Depravity to it's finest

Alex is the only prince of the super powerful family, but one day the world he lived in turned into a war of carnal desires and depravity, on the whims of the World's Will. Follow Alex as he brings himself to the depths of depravity, vowing to claim everything for himself and reign supreme, by going to any lengths possible. To fulfill his desires and lust he will conquer every women in the world, making their their lovers, husbands and sons grovel in front of them while he takes pleasure in their helplessness. As the name says novel is filled with every that kind of tag possible. Tags : R18, handsome male lead, harem seeking protaganist, strong background, pregnancy, Heavy incest, netori, rape, yuri, rape victim becomes lover, milf, gilf, dilf, maids, sex slaves, goddesses, bulldozing, threesome, foursome..., orgy, genderbending, yuri, anal, blowjob, titsjob, thighjob, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, loli. Note: The cover image and illustrations aren't mine, poor author screen shoted it from somewhere if you want it to be removed then please inform me through a comment.

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A new life

Daisy was just about to say something when she was suddenly shocked. 

Unknown memories flooded inside her mind. She felt her body being twisted and then it went numb. 

Without any hesitation she handed Alex over to the maid beside her and collapsed on the ground. 

Alex was shocked as he started crying, wondering what happened to Daisy. 

Even if she was a problem, she was his problem!! 

The maid as well panicked as she told others to help Daisy up. 

Like this Daisy only woke up after few minutes. 

But she still held her head. 

Alex didn't know what happened, so he thought that perhaps this was the side effect of those evil skills he used. 

But suddenly he saw that Daisy was being replaced... Or rather something like that... 

She was changing but he couldn't put his finger on it. 

And soon the changed stopped as now Alex couldn't find any difference between old Daisy and this new Daisy. 

But he still knew that something had changed inside her. 

In fact, what happened was that one of Melissa and Rachel's sisters had substituted Daisy in body and soul. 

But this process was masked by The World's Will, making it impossible for Alex who didn't have exact knowledge of what was happening to understand. 

But this women whoever she was really unlucky. 

As she had substituted Daisy at the exact moment when, real Daisy was facing the full brunt of Devour and Dream Manipulation. 

This caused the terrifyingly controlling memories of Daisy to get added inside this women's body. 

In reality whoever she was, now she was Daisy as well as that women. 

Basically this happened because, memories are components of what makes one's existence. 

Every decision of a person is based on memory, their act even their thinking ability and even emotions are necessarily coming from memories. 

Rachel didn't go through this problem because she had ample time to adjust herself, also because their substitution was perfect and also because she was very young. 

Melissa on the other hand was affected by memories to some extent. 

But here Devour and Dream Manipulation had affected Daisy's substitution entirely. 

And ultimately now... 

Daisy was feeling completely confused... 

The brainwashing from reality was already weak and under effect of the memories from Dream Manipulation brainwashing was completely destroyed. 

While these new memories overwhelmed her. 

Daisy remembered, she was here to kill Alex... 


She held her head, sweat poured down her body as she remembered. 

Those days when Alex was with her, how he helped her, how he stayed beside her, how he declined her confession, how she cried that night, how she ignored Alex thereafter, how he still helped her, how she lost her virginity to him... 

Daisy was still Daisy... 

She was here to wait for Alex, her lover... 

She was supposed to spend her whole life with him, loving him, by his side. 

She declared, these weird memories that came to her with mission to kill Alex are just mirage. 

She loved Alex! That's why she was here! Daisy decided. 

And this was how, one of Alex's most terrifying death nemesis' became one of his most loyal allies. 

Daisy had completely taken over the body of the women who came from reality! 

"I'm fine now, I was just not feeling well. Thank God young master is fine, " Said Daisy. 

But her voice had changed a little bit, her tone was more mature and commanding than before, but hardly someone recognised it. 

Just then Melissa and Rachel whose important conversation had been disturbed even before it started came running.

Melissa was specially feeling anxious, thinking that Alex might be hurt. 

But seeing him all fine she felt relieved, but there were now lots of people here. 

She had to act for her part. 

"My baby, are you fine? Did you get hurt? " Asked Melissa while taking Alex from the maid. 

"Kaa! " Alex cheered as he went into his mother's bosom once again, feeling at home. 

'This place is soft and cushy, I love it, ' thought Alex. 

Melissa glared at everyone around as she then looked at Daisy. 

And as soon as their eyes met, ' Nayumi 'she thought. 

This is that creepy women. If it was her then it seems plausible that she would try to harm Alex on the first chance. 

But Melissa couldn't find anything to rebuke her, rather she was the one who was supposed to harm Alex. 

But still to vent out her emotions, she yelled at Daisy, " You useless wench! You dare to harm my child!! Don't you believe that I'll have your head stuck on the spear? "

Daisy calmly heard everything Melissa said. 

