Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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Connected by Fate

" Wow! So this is our second home? " Emma asked with a wide smile. 

Alex and she had completed their run around the campus. 

Alex had brought her back to his mansion which was allocated to him by Hikari. 

Emma was busy checking the place as Alex had told her that this place belonged to him and her. 

" I'm taking this room, " Emma said while pointing at certain direction from the 1st floor. 

Alex was too lazy to look around so he was sitting on a comfy sofa on the ground floor while watching Emma running around like an excited kid. 

Seeing Alex not coming up Emma made a pouting expression. 

She then stood up on the wood railing of the first floor and said to Alex, " I'm jumping. Catch me Alex! "

Emma had already jumped down by the time she ended her words. 

" You seem to be getting more mischievous. I really wonder where the shy Emma went away, " Alex chuckled in Emma's ears who giggled at his response. 

She wasn't surprised seeing herself in Alex's arms when she opened her eyes. 

She believed in Alex this much at least. 

But, this scene was all seen by a third party. 

" You people are really going wild, " Sighed a beautiful blonde women. 

Elsa had just opened the door when she saw Alex catching Emma. 

For a moment she felt her heart spilling out of its place at the sight of her baby girl doing a goddamn suicide. 

But, then she was relieved seeing her safe. 

Elsa was actually called by Alex, who told her to be at his place by the evening. 

" Ohh, mother-in-law you're here, " Alex welcomed Elsa with open arms, while letting Emma who was blushing profusely go. 

" Let's wait for that my son-in-law, " Elsa rolled her eyes at Alex's antics and dodged his hug. 

" Hehe, " Alex laughed sheepishly. 

Elsa checked on Emma by holding her by her ears, while Alex admired his two beauties cheerfully showing their affection for each other. 

Alex had already fulfilled the deal with Elsa on his side. 

He had given her complete control over Yamamoto Takeshi who was the reason for the genocide of her family. 

Hikari's only son, Kazuya as well was in Hikari's custody. 

The whole of the Yamamoto Clan was already being controlled efficiently not leaving any holes anywhere. 

So, the ones who wronged Elsa were given to her for her revenge. 

" Alex. We'll get freshened up. Can you wait for some time? " Elsa asked politely. 

Alex was a lot higher in position than a mere concubine of the dethroned prince, she had to show respect the real prince of the Yamamoto Clan now even if she didn't wish to. 

" Of course. Take your time. I've already ordered take-outs for dinner. We'll be sleeping here tonight, " Replied Alex with a smile. 

Elsa bit her lip slightly, but she nodded to Alex. 

She knew what was to come tonight. It was time to fulfill her part of the deal. 

Emma then led her mother to the washroom she had seen while looking around. 

Alex decided to not wait for them. Elsa and her daughter Emma would need some time to ready their resolve. 

Alex didn't wish to force them. 

He got out of the mansion and took his car. 

His destination was already decided. 

It was the unknown feeling inside him which was asking him to follow it. 

Alex didn't wish to ignore it, as he followed his feeling through his car. 

He was always getting this feeling since the day he arrived in this world. 

He was sure that this feeling was pointing at his main objective. 

Sure enough, Alex found her, Takahashi Arisu... 

She was standing at the parking lot, as if waiting for someone. 

Alex parked his car to the side and observed her for a moment. 

She looked as breathtaking as ever. Her features matched slightly with her aunt Hina. 

But, if Hina was the mature seductive beauty then Arisu could overwhelm anyone with her cute and tiny figure. 

She was hardly 15 right now. 

The winter had just started, so she was in her winter school uniform. 

A navel blue jacket above her white inner shirt which hid her budding assets. 

Her grey skirt reached up till her thighs while her long socks went upto her knees.

The incidence that caused her to get sent to foreign at 16 hadn't yet happened and may not even happen because of all changes Alex had done to the timeline. 

Alex observed her shivering slightly in the cold as she kept waiting for someone. 

May be someone was supposed to pick her up from the Clan. 

Arisu didn't have that much of a position in the Clan. 

In the future her biological brother inherited her grandather's position and became the next head of the Takahashi Clan. 

But, right now she was just one of the daughters of her father who was just one of the sons from a concubine of her grandfather. 

She had hardly any chances to inherit some significant position, her brother wasn't that different. 

So, even if her position looked grand and all in other's eyes just because of having the surname Takahashi, she was leading not so good life at the Clan. 

Like, she even had to leave the position of the student council president just because one of her step sisters who had relationship to the main wife of her grandfather had stepped up. 

Seeing the lonely figure of Arisu standing alone while holding her hands around her tiny body as if to protect herself from cold made Alex remember the formidable Arisu he had met with in future. 

How much she will suffer... 

Alex got out of the car without making any noise. 

He slowly walked towards Arisu who was standing all alone. 

