Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

FateScore · Fantasy
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244 Chs

Every hole is a goal

Alex had a full plan to enjoy these women who were the most powerful in this entire World. 

He didn't know when he will get time to come back here, so he decided to not leave any regrets behind. 

Kitty who was now breathing heavily while looking at Daphanaie's cum covered face and her Master's still hard cock har an infinite urge to just take that cock inside her pussy. 

But Alex had different plans, so he ordered, " Come here Kitty, bend down so that your Master can examine you. "

Kitty blushed hearing the vulgar words thrown at her. 

But heat inside her body only increased more.

She obediently croched before Alex and showed her dripping wet pussy to Alex. 

She even stretched it so that Alex would give her what she wanted quickly. 

But Alex had no plans to use this hole. 

His eyes were locked upon a small pink hole slightly peeking out from Kitty's muffy tail. 

Alex softly caressed bringing out a pleasured moan from Kitty. 

Alex then picked up Daphanaie who was still not out of the shock of her throat getting expanded. 

As a superior being she never ate, so she at last found out the use for her mouth but at what cost. 

Alex didn't care for this. 

So, he made the weak and exhausted body of Daphanaie lie on her back. 

He then told Kitty to kick Daphanaie's pussy. 

"Make her ready Kitty, " He said while arranging his preys in 69 position. 

Kitty obediently started eating Daphanaie's pussy, who was too shocked to say anything. 

She didn't wish for Kitty to touch her down there, but she was helpless. 

So, she just lied there with her mouth closed remembering the otherworldly taste of Alex's sperm. 

Soon, as Kitty delved deeper inside her pussy, Daphanaie's moans grew to Alex's satisfaction. 

Only after then he moved and caressed Kitty's tail once again. 

He then gently moved it away exposing her cute little asshole which Alex planned to use. 

Alex pushed one of his fingers inside, to check the waters. 

And surely enough this virgin hole was upto his expectations. 

Kitty shrieked in weird pleasure as Alex touched her anus. 

But she didn't say anything and only kissed Daphanaie's pink petals more. 

But soon her moans as well leaked out, as the number of fingers inside her asshole increased. 

Kitty herself was surprised feeling this kind of pleasure from her never touched hole. 

She concluded, that it was her Master's fingers which were too pleasurable. 

So, she didn't loose any concentration and focused on what was in front of her. 

Daphanaie was stunned looking at Alex playing with Kitty's asshole.

As she saw his three fingers going inside Kitty's anus, she subconsciously felt her backhole clenching. 

But she was already engrossed in the pleasure that Kitty's trained tongue was giving. 

Alex smiled and suggested, " It's not fair that only Kitty pleasures you, is it Daphanaie? "

Daphanaie understood what Alex was saying. 

And she couldn't control herself while looking at the appetizing pink Kitty of Kitty. 

So, she dived down within a second tasting the juices of Kitty who was leaking them non-stop. 

Alex was satisfied, seeing two beauties for whom men would die for, doing this kind of vulgar act for him. 

He pointed his naked shaft at Kitty's backhole by raising her lower side by a little. 

He then slowly pushed his cock inside, making Kitty gasp. 

"Ahh... Master... " Groaned Kitty. 

She already remembered the shape of her Master's cock and feeling it expanding her new hole made her happy. 

A tear of joy slipped down her eye, as she had at last given her every first time to Alex. 

She was truly happy. 

She felt Alex's cock inch by inch taking over the area of her anal canal, reaching upto her rectum, marking it all as his own territory. 

She begged, " Master~ please... Cum inside~" 

Her moaning didn't stop for a second as it only synchronized with the moans of Daphanaie who was busy leaking her own love juices while licking Kitty's pussy. 

Alex felt this heavenly tightness and understood what kind of pleasure he was missing on for last 18 years. 

This was his first anal experience in this life. 

While feeling this hole, he already wished to fuck those other women of his. 

So, he quickly contacted women like Beatrice, Irina and Rhianna who were going to be left behind here. 

He told them that he will pull them here in some time, so to be ready. 

Alex then started fucking Kitty's asshole till he made her cum for dozens of times. 

He only climaxed inside her ass when she had already stopped moaning from exhaustion. 

Alex gave a gentle squeeze to her ass and then picked up Daphanaie. 

He created a bed out of nowhere and gently led her on it. 

Kitty was already unconscious on the ground with sperm of Alex flowing down her thighs while her silky tail once again covered her anus. 

Alex ignored her and focused on this green haired beauty with big boobs in his hands. 

