelled with Takahashis and Yamamoto a call for their help came from someone they least expected.

" Who is it Honami-sama? " The assistant of Honami Hayashi asked.

She looked at the hollow eyes of her leader who was always strong and beautiful.

But, right now she looked to have aged by at least 10 years.

Honami didn't reply and just showed her the name of dialler.

" Kageyama Clan leader? Why are they contacting us? " The assistant was confused.

" Who knows I better talk with her... " Honami sighed.

She didn't want her lifelong hard work for erecting this Clan to go to waste.

She was ready to go to any lengths to save her legacy!