Arisu who felt someone coming upto her curiously turned around. 

Seeing unfamiliar but handsome face of Alex she wondered who he was.

" Hello. I saw you from my car. You shouldn't stay out in the cold little girl, " Alex said kindly.

He then without giving Arisu any chance to talk, draped his jacket over her tiny figure. 

Arisu was a lot shorter than Alex, as she hardly reached till his chest so the jacket looked a lot bigger on her frame. 

Arisu wanted to give it back, but she then felt the warmth of the jacket spreading through her. 

She really was feeling cold as she had forgotten her sweater back in the school locker. 

Her skirt left little to imagine how cold her legs were feeling. 

So, she to not sound ungrateful bowed slightly to Alex, " Thank you big brother..."

" You can call me Alex. I was just passing by, " Alex introduced with a friendly smile. 

" I see. My name is Arisu. Thank you for the jacket big brother Alex. Are you from the college? I never saw you around, " Arisu asked. 

" Yeah. It was my first day today. I'm an exchange student from foreign, " Alex replied. 

He then asked, " Can I ask. What are you doing all alone here in this cold? "

" Someone was supposed to pick me up, but they aren't here yet, " Arisu answered with a small voice. 

" It's a shame. How can they make you wait in this cold, " Alex muttered. 

" It's not a big deal. It's normal for them to be slightly late, " Arisu said sadly, even if she said so she wasn't pleased with how she was being treated. 

The forgotten princess is all that she was... 

" If you want, I can drop you... I mean you're like my little sister, " Alex said. 

" No. It's fine. Thanks for asking though-- Ah, it's snowing... " Arisu suddenly said with a slight twinkle in her eyes. 

It was the first snowfall of the year. 

She seemed to like snow... 

" It's the first snow of the year. Perhaps, we'll be seeing each other a lot this year, " Alex joked. 

It was the legend in Sakura country that the two people meeting on the first snowfall of the year will have their fates connected to each other for the next year. 

Arisu blushed slightly while remembering the legend. 

It was related to the kind of fairy tale of a young girl who created a snowman. 

She cared for the snowman for whole winter and cried a lot when the snowman melted away. 

But, one day she met the snowman again and he stayed with her for the whole year through her thick and thins and in the start of the next winter he disappeared forever. 

The fairy tale was nowdays even taken as a omen of love, saying when a boy and girl who stayed together at the time of snowfall will be fated ones. 

" Who knows, " Arisu gave an embarrassed reply which brought a smile on Alex's lips as well. 

He caressed Arisu's head gently. 

Arisu wanted to throw away his hand because of shyness but she suddenly felt slightly comfortable. 

She felt embarassed to have her head patted and as if to save her from embarrassment she saw her car coming to pick her up. 

She pulled away from Alex to not to bring any of her problems to him. 

She knew how some of her sisters were... 

" My ride is here. I'll go then big brother Alex, " Arsiu said while holding her hands in front of her. 

She then gave a small but graceful bow and went near the car. 

Alex didn't say anything as he watched her go. 

He then without waiting went back to his car and waited for Arisu to leave. 

Once she was gone he drove back to his mansion. 

Not much time had gone since he went out, so Elsa and Emma still seem to be in room that was proclaimed by Emma. 

Alex didn't mind waiting. 

Soon, the dinner as well was here. So, now he decided to call them. 

Alex jumped to the second floor by creating platforms from the air molecules. 

He then knocked on Emma's door, " Emma, Elsa are you in? "

Emma was the one who answered back with flustered tone, " Y-Yeah. We'll be coming out. "

" Okay. I'm waiting come fast, " Alex said chuckling at Emma's flustered voice. 

It seems her mother had made clear what was going to happen tonight. 

" Right away, " Emma said. 

Alex didn't bother saying anything and got back to the hall. 

He started the big TV which was added there. 

The first channel was some anime. 

Alex was interested, but he first decided to see some news. 

This World of Sakura country was isolated from the remaining world in the way that no one could find any faults in it. 

So, Alex was able to see the news of the current time of throughout the World. 

Of course he wasn't interested in it, as it was mostly related to wars and all. 

This era was chaotic. 

Sakura country was one of the few who were sailing smoothly only because of the hard fist of four Clans. 

Alex wondered if the peaceful future will change if one of the four clans was destroyed and weakened. 

As these four Clans were the one who were keeping foreign forces at bay from keeping their foot in the country. 

He soon checked the National news and found nothing interesting. 

But, he was sure that in few days the news will be broadcasting things which will make Alex grin ear to ear. 

Just when he was about to change channels, he heard the door on second floor opening. 

He only turned to look at stairs when he heard two pairs of footsteps there. 

The view of two beautiful fairies walking down the stairs made all of his waiting worth. 

