Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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A new start

" Big sis, he will for sure die right? " A charming feminine voice asked. 

She was a beautiful women who looked as if she was in her early twenties. 

She had a small innocent looking face and medium length brown hair left free. Her pure milky white skin was hidden only behind her sleeveless blouse and long pants, her body was a piece of an art with perfect curves at right places. 

"Most likely Eimiko, " Said Asteria, " But it also depends on you all. "

"So what is this game we sent him in is exactly? " Asked another women in seductive tone. 

She was middle aged seductive women with mature features. Her black gown with a long slit on one side covered most of her body but showed of her deep clevage, her smooth back, one of her milky white leg upto her thick thighs and her small dainty hands. She was literally oozing with a seductive aura that could only be compared with those mythical succubi while her otherworldly beautiful features only added icing on her beauty. 

She was Ayako, a middle aged women who owned a casino back in the real world. 

"He will loose all of his memories and will have to restart everything as some character. You all will be sent in as characters related to him with your memories intact. Your mission is to kill him off, " Said Asteria while replying to Ayako. 

"That's easy, after all we hate him to the bone. I'll kill him on the first chance I get... Little sis Ririko is so pitiful, that she was actually defiled by this monster, " Said another the women with hint of pleasure. 

This women was no less beautiful than other two and Ririko. With a body that could shame even those mature mothers while not even reaching at the age of adulthood. She had sharp features which made her look cunning and scheming, she was Kanae. 

Ririko who was standing in the corner without any expression felt sad... 

Since failing to assassinate Alex, all these women who she had considered sisters had taken it upon themselves to make her life as good as hell. 

They were jealous because she managed to conceive their husband's child while they could not. 

She knew that her husband won't like her anymore, as she was already impure... 

But she still hoped that he will at least not throw her away. 

That's why she was determined to kill Alex anyhow and try to make things up... Somehow. 

"No, it's not that simple... This is the game, so it's favourable for both us and him. Even if you still have your memories, you can only harm him after he becomes 18. His memories will return at that time as well, so you need to trap him and kill him at the right moment, " Explained Asteria. 

"I see... But it's not a problem. For husband I can even wait for millennium, what's these 18 years then, after those 18 years that Alex will be like meat on the chopping board, hehe, " Said Eimiko. 

"Yeah... Don't waste time... " Said another women with a creepy voice. 

She as well was wearing a dark colored gown, not even an inch of her body was visible except her face, which was attractive enough to cause even countries to fall on their heads. She was wearing dark colored gloves and creepy earrings that looked like as if she was the member of some kinda cult. 

She was Nayumi... 

Everyone turned silent as even Asteria looked at this women as if she was her equal. 

"Yes, everyone will leave in ten seconds. I'll keep watch on you all but don't expect any help from me as this game is under control of the World's Will, " Said Asteria. 

And then after 10 seconds everyone including Ririko, Eimi, Ayako, Nayumi and some other women in the room disappeared. 

Now only Asteria was remaining in the room, as she waved her hand and made a screen materialize in front of her. 

"These pitiful girls, they don't even know that they're actually being brainwashed, they think they love their husband so dearly but he's just using them... "

"How was I supposed to tell them that they were actually brainwashed and will have their brainwashing almost undone with only some effect remaining... "

"Sigh, I don't know if it was right choice to even bet on Kazuma.... " She sighed as she looked at the scene of joy in the screen. 

On the other side, somewhere in a medieval town, the first wife of the count gave birth to her first son. 

Maids were going around the mansion with haste, doing their best to not leave anything missing and incomplete. 

"We now at last have young master! " Said one young maid. 

"I also managed to get a glimpse of him, he is so cute, I have never seen such a cute child. I just wanted to kiss him so badly, " Said another young maid. 

"Me too, me too, Count is lucky to have successor now, " Added the first maid. 

"Yeah, madam Melissa is so beautiful and her son is also very cute, her daughters will be happy to see young master, " Said The maid. 

"Yep, yep, at last those young girls now have a young brother to take care off as they always wished, " Said previous maid happily. 

But just as they were chatting an angry voice came and rebuked them for gossiping. 

Poor maids went back to their work obediently. 

