Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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After Alex took away all troublemakers, the World returned to the Peace. 

In the absence of Alex and Alex's women, the Heavenly Harem Palace went into an uproar. 

A month had passed and even then they hadn't returned. 

The greed took over the remaining women in the Sect. 

As they fought amogst each other and finally one of them declared themselves to be the new Sect Mistress. 

As for the Alex's home... 

It was completely destroyed by the Count Roland, who hated Alex to the core for stealing his wife. 

There was even rumor that Alex had an incestuous relationship with Dragon Queen of Atrocity Melissa, the Hero Rachel and The Witch of Death Roselyn. 

Roland couldn't endure the humiliation and destroyed the whole county over which he once ruled. 

The same thing happened in Florennum. 

The King who was locked up alongside his son in the prison was freed by his loyal retainers. 

He took over the throne without any hitch, as his wife Rhianna, his daughters and even his brainwashed ancestor had gone missing. 

The King hoped that those bitches had died alongside that bastard Alex. 

Elven Kingdom though was peaceful as Daphanaie controlled it as a timepass. 

She wanted to see Kitty who was more like her representative. 

But she decided against it. 

Kitty and all of Alex's women were with him in the second space.

Daphanaie knew that it was just a artifact used to create a secluded place. 

She had authority and power to directly enter it, but decided against it.

As she didn't wish to disturb them... 

Daphanaie sighed, " I don't know how he will react to my presence. "

She hadn't yet met with Alex, but soon it was necessary for them to meet to strike a deal. 

She was worried that Alex won't believe her, because she was unable to become his women right now. 

* * * *

Alex was having a breakfast, alongside all of his new women. 

It looked more like a banquet as so many people were with Alex. 

In the last month, he had fucked everyone. 

He spent more time with them because he needed more points. 

And right now his points had already crossed billions! 

With this much coins he was sure that he won't be able to get defeated until he was total idiot. 

He had never used points freely, as he wanted to use them once he returned to his real world as Alex Garcia. 

As for his new women... 

All of the disciples and Elders of Heavenly Harem Sect had become his. 

Previously he had not touched disciples because he wanted for them to mature and become worthy of him. 

But Alex now gave no jack shit about that all, as he was soon going to leave the World. 

Alex smiled as he ate a piece of pie fed by his Spirit Fairy Master Flora. 

He had also fucked her subordinates and after them he hadn't even left those female Guardians of different Kingdoms and organizations. 

Alex was very clear with all these women, as he hardly had any attachments to them. 

He only used them as point spitters nothing more. 

He had even taken anal virginities of all women except those he was attached to like Melissa, Flora, Rachel, etc. 

After completing the breakfast, all women once again looked at Alex in love and anticipation. 

Alex felt weird, as this was actually his routine for last month. 

Sleep, Eat, Fuck Repeat... 

So, their actions were understandable. 

But Alex now coughed a little to take everyone's attention. 

He said, " Today, we'll leave this Place. You all will return to your lives. While me and my women will return to the World we came from. "

Everyone's mood turned downcast, as Alex said so. 

They knew that someday this day will come... 

Kitty, Beatrice, Irina, Rhianna all looked like they were about to cry. 

Alex soothed them down and said lots of love filled promises. Most of which had zero interest of Alex in them. 

In the end, Kitty said, " Master, actually The World Spirit of this World wants to see you. "

Alex was ashamed, " Ah, sorry I almost forgot about that. Let's meet her now before I go. "

"Okay Master, " Kitty nodded. 

Alex then snapped his finger and returned to the place where the War had taken place. 


"What the heck! Someone attacked our home! " Rachel said loudly. 

Everyone here was strong enough to feel things from a long distance. 

Alex was surprised, " What kinda idiot dared to mess with us. "

Alex first told Beatrice and Irina to return to the Sect which they did soundly. 

Slowly everyone left after giving Alex a hug and kiss. 

It took half an hour for this to end, as there were at least thousnad women there. 

After that Alex teleported to his home the County where he was born. 

The place was razed to the ground with nothing remaining. 