" Alex~ " Daphanaie looked at Alex with eyes that begged pleasure. 

She couldn't handle it anymore. 

Just the smell of Alex semen made her this horny, while Kitty as well was then licking her down non-stop. 

"So impatient huh, " Alex smirked but he didn't go forth. 

He first played with Daphanaie's top class breasts, fondling and shaping them in different sizes. 

Morphing their shapes while chewing and tasting her pink nipples.

Daphanaie who was so sensitive, cummed directly after just some touches here and there. 

And after few minutes of touching and enjoying her body all over, Alex brought his dick inside Daphanaie's breasts. 

He squeezed them with his shaft inside that tasty cleavge and started moving back and forth. 

Daphanaie who felt the strong manly smell of Alex's cock assaulting her nose, while its hard and warm girth pulsed inside her ravine of breasts. 

Her anticipation for Alex's cock only increased as she cummed again.

Alex as well soon couldn't stop himself from cumming, so he directly emptied his balls once again inside Daphanaie's mouth and upon her twin Peaks. 

"Now I guess it's time to examine your holes, " Alex said while pointing his dick at the pussy of Daphanaie, which was soaking wet by the squirt of hers. 

Daphanaie was already half unconscious by cumming all those times. 

But she was suddenly jolted awake as Alex's cock went inside her virgin cunt, touching her seal of purity. 

Alex slammed inside directly reaching upto Daphanaie's womb, in the wake taking away her virginity. 

Suddenly Alex had this weird feeling, as if the World was synchronising with him. 

The air around him softened while everything felt as if it was a part of his body. 

This was what it felt to be the Master of the World. 

Alex took away Daphanaie's virginity while at the same time marking his presence all over her heart and body. 

She herself was the manifestation of this whole World and conquering her means conquering this Whole World. 

Alex grinned at this nice hunt and started ramming inside Daphanaie with everything. 

Daphanaie was orgasming non-stop as Alex slammed to her womb. 

And after some time he came inside her baby room, filling it completely with his sperm, marking her as his for everything to come. 

Daphanaie felt her emotions of admiration and submission multiplying. 

She knew what this was. 

She was being brainwashed and after today she will never love herself more than Alex. 

She knew all this, but still betted on Alex. 

As loving him and becoming a slave to his love was better than dying effortlessly. 

Alex also knew her thoughts so just before he was done marking her, he said, " I'll take care of this World along with you. From today you and your everything belongs to me. That includes your all wishes and problems. "

His gentle promise soothed Daphanaie's heart as she let go of every resistance and accepted Alex. 

Alex of course didn't give a fuck about this World. 

If shit went North then he won't think twice before abandoning Daphanaie. 

But until then he wanted her to work for him loyally. He had to give her a reason to hold on to him, even if one day her brainwashing became undone. 

Alex done with examining Daphanaie's tight virgin pussy, next touched her untouched backhole. 

Daphanaie knew what was coming, so she gave up voluntarily and offered her anal virginity to Alex as well. 

She seductively turned upside down and lied beneath Alex. 

Her sexy back was enough to attract Alex's aggro, as he started kneading her soft asscheeks freely. 

He slowly pushed his cock inside Daphanaie's asshole. 

He wasn't worried about she getting hurt, as she was a superior being and an injury could be healed easily for that level of existence. 

So, he was completely merciless as without any foreplay he slammed his cock inside Daphanaie's rectum. 

But feeling that it was too dry he pulled it out.

He pushed it inside Daphanaie's throat to cover it with her saliva and then started ramming inside her asshole.

Actually Alex just wanted to make Daphanaie taste her own pussy and asshole, but he wanted to give a normal reason for her. 

After that he skillfully played with Daphanaie. 

Their normal tryst soon tuned into a threesome which soon turned into fullfetched orgy. 

Beatrice, Irina, Rhianna, Rufina and some other strongest women in this World joined in. 

Alex first took anal virginities of Beatrice and Irina marking their backside as well as his territory, giving them unimaginable first anla experience that they became addicted to. 

Other women soon followed into his clutches, as those who ones resisted against him became his obedient pets. 

Previously many of these women were too haughty and prideful to become Alex's. 

Among them was a demon women who was a very strong warrior. 

She had given many problems to humanity when the Demon King was about to be born.

She remained undefeated then even when his mother Melissa tried to kill her. 

Her strength was commedable. 

But what attracted Alex was her smart, cunning and scheming mind. 

She didn't give a shit about the future of Demonics and only cared about herself before and fought for herself. 