And in the same mansion, in a big and grand room a man was holding a newborn baby in his hand. 

"Hahaha, I now have my successor, my son will be the strongest man in the world! He will make my Count Roland's name proud! " A middle aged handsome man was laughing loudly while looking at his newborn son. 

The man named Roland looked at his wife, a women in her late twenties who was lying on the bed weakly while being cared by maids. 

"Look at him Melissa, this is our child. My successor! I'll name him Alex! He will conquer the world for me! " Man was so enthusiastic that he didn't even notice the hateful glare that his wife was giving to him and the child in his hands. 

Of course this child was none other than Alex. 

Who had lost all of his memories of the reality. 

'Damn... Where am I... I didn't even sign up for this, this is scam! I was supposed to conquer some other world so why am I here and why is this old fucker touching me! ' the baby thought and started crying pitifully. 

"Melissa why is he crying!? Don't cry baby! Don't cry! My successor can't be a cry baby!" The man tried to say things to soothe down baby Alex. 

But Alex only cried loudly and Roland had no choice but to hand over Alex to Melissa, who as well took hold of Alex grudgefully. 

Melissa was actually Ayako who was transmigrated in Melissa's body. 

Melissa looked exactly same as Ayako, with just some minor changes to her age. but it seemed that none of the people noticed her eastern facial features. 

Right now, she of course wished nothing less than to strangle Alex's neck. 

Alex stopped crying as soon as he landed in Melissa's hands. 

'So, this is my mother... She's beautiful as expected of my mom, hehe, ' Alex laughed, but this turned into a cute giggle in his small baby form. 

All maids around blushed at the cute behavior of Alex and felt that Alex was the cutest child ever. 

Even Melissa who held a death wish for Alex, felt that Alex was a little cute. 

'Well, he's still a child. His evil tendencies for sure will come out later on. But I can't harm him now... He's so cute... And also... He's my first child... No! What are you thinking idiot!? Only Kazuma's child can be yours. This is devil! This child is devil! But he's cute... A little bit... ' thought Melissa. 

She didn't know that memories of real Melissa were actually affecting her. 

She then decided to kill Alex later on, she also decided to make his life as good as hell. 

But for now... 

"So cute... " Muttered Melissa subconsciously. 

But she then brought back her stern personality and asked for one of the maids to help Alex, as she felt that perhaps he might be hungry. 

Alex started crying once again as he was brought away from Melissa. 

The maid thought that Alex really was hungry so she turned around and brought Alex to her breast to help him. 

But Alex started crying even loudly. 

'Damn bastards, I didn't even sign up for this and now you're giving me these third rate goods! ' he cried with all his power. 

"Madam, I tried to breastfeed him, but he just doesn't stop crying, " Said the maid. 

She then handed Alex back to Melissa. 

And surprisingly... 

Alex stopped crying. 

Melissa then gave Alex back to the maid. 

Alex started crying. 

Back to Melissa.

Stopped crying. 

Away from Melissa 

Started crying. 

Melissa, Ronald, maid, ".... "

"Melissa why don't you breastfeed him... " Said Ronald with an urging expression. 

He could't force Melissa as she was the only daughter of the Duke under whose jurisdiction his county was. 

Melissa glared at Ronald, but then pulled back her glare, as this will be really suspicious if she acted like this. 

This world was actually the world of magic! 

So here brainwashing magic, slave magic, puppet magic and even soul replacement magic wasn't unheard of. 

She can't make any unnatural acts, as for sure then she will be brought for test. 

And... She really did replace real Melissa. So no doubt she will be caught and killed. 

And being killed here means being done for. 

Melissa felt a shudder as she thought about dying. 

She quickly remembered how the other Melissa breastfed her daughters. 

But this was completely different situation! 

This baby here was Alex! 

Who was death nemesis for her husband. 

He was scheming, cruel, devilish and demon who even raped Ririko against her will! 

How could she let Alex touch her naked breast and suckle on it!? 

And it wasn't as if this body wasn't Melissa's! This was her real body. 

Melissa herself was shocked, as she felt that even though this was her real body its condition was the same as it was supposed to be of real Melissa. 

