Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Going to the Party

" Dear, wake up... " Tsumugi muttered as she caressed Alex's head resting in her soft ample bosom.

" Yeah... Just five minutes more... I want to feel these more. "

Hearing Alex Tsumugi blushed, as Alex dived deeper into her bosom.

" Hear me, I'm going to file divorce against my husband... Will you come with me? " Tsumugi asked.

" You will not divorce him, " Alex said still not looking up from this heavenly softness.

" Why? I don't wish to be connected with him. I love only you, " Tsumugi confessed.

" I know sensei. But, your husband is not as useless as you think, " Alex said.

" What do you mean? He is just a commoner bastard with somewhat good head on his shoulders, " Tsumugi said not knowing the truth.

" You're wrong. He is the direct heir of the Aizawa Family and the step-brother of Prinicpal Aizawa Yumino, " Alex came out clear.

He did not care if Tsumugi linked her husband with all those attempts to help her family.

He was rather sure that she will not even think about that even for a moment, as in her eyes Alex had become everything. Doubting his words was akin to doubting herself for her.

As expected Tsumugi was really shocked.

" I-I never knew that... "

" Well. He was on the test by his family. So, he had to hide his identity. But, he really loved you, " Alex said waiting to see Tsumugi's reaction.

" I know. But, I'm happy that I didn't give in... Otherwise I would not have been able to give my first time to you, " Tsumugi shyly said while hugging Alex.

Alex was pleased with her reaction, as she really didn't give a fuck about her husband.

Alex caressed Tsumugi's smooth back and said, " I want you to help me in something. "

" What is it? I'm ready! " Tsumugi didn't even wait for him to say everything.

Alex chuckled and first kissed Tsumugi passionately.

He then said, " I want you to join Aizawa Family officially and support Yumino. You'll join the family as Akito's wife, but for that you first need to get closer to your mother-in-law. "

" I'm happy to help you dear, but why should I get closer to my mother-in-law? " She asked.

" Because... She is one of those chosen beings in this World who are related to the World's Will... " Alex then explained basic identity of Akito's mother to Tsumugi.

From Freya Alex had come to know the identities of all of the Chosen ones in this World.

These special women were assigned the task to follow Godess Euphemia's orders on mortal plane, as she couldn't move freely.

Tsumugi was very shocked hearing about her mother-in-law.

She nodded to Alex, " I'll do that. I just need to bring her to you right? "

" Yes, due to special powers that she might have learned it will be hard to catch her. As she could just go into hiding when she finds me on her tail, " Alex answered.

" Okay! I'll but then I need you to reward me... " Tsumugi said with a mischievous tone as her hand went to Alex's semi-hard cock.

" It seems you do not plan to work today anyway, " Alex chuckled as Tsumugi moved her hand up and down on Alex's cock.

" I'm already sore down there... But, I want you to fill me again... " Tsumugi said with hot breaths.

She was feeling her body heating up as Alex's cock hardened to its monstrous size.

Alex who was already awakened didn't waste a moment to grab the perfect asscheeks of Tsumugi sinking his hands into them and bringing her already creampied pussy to his dick.

Her breasts, a beautiful sight to marvel at made him feel awed, as he couldn't help but grab them.

" Ah~ "

Tsumugi moaned but didn't stop Alex from pointing Alex's cock at her wet snitch.

What followed after was a unceremonious series of moans which made Tsumugi fall more and more for Alex.

Alex only got enough of banging Tsumugi after evening had come.

He then ordered Yumino to come to Tsumugi's cabin. He wanted to know how she was doing with her side of work.

Yumino came running as soon as Alex called her.

She didn't dare to make him wait for a moment after he had completely ignored her for past two days.

" Master, I'm here, " Yumino said as soon as she went inside the room where Alex and Tsumugi could be seen freely entwined with each other.

Only after Alex creampied Tsumugi again, did he glance at Yumino.

" What happened with your brother? " He asked.

Even Tsumugi's ears perked up knowing he was talking about her husband.

" I sent him to the prison. He is as good as dead. But, father seemed to have not liked it... I'm sorry, I couldn't convince him thoroughly, " Yumino apologized.

" It's not your fault. We don't have time to let everything go at its pace. You need to ascend to the family head position in this week at any cost, as I'll be making a move on Hayashi Clan now, " Alex explained.