Melissa, Rachel and Eliza sighed emotionally. 

While Flora, Rose, Ivy and Kitty just felt a little sad. 

In few minutes they found out the culprit! 

Melissa was so angry that her face turned red with fury hearing that Count Roland was the one who did this. 

She didn't know why he did this... 

But Alex knew... 

He had actually fucked his stepmother or Roland's wife in front of him and after that he totally forgot about that. 

He hadn't even mentioned that to his mother... 

He didn't know how to break this to his family. 

Won't he look like a total scumbag? 

But Alex in the end told them directly. 

"W-What!? " Rose was shocked... 

Even Melissa was dumbstruck. 

She didn't know what ro to even say to this.

Alex sighed in sorrow, " My young self was very angry for you mom. So I couldn't stop myself. "

Ivy who was listening quietly added, " Don't lie. You just wanted to fuck her didn't you? "

Alex was shocked, as she had hit the cord. 

But he said with a heartbroken voice, " What a vile vixen you are to defame your husband like this. Where is my lovely Ivy? Where?! "

Kitty said, " Sister, Master must have a reason for doing so. But what we need to do now is to make this all right again. "

Ivy just snorted and looked away. 

After Alex accepted her confession and apology and made her his slave. 

Ivy's personality had taken a 180 degree turn. 

She was now overly honest and very sharp. 

Alex noted to fuck her extra hard tonight as a punishment. 

Ivy who was eyed by Alex, quickly went silent as she looked away in fear. 

"Let me meet Daphanaie first. We can then see what to do with that man.... Or not, " Said Alex. 

He saw Count Roland's ex-wife Rufina flying towards him rapidly. 

Rufina jumped into Alex's arms, feeling cozy. 

She only understood how much she longed for this hug after Alex was gone. 

But he happiness was short lived as Melissa pulled this red haired bitch away. 

"Rufina right? Where is that bastard husband of yours? " She asked in anger. 

Rufina nodded to Melissa respectfully. 

She always respected those stronger than her. 

She quickly said, " I divorced him and now I'm only Alex's. " She first clarified, as this was important. 

She then said, " Roland destroyed this place thinking you all died. He's now living with his young son and a women in a village at the outskirts of the Avalon. "

Alex felt weird, his father in this World really seemed like a harem king. 

He just stole a sexy babe like Rufina from him and now he has a new girl for him? 

But Alex decided to visit him later. 

He can't go too overboard. 

He turned to Kitty, " Take me to the World Spirit. "

"Yes! " Kitty replied as she next started chanting something. 

Soon Alex was standing in front of a beautiful women with long green hair and beauty that rivaled Godesses. 

In his previous and this life only Godesses like Athena, Euphemia and Asteria could compare to this women's beauty. 

She was wearing a long gown made of leaves and tendrils giving her unrestrained air. 

While her breasts were covered behind attractive flowers hiding only her nipples. 

Alex smiled and asked impatiently, " You wanted to say something? "

His tone was as if he was in a higher position than a being that controlled the Whole World. 

But Daphanaie wasn't offended, she smiled, " Welcome to my humble abode Mr Alex. I'm Daphanaie, the Will of this World. "

After that Daphanaie said some pleasantries to make Alex feel closer. 

She then slowly divulged important matters. 

"I wish to have a contract with you. "

Alex nodded telling her to continue.

" A contract will say that me and you will be eternal allies. While you just need to help this World by protecting it from dire situations. "

Alex replied quickly, " I'm not interested, I don't need allies. I need subordinates. We can only talk if you agree to that. "

Daphanaie's eyelids twitched hearing Alex's haughty tone. 

He hadn't even taken a chance to exchange pleasantries. 

She was a being who was high above everyone. 

She had her own pride, but for this World she decided to control herself. 

"You know that's not possible Mr Alex. We can talk about contract terms. But total subordination is not possible, " Said Daphanaie. 

But Alex just smirked, " You must be kidding. You have nothing to negotiate. This World is already mine. Strongest beings in this World are all my slaves. Even your only Deity won't hesitate to stab you on my orders, while you are so weak that you can't even hurt me now. "

Daphanaie was shocked. She didn't know how Alex knew that she was on her weakest. 