'This bitch was trying to harm Alex. I better not make her suspicious of me, then I can stop any plan these group of vixens hatch, even that Rachel is substituted, ' thought Daisy silently. 

"I really deserve death for harming young Master, but I really didn't do it on purpose, " She said. 

Melissa looked at the maid beside Daisy. 

And the maid said, " It is true madam, actually when Physician Daisy lost her balance she safeguarded Young Master Alex all above. "

Melissa heard that and looked at Daisy Inquisitely. 

She still said with a serious tone, " This better not happen again. "

"Yes Madam Melissa, " Said Daisy with guilty tone, but inwardly she was seething in hatred. 

It was luck of her that she was the one who was about to be substituted otherwise who knows how Alex might be harmed. 

After that Daisy checked on Alex, and then informed everyone that he was healthy and fine. 

"But for regular health check ups young Master should be brought to me thrice a wee--- no daily. He should be brought daily for examination, " Added Daisy. 

Melissa nodded, without refuting. 

She knew that Daisy was cunning and creepy. She would go to any lengths to achieve what she wanted. 

Soon Alex once again fell asleep after drinking his fill from his mother. 

Melissa now didn't dare to go away, so she sat on the bed with Alex on her lap. 

Rachel and Daisy took their seats. 

Both Melissa and Rachel looked at Daisy. She was considered to be smartest among them. 

She was one of the best masterminds in Kazuma's harem. So they wondered what she had planned. 

"We can't talk here openly, but for now I think we should not make any move, " Said Daisy being mindful of Alex. 

Previously he protected her from the dark, now it was her turn to make sure he is safe! 

Melissa nodded, " Was it necessary for you to do that now? " She asked about the incident when Daisy tried to harm Alex. 

Daisy thought for a moment, said, " That was probing, I was seeing if it works or not... " 

"So what did you find out? " Asked Rachel from the side. 

Daisy replied solemnly, " I fell unconscious as soon as I touched him. "

"Damn it... " Rachel gritted her teeth, so they really can't harm Alex until he is 18.

"What about others? " Asked Daisy, as she had just substituted in this world. 

"Don't know, we are the only one here, " Said Melissa. 

"Yeah, it's impossible to contact them... " Added Rachel. 

"I see, we can't do anything but wait. I'll go now, I have to visit other patients, " Said Daisy and stood up. 

But just as she was about to leave, she said " I'll come back again Tomorrow. "

It was as if she was saying this not to Melissa and Rachel but someone else. 

After Daisy was gone, Rachel whispered to Melissa, " She was slightly different right? 

"Yeah... She was not as creepy as she usually is... I for the first time was able to hold a conversation with her, " Replied Melissa. 

Hearing this Alex who was just feigning being asleep felt guilty. 

He had actually deleted and added new memories into Daisy, so she might have changed slightly from her previous self. 

She must have been creepy before, without anyone with her. As after her father gone, she must have been all alone. 

But in new memories I was with her. I wonder, how she will react when she finds out that I never existed in reality... Thought Alex. 

But Daisy's old village was far away, while her academy was in the town thereby. Alex had rarely talked with anyone else in dream except Daisy, so it will be a while until Daisy finds out. 

Also Alex found out something more important! 

His mother really was a member of some spy organization! 

His big sister and Daisy as well! 

Alex hadn't seen Daisy's memories after she came in County, so most likely she joined this group after coming here. As the memories should have gone as they usually had after the point of his death on the night when he had sex with Daisy. 

Alex remembered that feeling... 

That really was a great sex... May be I should try it again, when I'm old enough, thought Alex. 

After hearing Melissa's thoughts about Daisy, Rachel said with a weird expression, " You as well are a little different...but anyway let it go. "

Melissa thought and said, " Well, I'm your mother. So it's normal for me to act warm with you. "

"Yeah, Yeah, " Said Rachel dismissively. 

She then continued, " Can I touch him? I never touched a baby. "

Melissa nodded warmly, " Of course you can, he's your little brother. Be careful. "

Rachel rolled her eyes, she didn't want to faint suddenly, " Yeah, I'm always careful. "

Rachel felt that even if this Alex was going to turn into that hateful person in future, he really was cute now. 

And as she remembered, he was handsome as well and he was also the same age as her. 

'Poor baby, in future you're going to be a bad man. So big sister has to kill you, ' thought Rachel without any remorse. 

But for now she decided to spend some time playing with Alex. 

As this will help her in knowing how to handle a baby, when she has her own baby in future. 

Rachel blushed thinking that and played with Alex. 

Alex was smart, so he acted cute and made Rachel enjoy her time with him. 

Melissa who was looking at both of her children happily, thought, ' Sigh, his cuteness has affected Rachel as well. These 18 years they're going to be hard. '

Like this 1 year passed... 

Alex was now able to stand up and talk a little bit. 

He woke up in morning once again in his mother's embrace. 