" I understand Master. With Hikari-sama's help the seat will be mine no doubt soon enough, " She promised.

" Good. Also Tsumugi sensei will be joining you in the Clan. I want you and her to bring your step-mother to me without alerting her, " Alex ordered.

Yumino was confused as she didn't know why Alex wanted Akito's mother.

But, Alex then explained everything and she nodded in understanding.

Alex then snapped his finger and his clothes returned.

The bed disappeared and the cabin became as it was before.

" Ouch, it hurts, " Tsumugi complained as her ass touched the floor.

" I'll be leaving. You better show me results. How you do it is on you, " Alex said.

He was about to leave, but, before that he said as if just remembering something.

" Cancel the admission of Haruto Hikigaya. Make sure that he won't get admission anywhere else, " Alex ordered as he wasn't really fond of that pathetic insect.

As petty as Alex was, he wanted Haruto to suffer the worst.

" O-Okay, " Yumino didn't know how this boy offended Alex, but she was ready to follow any order Alex gave her.

But, she continued, " A-Are you really leaving? "

She came all the way here expecting an union with Alex, so she was very disappointed.

" Yeah. I've something important to do, " Alex just smiled at downcast Yumino and left from there.

Yumino kept looking at the closed door with a sad expression.

' He is still mad at me... ' she thought.

But, just then she heard a scoff from behind her. She didn't need to turn around to know who this was.

" Why are you laughing? " Yumino asked in irritation.

" Nothing. It's just funny seeing that expression on you sister-in-law, " Tsumugi said.

" So, he told you about my brother and everything as well? " Yumino asked hearing Tsumugi referring her.

" Yes. While we were sharing the passionate love in each other's arms. He told me while gently caressin--"

" Shut up! "

" I was just kidding hehe, " Tsumugi said as she went near Yumino and hugged her.

" Don't touch me, " But, Yumino got away while glaring at Tsumugi.

" You're no fun. Tsk. Anyway we need to act together from now on, " Tsumugi said.

" Yeah, I know. So wear something please, " Yumino said.

" Okay, " Tsumugi said with a smile that irked Yumino too much.

After few minutes Tsumugi and Yumino could be seen seating in front of each other.

" So, how are you going to use my identity as your sister-in-law? " Tsumugi asked.

" You are not that important. But, now you're part of the Family. I'll give you the contact information of Akito's mother. You need to convince her if you want to easily add up in the family, " Yumino said everything.

" So, that's all? So, only thing I need to do is to convince some old hag? " Tsumugi asked in irritation.

" Sigh. You'll be surprised as the one who you are calling an old hag is at least as beautiful as me, " Yumino sighed remembering the beauty of her step-mother.

She looked so beautiful that only women on the level of Takahashi Hina could compare to her.

" Ohh. It seems she really knows magic, just like Alex said... So, I need to spy on her, " Tsumugi nodded.

" Yeah. So, when are you contacting her? " Yumino asked.

" Right away, " Tsumugi smiled.

She wanted to be useful to Alex as soon as possible.

* * * *

Meanwhile Alex could be seen speeding towards his home in the Campus.

Alex was just a few minutes ago had seen a message from Hoshino, which said that she was coming to his place.

It had been a while since Alex had seen her so he decided to spend tonight with her and her sexy bodyguard who always accompanied her.

But, just while he was passing by he saw someone he knew walking by the roadside.

The young girl was wearing a mask so Alex couldn't see her features. But, due to his connection to her he easily knew who she was.

Alex stopped his car on the side and decided to talk with Arisu.

Arisu on the other hand was walking with a wavering gait.

She had caught a cold, so she was feeling hardly any good.

' Sigh, I need to rest... ' Arisu thought to herself.

" But, today is Grandpa's birthday... I need to be there... " She mumbled.

Arisu was in no way in a condition to go anywhere, but she had to as today was very important day.

If she missed today's party then she and her brother will be subjected to many problems, so she at least needed to show her face there.

Arisu was just making her resolve to go there, but she then felt her mind going blank, a sudden wave of dizziness washed over her as she was about to fall on the ground.

Arisu closed her eyes as even keeping them open was a chore for her now.

But, the impact that was to come didn't come.