Whenever her side was about to loose, she would just escape like a hare running from a cheetah. 

But, now Alex was sure that even if she now found his side weaker, she won't let him get harmed. 

She will rather die than running away. 

Her name was Lorelie. 

She was a mermaid and used her voice as a weapon.

Alex didn't have a mermaid in his harem right now, so he caught her specially. 

His hunt was worthful as her pussy was a top notch material that Alex could ask for. 

For next some days Alex enjoyed his time with all of his women who he was going to leave behind in this World. 

Now there was only one young girl remaining who he wanted to make his. 

Altaria Bloodmoon, the younger sister of Irina. 

After done with all women, he said to them, " I'll leave in some time. Beatrice inform my women from another World to gather at Heavenly Harem Palace. "

Beatrice nodded with a exhausted voice with cum dripping from both of her holes. 

Her sexy voluptuous body was laid bare on the bed beside her daughter. 

Alex the teleported away to the Heavenly Harem Palace where Altaria was staying. 

He appeared in the garden of the Palace. 

There was a beautiful young women who seemed like a gardener. 

She looked at Alex with surprise, admiration and love. She bowed to Alex, but he ignored her. 

He had fucked almost every girl here. So they were all his loyal retainers. 

Alex walked towards the room where Altaria stayed. 

Altaria was treated like a princess here, as she was the daughter of the Sect Mistress. 

Also, because of her lively personality everyone was fond of her. 

There were also those women who knew Alex was close to Altaria, so they tried to act good with her for some brownie points from Alex. 

Alex walked only for few seconds and he was before the door of Altaria's room. 

But, he called out, " Taria, it's me. Can I come in? "

But there was no answer. 

Alex could hear something falling, as if the hearer was shocked to hear him. 

He wondered why Altaria wasn't replying, but then her small voice came back as the door slightly opened. 

"I'm here, " She said without looking at Alex. 

"Can I come in Taria? " Asked Alex, he felt something was wrong with her. 

"Y-Yes, " She said while stuttering in fear. 

Alex gave her a friendly smile, but she didn't bring her face up from the motionless ground. 

Alex didn't know why Altaria was doing this, but he had some guesses. 

Alex sat down on the bed and looked at Altaria who was trying to stay as far away from him as possible. 

She tried to hide her nervousness by smiling stiffly, but she was just 5 years old even though she had a body of a middle schooler. 

Alex didn't mind her and told her to come near him, while patting his lap. 

Altaria flinched visibly, but then slowly walked towards Alex with shaky steps. 

She then sat down on his lap like she usually did. 

But this time she was shrinking in fear. 

Alex as well wasn't like usual, as he softly caressed her long thin nightgown. 

His hands lingered upon her shapely stomach and then touched her growing breasts. 

They were already B cup at least. 

Alex then asked with a small voice, " do you fear me, Taria? "

Alraria was shocked, as she was doing her best to not let Alex know. 

She quickly denied with every being of her, " No! "

But Alex just pinched her small nipple from above her nightgown roughly. 

"Agh, " Taria gave a painful moan, as she started shaking in fear. 

Her eyes turned watery, as she sobbed. 

"Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me... " She kept repeating this. 

Alex understood that after living here, she had caught upon some good vocabulary and wasn't as naive as before.

Alex asked, " Do you fear me, because I killed your father? "

Altaria now didn't reply but she started sobbing again. 

She remembered the despair stricken face of her father, as he died while calling out her name. 

After living here, she had come to know what dying means. 

Alex himself had given her a teacher, to help her understand everything. 

And one day she had asked her teacher, about what it means to kill or to die. 

The teacher explained without knowing that there was a greater reason behind Alraria's question. 

From then on, every night Altaria got the nightmare of her creator, her father blaming her for his death. 

She loved her father very much. 

He was the person she saw first when she was born. 

He created her. He was her everything. 

But, just because some stranger told her that her father was evil she gave up upon him. 

She regretted it. 

But slowly the regret turned into fear. Fear of dying herself. 

What if Alex next killed her? 

She was still young and didn't know why Alex might have imprisoned her. 

She thought that Alex would come back to kill her. 


Today he was back and she was sitting on his lap completely vulnerable. 

She couldn't stop herself from crying. 

She had heard that dying was paiful. 

She didn't want to die. 

The thought of her father was already gone. She now only instinctuaally wanted to live. 

But she got hope, from next words of Alex. 

"I won't kill you Taria. If you do what I say and please me, " He said with a smirk.