It seems that both Emma and Elsa had given some attention to their dressing as they looked at least ten times more breathtaking than before. 

They were both wearing nightgowns which complemented not only their own beauty, but also each other's. 

Emma had inherited many of her mother's beautiful features while she had many of her own. 

This caused both of them to look like twin beauties under the light of chandelier. 

Both of them had kept their beautiful blonde hair gracefully free waving down their naked shoulders. 

Their arms were hidden behind the transparent loose sleeves. 

Emma was wearing a faint blue gown which was puffed out at the front of her chest and near her bottom. 

Her mother was adorned in a faint greenish gown similar to her daughter's, hiding her gifted feminine assets behind the veil of nightgown. 

As they both descended the stairs hand in hand they looked like celestial fairies descending to the mortal realm to bless everyone.

Alex didn't wait for them to come near him as he walked to them. 

Without waiting for any one of them to say something, he embraced both of them at once. 

His hands didn't move inappropriately as it was not the time yet. 

But, he still gently caressed their backs while leaning down to kiss Emma's lips first. 

" You look ravishing, darling, " He said with his enchanting tone which had already claimed Emma's heart and soul. 

The kiss wasn't demanding at all making Emma linger on that feeling only to wake up at the moment when Alex complmented her. 

She blushed red while looking down cutely earning a chuckle from Alex. 

He then turned to his cute and beautiful mother-in-law who as well was in his arms. 

She was literally fiddling with her hands in nervousness as she didn't dare to push away Alex. 

She didn't want to make him mad, when he had done his best to give her justice and her revenge. 

Seeing this cute side of Elsa, Alex couldn't stop himself from holding her chin to make her look up in his eyes. 

As soon as Elsa saw Alex's hazel colored eyes peering into her soul she knew what was too come. 

So, she closed her eyes while puckering her lips waiting for the lips of her man to find hers. 

And soon the sensation came, it was soft, momentary but a bit unfulfilling, making her soul earn for more. 

" You too, Elsa. You look gorgeous. "

But, she heard Alex's voice which had already conquered her baby girl's heart or unknowingly to herself, even her own. 

She opened her eyes feeling the hands of Alex circling gently around her waist, making her subconsciously lean on his chest for support. 

Their lips separated only by few millimetres as they could feel even each other's breaths. 

Even that distance was breached in a moment when Alex leaned down to claim her cheery lips again. 

This time this kiss wasn't just a peck, it was demanding. 

Even Elsa herself lost to the sensation as she opened her lips unconsciously, inviting Alex with her lips. 

Her hands tightly wrapped around Alex's back as she tiptoed to feel Alex more. 

Their kiss soon turned into a passionate kiss where they drank each other's saliva while not looking away from each other's eyes. 

Elsa felt that she could get addicted to this. 

Her suppressed feelings flowed out in this passionate kiss as she forgot about everything and just focused on what was in front of her. 

Alex also felt like he won't get bored of these pair of lips as he pulled Elsa closer and closer to his body. 

They could have gone forever, only if Emma who was feeling left out didn't stop them in jealousy. 

"Mom! Alex! " Emma yelled with a flushed face not knowing what to say to this adulterous couple. 

In the room her mother clearly looked as if she was completely against having relationship with Alex. 

But, now seeing her entwining her tongue with Alex's willingly while pressing her breasts upon his chest made Emma understand one thing. 

Her mother Elsa as well loved Alex, but she was just suppressing her desire. 

Previously she had some misgivings that may be Alex wasn't doing it right by forcing her mother this way. 

But, she now believed that Alex must have known about her mother's feelings already. 

He was just acting like a bad person to help her mother. 

Emma actually also wanted this as she didn't want her mother to live a life without love. 

Another reason that she didn't blame Alex was because she was glad that if her mother as well became Alex's women then they could live forever together. 

Well. That was another matter and what was happening right now was another. 

Alex and Elsa were totally ignoring her existence. 

This was supposed to be her important day! 

" Haha. Sorry darling for taking your mom away from you, " Alex laughed while still hugging Elsa with one hand. 

He then beckoned Emma to join them with another. 

Emma even while pouting did so and joined the hug again beside her mother. 

But this time she wasn't being passive as she hugged Alex tightly. 

Elsa as well had now returned from her reverie and blushed bright red thinking about what she had done. 

She couldn't face her daughter now after kissing her boyfriend passionately in front of her. 

So, she dived inside Alex's arms to hide her embarassed face. 

Like this, Alex embraced both of them and this time placed a loving kiss on each of their foreheads. 

" Let's have dinner. It might get cold if we waited anymore, " Alex said as he held both mother and daughter pair by their waists. 

Emma and Elsa nodded with an embarassed expression as they looked at each other. 

All three of them went to the dinner hall which was already arranged by Alex with his skills. 

The night was must to be a memorable so he had to eat a lot.