She felt as if she herself had gone through labour pain of giving childbirth and felt weak. 

She even felt her breast were heavy and ready to be breastfed. 

Melissa felt like crying, so she said, " Ronald I'm feeling really weak... "

After saying this Melissa fell asleep on the bed. 

She wasn't acting but was really exhausted and needed rest. 

Alex as well understood his mother's condition, so he stopped crying so as not to disturb her sleep. 

He was slightly feeling confused as he thought that he had felt a slight killing intent from Melissa which disappeared in just a moment. 

'Must have been some illusion, how can my good mother do something like that. She of course loves me. And I'll love her as well... ' Alex thought. 

He was really happy to get this family and even though he felt that something was slightly wrong, he decided to ignore this. 

For now... Let's enjoy this familial love. 

After Melissa fell asleep, even then Alex denied to stay away from her. 

He would cry at just the moment he was separated from her.

Everyone had no choice but to let him sleep beside Melissa, with some maids remaining behind to keep an eye on young master.

Ronald had other work, so he left after some time. 

And Alex as well rested in Melissa's embrace. 

He felt weird as this motherly embrace was something that he had only imagined for a long time... 

He vowed to live this life time with a loving family and fell asleep in Melissa's bosom. 

Melissa after some time opened her eyes. 

After a short nap she felt her strength returning. 

But this cute innocent life in her arms, sleeping soundly without any care while relying completely on her... 

Melissa silently took the baby's small palm in her, his fingers cutely curled up as they touched her hand. 

He dived a little deeper inside her embrace as if seeking the warmth that was emitting from her hand. 

"Are they really the same person... " Muttered Melissa. 

Alex who had always been alert felt confused hearing this... 

He had already woken up when Melissa woke up and touched him, and now seeing that it was just Melissa he decided to go back to his rest. 

Melissa felt her motherly instincts rising as she embraced Alex once again. 

'No, they aren't the same... Not yet... Real Alex was a piece of trash. While this baby is still innocent... ' Melissa thought. 

'But it's your fault... I will still kill you... Dying is better than living like that piece of trash... So until you are my Alex, I'll make you live a life that even I can be proud of, ' thought Melissa. 

Her touch became gentler as she brought Alex to her bosom and touched his cheek. 

"Hey, little Alex aren't you hungry? " Asked Melissa. 

Alex who just had fallen asleep woke up with the touch of Melissa. 

He gave out a confused sound. 

"Sigh... I'm really shy... So... You better not hurt me, otherwise... I'm not doing this again, " Said Melissa with a red face. 

She didn't know why, but she was feeling really conscious of herself and shy. 

It was just a breastfeeding! So why am I acting shy!? I'm his mother in a kind of... 

Melissa thought this and opened her blouse. 

Alex who had been asleep and felt irritated until now, lost all of his sleep. 

Looking at his mother's shy expression, even he was feeling slightly nervous. 

He looked at Melissa's beautiful breast, in front of him. 

He then looked at her red face. 

Melissa suddenly pulled his face gently toward her bosom making Alex's face slam on these otherworldly cushions. 

Alex now lost all of his restrains, as he had already started feeling hungry since a while ago. 

He didn't think anything and dived down in these tasty mountains which he soon was going to become addicted to. 

Outside the scene... 

"W-What the fuck!!! This guy! How is he still conscious?! Isn't he just a baby!? Did he somehow retain his memories!? " Asteria was feeling mindstruck as she saw Alex and Melissa. 

She herself was a Godess and was able to see everything from birds eye of view. 

That's why she could understand that Alex was able to recognize what other were saying. 

"Don't tell me, he's someone who has retained the memories of his past life... That must be it... " Asteria was smart. 

She quickly came upto the strongest reason possible. 

If it's true then, Alex is a terrifying foe. 

His skills and strength aren't just by luck. 

Asteria once again felt that her decision was actually hasty. 

She gritted her teeth, feeling that she might have been in a deep shit. 

If her Player is unable to win, then she will be turned into nothing more than a plaything of some other Player. 

Players have infinite potential, even the World's Will will need to bow down to the strongest Player in future. 

Asteria decided to look on for now. 

Who knows what will happen in the future?