" Ah? " Arisu looked surprised and couldn't help but see who had helped her.

Only to look at someone she had come to know just few days ago.

He was a handsome senior with a kind personality...

" Big brother Alex... "

" What are you doing here? What if you fell? " Alex scolded her before she could even say more.

" Thank you for helping me, but It's nothing, I just felt dizzy suddenly. I'm fine now, " Arisu sighed.

But, Alex didn't loose his grip on her as he brought his forehead to hers and checked her temperature.

" What?! " Arisu was surprised seeing Alex so upclose, if anyone saw them then they would think they were having a kiss.

Thinking that Arisu couldn't help but blush, remembering how she had seen the first snow of the year with Alex.

She had kept the jacket he gave her all fine and safe, as if to remember him.

" You're having a fever. We're going to the clinic, " Alex said.

" No! I can't. Today is my Grandpa's birthday... I need to be there, " She said.

Alex understood that it was very important to attend such an occasion for any Clan member.

As absence from there meant disrespect to the Clan leader and Arisu couldn't afford being labelled as disrespectful.

" I understand. But, you are in no condition to go there. Let's first go to the clinic, " Alex didn't wait for Arisu's reply as he pulled her in his car.

Arisu tried to deny Alex, but she was just too weak and exhausted.

Alex saw her falling asleep right away when she sat down beside him.

Alex covered her body in a blanket that he had with him, so that she won't be cold.

Alex could easily cure Arisu, but he wasn't going to do that.

So, he took her to the clinic in college campus.

" M-Mas-- I mean, Alex what brought you here? " Saya who was just about to leave the clinic asked as she saw Alex on the door.

She was very happy seeing Alex.

She hadn't seen him since the Game ended.

" Actually, my friend is sick can you take a look at her? " Alex asked.

" Ah. Okay. Where is she? " Says nodded and asked.

" In my car, " Alex answered calmly.

Saya then one of the nurses with her and carried Arisu inside the clinic.

Alex couldn't touch Arisu as that might cause him to be disqualified from the Game.

So, Alex just sat beside Arisu and kept her hand in his.

" She will be fine. It's just a cold, " Saya said and Alex nodded.

He knew that it wasn't a big deal, but he wanted to take advantage of this situation to bring Arisu closer.

After few minutes Arisu woke up.

" It's good you woke up. These are some medicines prescribed by the doctor, take it, " Alex said as he handed a medicine to Arisu.

" Big brother what are you doing here? No! I need to go for the party, " Arisu said in surprise but she wasn't even able to muster strength to stand up.

" You sit down girl. You're not going anywhere till you take medicines. Also, I'll be coming with you. So, you don't need to worry about anything, " Alex said as he pressed down on Arisu's shoulders.

" You don't need to... "

" Medicine, " Alex sternly said as he handed a medicine to Arisu.

Arisu sighed and took the medicine.

The medicine seemed effective, as even though it took some time Arisu's pale countenance got slowly better.

" I need to go.. " Arisu said seeing the time.

" Okay. Let's go, " Alex said.

But, he first used his skill to materialize some party-wear clothes.

" Wear these first. I'll be waiting outside, " Alex said as he handed a beautiful Rose colored skirt to Arisu.

Alex knew that he had some time to spend, so he went to Saya's personal room to enjoy what she had.

After 15 minutes Alex came out while wearing a formal outfit perfect for Parties.

He had already called his adoptive mother Hikari and had taken a party invitation card from her.

Soon, Arisu as well came out wearing a low neck beautiful skirt. It was neither too flashy nor too dull.

Alex really liked it as Arisu looked like a crimson fairy in it.

Shy Arisu didn't know how to thank Alex for such a beautiful dress, so she just said what was on her mind.

" You look handsome big brother, " She praised truthfully.

" Well, I need to be your partner then of course I have too look handsome, " Alex smiled and gave his hand to Arisu.

She gracefully took it with a smile.

Alex and Arisu then got out of the clinic.

Arisu couldn't help but lean on Alex as she walked beside him.

Once Alex had settled her in her seat he went to the other side.

Saya said goodbye to Alex even while feeling sad as their time together ended so soon.

But she was still more than happy by the round of sex they had had while Arisu was changing.

Alex on the other hand was joining the party to do something fun, which will help him with his future hunt.