Alex didn't miss her surprise, as he explained, " You must have reversed the river of time in this World so much, that you have lost your powers. You are weak enough for even me to conquer you right now. But I'll give you a chance to surrender yourself to me willingly. "

Daphanaie didn't know how Alex knew a huge secret like that. 

Each World had their own River of Time, which controlled the time flow there. 

The word 'World' was not a simple concept. 

It means something that encompasses everything. 

A World may consist of one planet or several planets. 

But normally a World always was made of one Planet. 

That's why whenever one travelled out of the Space of their World. The time flow would slowly change until they meet another World. 

This was due to loosing the effect of the River of Time in that world.

Normally a person remain connected to their original World by the River of Time. But in special conditions they loose connection and their time flow becomes turbulent. 

This 'River of Time' was very special. 

It only flowed downwards, but sometimes a being would be able to flow against the flow and travel back to the past. 

While a being like Daphanaie who controlled the Whole World or was the World itself had a several times more control over this River of Time. 


This World was destroyed in previous timeline. 

But Daphanaie used her power to change the whole River of Time to bring it back. 

Every being in the World time travelled while loosing their memories.

But this took much and much of her power. 

As she had to bring back the souls of those who died. 

Those souls might have already gone from the World jurisdiction and may only have a small connection with the World remaining. 

Daphanaie had to use that small connection to bring them by wasting her own power. 

This was how she survived all this time. 

By redoing again and again hoping a miracle to happen. 

People like Theon were actually, those who were blessed by the World to stop eminent destruction. 

So, basically Daphanaie was now completely at Alex's mercy. 

Of course she could hide. 


"Become my women Daphanaie and if you refuse then I'll destroy this World. Then you can wait again for a next chance of survival, " Said Alex coldly. 

Daphanaie gritted her teeth. 

"At least show some mercy. I don't wish to become your slave. I'll stay loyal to you and heed your every command, " She said with teary eyes. 

Her beautiful looks and puppy like eyes made her look pitiful women who should not be bullied. 

But Alex didn't give a single fuck for this act. 

He said, " Stop acting and tell me. Are you ready to become mine or not? If not then I'll just destroy this World and hunt you down till I fuck you in being my slave. "

Hearing Alex's reply Daphanaie went silent. 

She looked downward and now one couldn't even see what expression she was making. 

But, next second she looked at Alex with a bright smile. 

Daphanaie then smirked at Kitty. 

Alex was surprised seeing this change, as he looked at Kitty. 

Just a look at her guilty face, made Alex understand that he was tricked and was being tested. 

"Sorry Master. I didn't tell you. But Daphanaie wanted to see you... " She said without knowing how to continue. 

But Daphanaie didn't let everything turn awkward, " Clap Clap! Sorry Alex. It was just a test of mine. I was seeing if I made a right decision by deciding to bet on you my and this whole World's future. "

Daphanaie then kneeled before Alex, as she slowly said, " I Daphanaie the Will of this World, will be your eternal subordinate. Please accept me my Lord Alex. "

Alex just nodded as he told Daphanaie to stand up. 

"Now tell me what was that for? " Asked Alex to Kitty and Daphanaie. 

Daphanaie said, " Actually, I wanted to see how cruel and heartless you are. "

"Huh? " Alex was surprised. 

Kitty added, " Master she means she wanted to know how dependable decision maker you are. "

Daphanaie continued with a flushed face, " Yeah. You didn't flinch even when I begged you to let me free. That's what told me that you were the best! Only you will be able to keep me safe. "

Daphanaie spoke as if she was speaking about her idol. 

Alex felt weird as he saw this otherworldly beauty acting like a little girl in heat as she stole glances at him. 

Alex sighed... 

At last he had his own entity at the level of Godess. 

Daphanaie wasn't exactly as strong as Godess. 

But she had potential to be as strong as them or even stronger than them. 

Kitty also had potential, but Alex wanted to bet on Daphanaie more.