"Mama! " He said. 

Melissa who was asleep, also woke up. 

"Good morning my baby, " Said Melissa as she rubbed her eyes. 

It had already been a year since she came into this world. 

She had gotten used to her daily life here. 

And the best thing here was her child. 

She looked at Alex, and quickly brought him to her bosom. 

She had found out that, she would actually get aroused every time Alex touched her breasts and suckled on them. 

This had even created a lot of embarrassing scenes. 

Like now, once Alex was done. Melissa quickly ran to the bathroom, to clean herself. 

On the other hand, " Hehe, Mama is so cute. " Alex muttered. 

His speech so clear that it shouldn't be possible for any other one year old toddler. 

In this year Alex had found out a lot about this world and his family.

Like this world was actually a magical world. 

And Alex was born into the Kingdom of Avalon, inside the county Fortshire. His father was Count Roland and Mother Melissa. 

His mother had quite a status, as she was the only daughter of the Duke under whose fiefdom this County came. 

His father was actually a great general and mostly remained on the borders, leaving the jurisdiction of County under his mother's hands. 

Alex also had two big sisters. 

They were Rachel and Roselyn. 

Roselyn was eldest sister of Alex and she normally stayed away from the County in the Capital where she studied under her master. 

As Alex had heard Rose had quite a good affinity with magic and was learning under her master... Her name was... 

Well her name was never told to anyone, but she was called the Witch of Disaster. 

This name was bestowed upon her by her enemies, due to her unbound strength, cruelty as well as the proficiency in Destruction magic. 

His younger sister Rachel, was here and she was more interested in swords it seemed. 

That's why Alex really liked Rachel, but she seemed to hate him sometimes because of something. 

Perhaps, she didn't like how Alex was hoarding all of his mother's love for himself. 

Also there was that Daisy... 

Alex really regretted that he ever came into contact with her. 

This women... was a problem... Whenever she came to Alex for examination. She would send mother and sister away and then she would try to seduce him. 

She had more than one screw loose in her mind, she was actually trying to seduce a baby. 

She would tell Alex how much she loved him and then everything, like an idiot. 

But Alex was sure that she really loved him, but it was just that her way to express her love was weird... Of course she never harmed or did anything that Alex didn't wish for. 

She would shut up her love streak as well when he said so, so he had also become quite fond of this obedient women. 

But one thing that Alex had found out was that, his mother, Daisy, both big sisters Rachel and Rose and perhaps even Rose's master belonged to the same organisation. 

They would sometime gather together and start speaking in code language. 

Like sometimes they will say, ' We should kill him, ' 

' 18 years are too long, ' etc etc. 

They were talking about something that was going to happen in 18 years, Alex wondered what. 

But it was not his place to think about that, so he decided to enjoy his time here.

He also had to make Rachel love him, he couldn't let her misundertand, she was his big sis after all. 

Even though Rachel sometime showed that she hated him in a childish way, still Alex found out that she wasn't a bad person. 

She cared for Alex and even helped him in embarrassing things that Alex couldn't do due to still being toddler. 

She also played with him and all that, but only sometimes would she go into daze and become sad and say hateful things to Alex. 

But Alex didn't mind it, he had time on his side. To make her accept him. 

Otherwise he rarely came into contact with Rose and her master. 

Rose was always away, but whenever she was here. She would sometimes meet with Alex curiously. But she had this weird hobby to fall unconscious whenever she touched him. 

So Alex for his sister's sake decided to stay away from her for now. 

Just then Melissa came out of bathroom, she had changed from her nightgown to a beautiful aquamarine robe, which made her figure stand out. 

She came near Alex and picked him up, " So, what do you want to do today my baby? "

"Mama! Play? " Alex said. 

"Hehe, okay. Today I'm taking off from work for you so I'm yours all day, " Said Melissa. 

"Ye! Al loves Mama! " Said Alex in his childish voice. 

"Mama also loves Alex, " Laughed Melissa. 

After that they Melissa and Alex spent time together, where Melissa told Alex stories. 

Even though Alex had read Or heard all those stories, he still liked hearing them from his mother. 

Alex really liked this feeling of having someone loving you.

Rachel also soon joined them, after her morning training.

Like that Alex, Melissa and Rachel spent time till afternoon. 

Alex did his best, to make sure that Rachel will loose her hate for him. 

And he felt that it really was working, as Rachel started being more and more open with him and she also decreased glaring at him time and time again. 

In this time of year, Melissa, Rachel and Daisy had found out that Rose was actually Eimiko, while Rose's Master the 'Witch of Disaster' was also substituted by one of their comrades. 

But still Ririko and one of their sisters wasn't yet found since one year.

But Alex didn't know any of this, he was simply living a fulfilled life with his seemingly perfect and loving family. 

Like this 4 more years passed.... 

Alex was now five years old.